Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases Glorious Theme Song MV with Exquisite Movie Scenes

Considered me optimistic after being wowed by the just released official theme song MV for the upcoming Time to Love, better known as Bu Bu Jing Xin the Movie. The movie is being marketed for the intense love triangle romance rather than the throne battle, with it scheduled for release on August 7th just in time for Chinese Valentine’s Day which falls on August 20th this year (always the 7th day of the 7th lunar month). I loved the original BBJX, the novel by writer Tong Hua and drama adaptation with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu, but I’m getting more and more game for this movie which functions more as an alternative universe take on the story. Sorta like a what if without treading on the source material mythology.

Ivy Chen plays the same 21st century woman who time travels back to the Qing dynasty of the latter days of Emperor Kangxi, and finds herself in a love triangle this time with Tony Yang‘s 4th Prince and his full blooded younger brother 14th Prince played by Shawn Dou. The snippets of the teaser and first preview looked visually gorgeous but I didn’t quite feel the palpable emotional intensity yet. The just dropped official theme song MV containing tons more scenes from the movie has sold me at last, I totally think I’ll be a crazy Ruo Xi-14 shipper this time around as the movie focuses on their childhood best friends aspect and how adorable he is around her, whereas 4th Prince really comes old so stern and intense when Ruo Xi could use some puppy love in her life.

Official Theme Song MV for Time to Love (Bu Bu Jing Xin the movie):


Bu Bu Jing Xin Movie Time to Love Releases Glorious Theme Song MV with Exquisite Movie Scenes — 11 Comments

  1. wow! it made me think of watching BBJX again. ๐Ÿ™‚ i wish i would be able to watch this one but i don’t think i would have a source for it

  2. OMG!!! I think Iยดm going to love this movie. Hope somebody make subs for this. The love story is engaging and the pictures in the mv makes really great.
    Ivy Chen looks beautiful here and the guys are handsome. Thanks Ms. Koala. <3

  3. Movie looks good. I am glad that the Lead Actress is doing a different take on Rouxi, she seems happier in this trailer. The guys from the drama looks more handsome than the movie though. Can’t wait till this movie is available on the internet!

  4. Eek,I also hope this gets subbed at one point! The sooner the better, of course. Already shipping her with 14th prince,as I did in bbjx the series, which I found really depressing,btw. To be so confined by rules and your gender… thank you,mom, for burning your bra!

  5. Wow!! The quality of the movie seems amazing!! I got really tired of C-dramas becoming really colorful and fake. The cinematography seems really top notch in this one. Ivy Chen is also one of my fav actresses (probably second only to Ariel Lin). Definitely won’t be missing this one!!

  6. wow… I’m lulled and enticed ๐Ÿ™‚ … awesome song…
    this may be be weird, but the first few seconds at the start made me think someone was going to sing Moon River (lol)…

  7. I am so excited for this! I hope it finds its way to the Internet soon! I’ll watch without subs, it looks fantastic!

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