Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, and Jeon Ji Hyun Top the Netizen’s Ranking of the 20 Most Beautiful Female K-stars

Kim Tae Hee is having a very good August 2015, that’s for sure. Her new drama Yongpal with Joo Won is a major hit (relatively speaking in this day and age of depressed television ratings), and now she’s garnered another crown by being voted by K-netizens as the number 1 celebrity beauty in Korea in 2015. One can argue that this latest list as released by tvN on its variety program, with a full ranking of the top 20 starlets as voted by K-netizens, reflects only that particular polling pool. But Kim Tae Hee garnering the most votes as the most beautiful Korean female star is really hard to argue against since she’s been winning these types of awards consistently for over ten years ever since her debut. I thought she might fall out of favor not because of aging but due to K-netizens disapproval over her dating Rain, but looks like her features remain the ideal for K-netizens year in and year old. Rounding out the top 5 behind Kim Tae Hee is traditional beauty Lee Young Ae, film goddess Jeon Ji Hyun, getting prettier with age Song Hye Kyo, and ethereal beauty Han Ga In. Check out the full top 20 below to see if your faves are on it.

This list is really quite diverse IMO, and in addition to Lee Young Ae it’s always nice to see more older ladies still radiating classy beauty on the list such as Shim Eun Ha, Kim Hee Ae, and Choi Ji Woo.

2015 K-netizens ranking of top Korean beauties:

1. Kim Tae Hee
2. Lee Young Ae
3. Jeon Ji Hyun
4. Song Hye Kyo
5. Han Ga In
6. Kim Hee Sun
7. Son Ye Jin
8. Ha Ji Won
9. Park Bo Young
10. Han Ji Min
11. Suzy
12. Han Ye Seul
13. Park Shin Hye
14. Shim Eun Ha
15. Han Hyo Joo
16. Kim Hee Ae
17. Su Ae
18. Moon Chae Won
19. Choi Ji Woo
20. Sung Yuri


Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, and Jeon Ji Hyun Top the Netizen’s Ranking of the 20 Most Beautiful Female K-stars — 81 Comments

    • With makeup like classic Hollywood, old film look i have seen with her in some photos is hard to beat but she looks not as stunning with without being dolled up. I prefer smiling beauty stars like Shin Min Ah, Han Hyo Joo, Oh Yeon Seo and curvy sexy stars like Ha Ji Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Han Groo.

      Of course all these stars look much better than normal. These actress i like seeing getting love like this and not idols that look the same and are hyped look wise just because they are 17-27 years old….

  1. Good to see they have good enough taste to have not generic young idols over classy really beautiful older stars like Kim Hee Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Young Ae, Ha Ji Won, Choi Ji Woo.

    Its only missing imo gorgeous actress, queen of dimples like Shin Min Ah, Oh Yeon Seo, Han Groo.

    • I guess the poll result was due to her recent drama fame. But beauty wise, Kim Tae Hee’s teeth is obviously fake, it’s too big for her mouth. Well, if that’s the standard of S.Korea, the home of surgically enhanced stars, what can we do!

    • Which two ? I have hard time comparing the baby face cute looks of Han Ga In to the stunning women like Kim Tae Hee, Lee Young Ae, Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo.

      I would replace her in the top 5 with Kim Hee Ae or Ha ji Won.

      • Han Ga in is the one..
        We all have different taste and depends where we live we have certain beauty standards.For me as I said Song Hyo Kyo should be on the first place. She reminds me the classic beauties of HWood in the 50s. Kim Tae Hee is very cute but between beautiful and adorable it s a big difference.Lee young Ae is an attractive woman but not beautiful ( IMo).To make it clear .I am talking about face characteristics and not for her acting talent.Then the list should be a different list.

    • Imo, SHK and KTH have the classic look among the list, with or without make up..SHK is more on elegant looks, and KTH is adorable. even i love KTH more, but i found it difficult to choose who are prettier.
      there are few time in drama/variety show that i watched when they have choices that are difficult to decide upon, they will say “its like to choose between SHK and KTH who are prettier”..

