Ishihara Satomi is Cute as a Button Doing the Puni Puni Finger Dance for Meiji Gummy CF

I’ve always thought J-actress Ishihara Satomi was the cutest thing EVER, no matter what type of character she’s playing there is an underlying adorable quality that peeks through. I haven’t loved a Satomi dorama since Rich Man, Poor Woman but she’s been working nonstop in doramas and movies in the last two years and her career might see a new peak soon with the summer 2015 release of the epic apocalyptic fantasy movie Attack on Titan. She’s got a supporting role as Hans rather than as the main three characters but I can confirm from reading the source manga that it’s a pretty interesting and memorable role.

In addition to the AoT movie, Satomi is headlining the spin off web dorama based on the manga but focusing on the side lives of the soldiers during the non battle sequences. It’ll be neat seeing her rough and tumble, especially in contrast to this cute a kittens CF she did for Meiji brand gummy candy a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to write about it but now is the perfect time to infuse summer warmth and sweetness through the “puni puni dance”. Check it out and marvel at the cuteness explosion onscreen. Don’t forget to check out the official BTS video of Satomi learning the finger dance, which further confirms that her charm is innate even when she’s mucking things up.

Ishihara Satomi for Meiji fruit gummy:

Satomi practicing BTS:


Ishihara Satomi is Cute as a Button Doing the Puni Puni Finger Dance for Meiji Gummy CF — 14 Comments

  1. I concur. She is the cutest thing ever. I just finished watching Dear Sister and she is endearingly charming, adorable and spunky in it. But I did love her best in Rich Man Poor Woman.

  2. I’ve had a girl crush on Satomi since H2:Kimi to itahibi. She was so damn cute there.I do find most of Japanese dramas rather dry in a romance departament (even my old favourites like Nodame or Hanadan), but every time I rewatch H2 I get massive feels. IMHO, it’s a must watch for all drama fans.

    • Anything before 2006 still gets plenty of skinship. Long Vacation, Koori no Sekai, Love Revolution still got their fair share of kisses and whatnot. Love Shuffle (2009) was fun too.

      IMO, Nodame is not really meant to be a romance.

    • @Snow

      I don’t mean romance as in romantic plotline, there are plenty of those in Japan. I mean dramas that manage to portray realistic feeling of love, kind of like when you feel nostalgic while watching a drama? Love Shuffle is a typical example of not having that. It was cute and funny, but not moving in any way.

      • I understand what you mean, though I’m pretty sure there are J-dramas along the lines of what you mentioned. The ones I listed, I feel pretty nostalgic watching them since Japan rarely does stuff like that anymore. Even dramas like Itoshi Kimi e, a more straightforward romance, are kinda rare these days. But even so, most J-drama romances aren’t purely romance. There are always other issues being explored, which makes it interesting. Personally, I prefer it that way but I understand if some viewers don’t.

        In its defence, Love Shuffle is fun and wacky, and explores more than just romance. The friends turned lovers thing never gets old (for me), and I thought that was pretty well done in the drama.

      • My favourite romance dramas are the old romance Jdoramas, because they are more realistic than how they make them now (I suppose under influence of K romcoms that are so very popular). I guess the more realistic romance dramas are my cup of tea although the fantasy crazy settings in romcoms are cute too. Loev Shuffle was unrealistic, but somehow the characters are quite well fleshed out so there was emotional connection with the characters, which made the drama a win for me in the end. Loved it!

  3. I think Ishihara Satomi is really cute and charming too. Her latest drama “Dear Sister” is very good in my opinion, I personally prefer it over Rich Man Poor Woman” so if you haven’t watched it yet I’d recommend you to do that 🙂

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