Newlywed Star Couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young are Expecting Their First Baby

Another congrats are in order for Won Bin and Lee Na Young. A mere two months after the A-list top star couple tied the knot in the Korean countryside in late May of this year, the newlyweds are just brimming with good news as they have just confirmed that they are expecting a baby. Whether it’s a honeymoon baby or Lee Na Young was already expecting when they got married, in this case it way doesn’t matter since we’re talking about an adult couple in their thirties and not some teenage parents-to-be at a shotgun wedding.

Of course that hasn’t stopped the netizens from their usual tsk tsk-ing about the couple maybe tying the knot after conceiving a bun in the oven, even though the better question for those disapproving school marms is what they thought these two did while living together for the last two years since they started dating. I’m thrilled they are expanding the family so soon since a baby is such a joy and way better to enjoy as soon as possible if the couple has the financial means and desire to take on the added responsibility. Congrats, and onwards towards baby bump watch!

With Lee Na Young expecting, that’ll continue to push her acting hiatus out since I can’t imagine she would take on any projects now when she hasn’t acted for the last few years even without carrying a bun in the oven. I still want Won Bin to act soon, and thought it was going to happen soon as his agent kept dropping word that Won Bin was seriously considering scripts for an acting comeback this year, but now I’m highly doubtful that will happen if he’s got a pregnant wife to take care of. I won’t be terribly disappointed if Lee Na Young decides to not act anymore even after the baby, but Won Bin seriously owes me (and the world) at least one more incredible performance and then he can hang up his hat. But if he does that then at least have the decency to announce that he’s not planning to act anymore, as opposed to leaving it open ended for fans endure the water torture of waiting for him to pick a next role.


Newlywed Star Couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young are Expecting Their First Baby — 13 Comments

  1. Considering Binnie’s age I don’t see him making a comeback any time soon. He has to compete with younger actors and that will be hard. It’s really a shame that he pretty much through his acting career away.

    • He is a movie and not drama actor. Thus, he doesnt need to compete to younger generation. Movie industry is full of mature actors (i.e: Song Kang Ho, Choi Min Sik, Ha Jung Woo,…)

    • Yeah and movie actors have more Korean face recognition and respect. Not matter how some Kdramas fans would howl reading this.

    • there’s so many movie directors who are ready to send him love letter when he is going to come back..
      the case is whether he will be back to acting or not … i hope he’ll be back

      • Many knetz says that those 2 were alike… I’ve just seen won bin on autumn in my heart and his movie mother(which i did’nt finish cause I got bored) maybe they’re the same on having long breaks… but jjh on the other hand, improves on her appearances…she did a drama which was really unexpected and she became a huge hit once again… and even if shes pregnant shes appearing on a number of cfs and will appear on a drama again later this yr.. Im really loving this idea cause shes not getting any younger… it is one of my dreams to see her with won bin because as they say.. they were like the opposite sex of each other.. that would be really awesome…

  2. Hi Koala – you said ‘one more incredible performance’. Can you tell which was the last one? I haven’t watched anything with won bin and would like to.

  3. Would like to see a comeback. Just don’t think he wants to act anymore. He seems to be happy just doing CF’s. I saw a picture of him wearing a shirt that read burned out star. He’s shy and he doesn’t like the spotlight.

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