      • and to add, because i found SHK too pretty, i cant picture if shes playing a character for eg rom-com. i prefer her mostly on heavy role, and melodrama type is the best for her. she is, in my humble opinion is prettier when shes crying or doesnt have much dialogue. 🙂

        for KTH, shes type to do kind of cute and adorable character. shes shine when she make a cute face, and have more dialogue.

        but both are still prettiest to me, i dont want to choose.

      • Michaelcorleone,

        i know she is versatile. but i just prefer her to do heavy roles. she was averagely cute in Full House.

  2. It’s too bad Jang Nara isn’t on this list. I find her absolutely stunning and definitely on par with Han Gain and Kim Heesun. The girl seems to radiate sweetness.

      • Queen of Baby Face Korea only I’m afraid…the Taiwanese stars are the ones filled with baby faced beauty.

        Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, Ivy Chen and heck even Gui Gui looks mighty young for their age.

  3. . Moon Chae Won should be higher ,and psh should be lower ,or not even on the list at all,not saying she’s ugly but she’s not a wowing beauty, shin min ah should be there ,gong hyo jin aswell ,

    Is this list based on popularity?

      • well…too bad u’re not in korea to decide that. beauty is not everyone can have the same opinions as u. that is why they create a poll to,more votes..there u r. i really dont get why people always want to insert their ideas into someone else mind. in conclusion,the vote is fair.

    • yeah, I would say the list is definitely based on popularity. There are far more beautiful women out there than some of the ones on this list.

    • Gong Hyo Jin isn’t considered a beauty in Korea, most people like her because she is “charming” and good at acting, and has great fashion sense, but I never heard them calling her godness or beauty. They say her charms is looking average/normal.

  4. yes, Jang Nara is definitely missing.

    Suzy’s a cute girl but compared to most of the other ladies on this list, she’s a little….lacking. Or maybe it’s just the constantly open mouth that gives the impression of gormlessness.

  5. In Korean taste, KTH will always be no 1. At least international fans are not blind because there are far more beautiful girls with beautiful body than Kim Ta Hae. Even in my country fruit seller beauty is far for more beautiful than her.

  6. for me all of them are a beauty, even i loved KTH the most. but i love all of them. if only i can as pretty as they are when i’m older…..

    wud be happy to see on the next year’s list, Kim So Eun will be joining them. 🙂

  7. My humble personal opinions:

    1. Kim Tae Hee – Everything oh her face is perfect, except the look in her eyes that is quite scary to me. Wrinkles around eye corners are a no-no.
    2. Lee Young Ae (She should have been no.1 of ALL TIME. NO ONE can beat her in term of natural beauty and AURA no matter how time has gone by.
    3. Jeon Ji Hyun – Her look is quite controversial to me. Sometimes looks like goddess, sometimes looks like an average middle-aged Chinese housewife with heaps of weirdly ugly event photos even with make-ups on face and world class outfits on body
    4. Song Hye Kyo: she should be no.2 regarding to the sophistication of her face: a mix of maturity but still innocence and vulnerability. Stronger aura if only she was a bit taller.
    5. Han Ga In – not a fan of her so-called best nose of SK, but she has a distinctly beautiful face
    6. Kim Hee Sun – used to be the natural beauty icon, but looks plastic in some recent photos
    7. Son Ye Jin – ok.
    8. Ha Ji Won – she lacks some feminity in her overall look , but like han ga in, she has a bright face that make people feel easy to be with.
    9. Park Bo Young – SHe looks too babyish to the so-called beauty term, but cute face
    10. Han Ji Min – she has no much aura except in her cosmetic CF pics.
    11. Suzy – This young girl definitely possesses something in her look that can easily beats even some senior actresses.
    12. Han Ye Seul – she is simply goddess. Rarely found ugly pics of her. Rumored she had some knife job done?
    13. Park Shin Hye – I don’t find her face special: eyes, nose, lips.
    14. Shim Eun Ha – I am not attracted by her look, perhaps she possesses values of her era’s beauty standards ?
    15. Han Hyo Joo – Natural, fresh, but not much outstanding
    16. Kim Hee Ae – She has her own aura for a middle-aged actress (but never Lee young ae’s level)
    17. Su Ae – cute face, and just that.
    18. Moon Chae Won – strong face with no much feminine charm
    19. Choi Ji Woo – definitely beauty during her hey days, but not much now
    20. Sung Yuri – she is not aging well.

