Mystery Drama The Village From the Writer of Que Sera Sera Lands the Post Yongpal Slot on SBS

I saw Eric this weekend at KCON. I know this is a post about an upcoming drama but I promise I’ll tie to to the glorious and perfect specimen of a man that is Eric Moon in a second. There were a few dramas vying for the post Yongpal Wed-Thurs time slot on SBS but a dark horse has emerged to clinch the deal. The drama after Yongpal will stick with the same dark thriller-esque vibe and is a mystery drama called The Village centering around a corpse. Interesting…….

The snippet synopsis describes a quiet idyllic village where there is almost zero crime, then one day the peace is shattered when the villagers discover a corpse surreptitiously buried. There is no clue as to how the corpse got there, who the person was in life, or how the person died (suicide, natural death, murder). A cop arrives to investigate the mysterious unknown corpse and traces back to everyone who came in contact with it in the village, uncovering the secrets of this village which is not ordinary and idyllic in the least.


The connection to Eric for this drama is on screenwriter Do Hyun Jung, who is not prolific in the least and has only two dramas under her belt. If she doesn’t write much it helps to have a career defining work and she did that with her first drama ever being the incredible Que Sera Sera, starring Eric and Jung Yumi. Seeing Eric in person makes me even more desperate for him to do a drama this year, and it would be a match made in drama heaven for the screenwriter to get him for The Village. Casting starts immediately this month so maybe he’s ready for some acting change of pace after doing his idol gig for the last year.

The directing is less impressive with the PD being Kim Yong Seok who directed Iljimae and The Great Seer (Dae Poong Soo), with the even more alarming recent project under his belt which is acting as the producer (but not PD) of the most recent SBS stinker Hyde, Jekyll, Me. The terrible writing for HJM was mostly to blame for the mess so I won’t hang that failure on him, but in general PD Kim hasn’t impressed me either with his directorial flair in all his previous efforts. With that said, I’m mostly checking out The Village for the different and cool sounding synopsis, it totally sounds like one of this twisty J-doramas, doesn’t it?


Mystery Drama The Village From the Writer of Que Sera Sera Lands the Post Yongpal Slot on SBS — 13 Comments

  1. So funny…after your panel. He looks so ‘idol-y’ in the top pic!!

    BTW–it was really nice meeting you on Sat! I said my name was youngforest on here…but I guess it’s not, I use my actual name! LOL!

  2. WHAT?????!!!!! You saw the smexy specimen Eric Mun?????!!! *take my fan… Whatever, when actually Eric’s group activities finish? I’m sorry, not being rude. I just wonder why he seems really difficult to divide between actings and the idol stuff. There are many idol-actors making acting projects here and there, so I hope he’ll find sometimes for landing to acting project again and this year.

    • The reason why it seems like Eric spend more time in the idol world as opposed to acting is probably because he and Minwoo are co-CEOs of Shinhwa Company, so he’s probably busy keeping ShinCom afloat. Plus, Shinhwa recently (finally) won the rights to their name, so that legal battle would’ve taken much of his time. He also co-produces Shinhwa albums, and when he was doing ‘Discovery of Romance’ Minwoo did the producing all by himself, so there are times when he chose acting over idol stuff.

      But then, yunno… he could just be realllyyyy picky about scripts XD

  3. Heck yeah, QSS is one of my all time favourites. I can’t think of another drama where as asshole hero actually pays a price for his actions and where a heroine refuses to be a doormat. Anything from that scriptwriter I would watch.

  4. I think QSS was kinda brutal love story where two people in love would hurting not only themselves but also people surround them. Honestly, I don’t really like Jung Yu Mi and I don’t know the reason. I like watching Eric with his second female lead more that time. And I prefer Eric to play in something more serious and intense rather than silly comedy or romcom. I just feel he’s the best when he got more deep role than just quirky one. His actings in latest drama Discovery of Romance of course improved a lot, maybe because he became mature both in age and his acting talents. But I like his role in Que Sera Sera more. I think Eric should work with someone (PDs or writers) who knows how to explore his actings rather than just for eyecandy (still trauma from Spy Myung Wol).

    This stroy sounds x-files detective story. But if the case that should be figure out only one, id 16 episode not too many? I really don’t like watching dragged dramas. If they could finish 8 episodes perfectly, then that’s better.

  5. It would be so cool if moon geun young had a drama this year next to ji chang wook or hyun bin in sbs upcoming drama goodbye mr. Black or saver or anything lol just let it be a good script

  6. It was last weekend, drama binging, and I made up my mind I needed to be Kim Seul Gi very ridiculously bad, even if I need to somehow kill myself, so I could imaginarily be a ghost and possess you when your arms was in touching grabbing distance with EricMun.

    ^ Above is in CAPSLOCK and very true a wish. HUGS

  7. Being honest, I’m not familiar with the writer since I just saw his/her writing through Que Sera Sera and I like it a lot. But we shouldn’t forget that the PD of that series was no joke either. He was another guy that made the executions was great through the actors’s superb actings. I do hope they will cast Eric since he seems really good in deep expression kinda drama. But the characters that described in Dramabeans said the male leads are younger (late 20s, just like Eric’s character in QSS). So, not sure whether Eric could fulfill the requirement.

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