  8. i think, they should put Sandara Park instead of one or two names above. and Yoona from SNSD. actually Tiffany is pretty good, but.. the rumor of her getting ‘too many’ surgeries kinda scary me, hehe.. no offense.. but she’s still the most beautiful member tho.

  9. Rain is so lucky, he has all the bragging rights. He can claim that he’s dating the most beautiful woman in South Korea. Hihihi.

  10. hye Kyo 2.ha ji won 3.Jun ji hyun 4.shin min ah 5.jang nara 6.Eun eun hye 7.Kim tae hee 8.Suzy 9.park min young 10.son ye Jin
    Don’t understand how Kim tae hee is said to be having perfect face. Her eye balls are misplaced,her teeth structure is very odd.sometimes it’s good but most times it looks like she is having nausea when she closes her lips.she is good looking though but not perfect.The only actress in Korea with pretty n perfect face is Song hye kyo.she looks much younger n finer than many young actresses nobody can beat her beauty.

  11. These polls are pointless and biased. Beauty is so subjective. I will never understand Kim Tae Hee’s appeal. Her teeth bother the hell out of me, its so wide. Not that she’s ugly but she’s certainly not number one imo.

    • this polls done by netizens, as u mentioned beauty is subjective. and i dun think this polls is done by all netizens. it is not done internationally and not by beauty experts as well. everyone has their own preference and u are not obligated to understand people opinions.

      Me myself dont find JJH and PBY is a beauty, but Netizens think so.

      • Yeah. I Agree. The sample for the poll isn’t represent the whole netizens. For example, KBS have different results. But then, we can’t deny that the top 5 are always the pick ^^. For TVn it isn’t surprising that PBY is in it and ranked righer.

  12. Surprisingly Yoon Eun Hye is not in the list. I think Song Hye Kyo should be on the top spot. I don’t know why, no matter how many times I looked at Kim Tae Hee’s photos or watched her dramas, I never find her pretty at all.

    • Yoon Eun Hye is has great looks, her body is a killer, she is not too skinny either which i like to see SK stars.

      I think she missed the list only because she hasnt done a drama in a long while, kfans are hyping only current drama,movie stars. Plus i think she missed it because she is not too skinny which as is Korean, east Asian beauty standards. It bothers me when the top actresses from SK are almost bones skinny not to mention the idols….

    • Yoon Eun Hye should be no.2 on this list. She is beautiful in a very healthy way that I find her very special and different from other SK actresses. Extremely attractive looks and great legs! No.1, of course, Lee Young Ae.

  13. Seeing this list amazes me at how different everyone perceives beauty. For me, Song Hye Kyo and Choi Ji Woo are really beautiful because they are still so pretty as they age.

  14. Why KTH again????
    Honestly I do think she’s pretty but not beautiful to be number 1. I can’t stand those teeth, they’re just toooooo perfect that they look fake!
    For me SHK is the best whether she’s full on with makeup and natural looking without much makeup.

  15. i think these polls is not solely based on pretty face, if me myself to pick who is pretty, the main criteria wud be pretty face and her reputation as well. Maybe there will be ppl vote for face and sexy body only, but for me a beauty is more than that. pretty face shud comes with good reputation,and nice attitude. a good educational background and talent shud be a bonus.

    but i think in everywhere, even that person has the prettiest face and hottest body in the earth, if she has a bad reputation, no one wud care to list her among the prettiest.

  16. Honestly I don’t find KTH as beautiful as people say ,I think her teeth are way to big for her face ,and her forehead is long af ,but just my opinion tho.

  17. They are all very pretty. But my pick is SHK (she has this some sort of vulnerability that makes u want to care for her). Has always been mystified by her beauty. But I would also include Lee Min Jung (her eyes are soo mesmerizing) Shin Min Ah (the prettiest dimple), Kim Ha Neul (her legs are pwetty), Moon Chae Won (smtg abt her in Han book)aaaaand…Yoo In Na (and this sweet voice of her).. Ahahaha…There, as everybody pointes out beauty is very subjective. ✌

  18. Suzy is pretty but please,she doesnt belong there,same with PBY but she is included since are drama is making waves in tvn.I don’t find her pretty or attractive but she is cute.SMH,SJH or YEH should have taken that spot.

  19. Kim tae hee is indeed beautiful. No plastic surgery, thin but curvy at the same time with stick out -sorry but other kactress lack that biiiiiig time which make them looking manly in my view. KTH is one of rare korean woman I can really call beautiful because she got the traits which make a woman beautiful in my opinion.

  20. PBY is the definition of Asian cute so I understand why korean people find her beautiful. Just not in my book
    JJH aura makes her pretty but physically I can’t call her beautiful. Her body is a little masculine with those legs :/

    YEH is not beautiful. Yeah she is still remembered for her coffee prince and goong era and give off a friendly aura but that is pretty much all.

    SHG has a beautiful face with perfect features but she lacks in the “shape/body” area unlike KTH

    HJW face looks too plastic now. I can’t take her seriously anymore

    • Yeah YEH and Suzy are actually similar – pretty and cute girls (YEH was Suzy current age when she got the role in Goong) but sorry, they are not beautiful.

      The rabbit teeth make them look stupid, I think it’s worse for Suzy because she looks like she can’t close her mouth.

      • YEH’s teeth may not be perfect but it’s stupid to say that it makes her look stupid. I respect her for actually owning her teeth and for being confident about it.

    • YEH is beautiful. period. But whether she is pretty or not depends on us. Beautiful and pretty are two different words. To me, she is both beautiful and pretty 😛

  21. People should stop hating on Suzy just because she is an idol tbh.

    Girl was cute since young, I also thought there was too much hype about her, but in the last years she is looking stunning and aging pretty well.

    I think she is gorgeous and will look better and better with age.

    Some starts here were pretty bland when they were young (I remember Song Hye Kyo in hotelier, and boy she got beautiful over the years, same for Ha Ji Won, when young she wasn’t all that, nowadays she looks so much better.)

    Song Ye Jin is a bad example because she really looked beautiful in the classic, but she isn’t aging well, something about her face nowadays looks off (I think it is bad ps or bad botox, when she smiles it shows)

    Kim Tae Hee and Soo Ae, I didn’t think they were that pretty but they are stunning in both Yong Pal and Mask Soo Ae was just wow.

    Lee Young Ae imo is the top, she just have this aura about her, she is really elegant and beautiful.

    Kim Hee Ae also is sooo beautiful, she is stunning imo.

    Choi Ji Woo and Sung Yuri aren’t that stunning. With wrong style they look bad, and Sung Yuri was prettier when she was young.

  22. kim tae hee can only be considered beautiful in south korea where they are all crazy and fawning over her big eyes and her college background. put her picture in the midst of all other eastern asian pretty faces and she will not get the attention of most international fans. the rest of her face is generic.. i say SHK all the way. beautiful, gorgeous, elegant, alluring- no arguments she passed ISO standards.

  23. Beauty is very subjective. So for me, I add Shin Min Ah because she’s really beautiful and Kim So Yun, I love her face. She was really beautiful in IRIS with short hair !

  24. I know that KTH fits the Korean beauty standard the most that’s why she tops this kind of lists all the time, but her teeth bother me. Do Koreans find her mouth and smile beautiful? One the other hand, SHK and LYA both have perfect faces to me, I can’t point out any flawed features on their faces. JJH has a strong badass aura but I never find her attractive.

  25. I think you could add to the list and take a few away. Shim Min Ah, Park Min Young, Song Ji Hyo, Eugene are a few with the all around figure and personality, if that’s taken into consideration. I would remove Suzy, Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, Ha Ji Won, Su Ae, and Moon Chae Won. Pretty might apply better to these actresses. Beautiful is an adjective of a very high standard or excellent. Just my pov.

    • Considering this list is compiled by netizens votes and who they think appeal to them, I think you are taking the word “beautiful” way too literally. Some of the people you say should be removed from the list are very well known to be liked not only because people think they are pretty but also for their personalities. They’re nice. How they act projects and contributes to their beauty in other peoples eyes. So I think they have a right to be called “beautiful people”. I may not be a fan of some of these actresses but even I know that their fans rave about their personalities and manners and whatnot. Beauty is not only on the outside. I guess some people forget that.

  26. My personal ranking:
    1. Song Hye Kyo
    2. Lee Young Ae
    3. Jeon Ji Hyun
    4. Go Hyun Jung (NEW)
    5. Choi Ji Woo
    6. Kim Tae Hee
    7. Eugene (NEW)
    8. Kim Ha Neul (NEW)
    9. Shim Min Ah (NEW)
    10. Kim Hee Sun

  27. It’s not that i hate KTH …she s pretty no doubt in it … but she s a little overhyped… as an outsider when I started seeing kdramas the only actress I fell in love with n till today is Song hye kyo.. when young she was so adorable n now she s ageing fine like a doll.. Honestly I never thought of Kim tae hee to be in a level of as beautiful as song … I think there are more international fans for SHK than KTH..south Korean should be proud of having such a perfect beauty like SHK in their land…. other actresses I felt who are pretty are Jun ji hyun ,shin min ah, park min young ,Suzy, eun yun hye……

  28. Don’t know but I always find KTH teeth n eyes are a little odd… in her new series too her acting is also a little bad compared to the male actor …she stood up from coma in an episode with pink lipstick ..that was so strange….when I see Jun ji hyun s the only other actress other than SHK who can carry well both Rom com n melodramas jjh can also do action well… they both rock as actresses … KTH should reduce her self pride n care towards her looks n concentrate more on acting like them

  29. kth… in her new series too her acting is also a little bad compared to the male actor …she stood up from coma in an episode with pink lipstick ..that was so strange….when I see Jun ji hyun s the only other actress other than SHK who can carry well both Rom com n melodramas jjh can also do action well… they both rock as actresses … KTH should reduce her self pride n care towards her looks n concentrate more on acting like them

  30. KTH is beautiful no doubt. I used to be crazy about her despite being a girl myself. I liked her angelic looks so much but now as I get a bit older I’m more into charismatic type male or female such as Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hee Ae, Gong Hyo Jin… talking about Kdrama land here only. Regarding this list, I never get the fuzz over Park Shin Hye – she’s not pretty nor charming for me; others include Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin – above average look only; Moon Chae Won as well… But again, I get beauty is in the eye of the beholder’s.

  31. Look at song hye kyo fans trying to downplaying KTH. Beauty is subjective I’m a foreigner but I’m totally agree with the poll. KTH is such a goddess. Majority korean think KTH is prettier than shk you can’t change that.

  32. This list left out some of Korea’s most underrated beauties, because they are not as popular. Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Ji Soo, Kim Hye Soo (she’s not underrated), and to some people they might say Lee Na Young (never found her attractive but she married Won Bin), Ko Hyung Jung, and Go So Young.

  33. I never understood why Ha Ji Won always made the list of most beautiful actresses. To me she looks pretty average or at least has no charm in her face. She is an actress that is highly respected, beloved and sought out due to her versatility and dedication in playing roles, but aside from that she doesn’t ooze attractiveness for me. Maybe its just me.

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