K-ent Reports that Retired Former Top Actress Shim Eun Ha Will Make Acting Return in 2022 After 22 Years, She Denies it as Fake News

Well this is sooner than when pigs fly but I guess if Brady can retire and un-retire in 3 months it’s not wild to think K-ent will welcome back a former shining star among shining stars. Sports Chosun is reporting that K-actress Shim Eun Ha, arguably THE MOST FAMOUS K-actress of the 1990’s before her year 2000 retirement, will be coming back to K-ent this year. That would be 22-years since she acted in either a movie or drama but a natural talent I can absolutely believe will be able to return to acting. She’s only 49 years old (50 in Korean age) which puts her back in the lineup of aging gracefully top queens like Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hee Ae, and Lee Young Ae. No word yet on what her first return role will be in terms of character and story but it will be in a drama produced by Five M Studio, and her last role before retirement was the movie Interview opposite Lee Jung Jae in 2000, so it’s rather apropos she’s coming back the same year Lee Jung Jae’s career rocketed into worldwide stardom. Within a day after this news broke though Shim Eun Ha denied it, saying it was fake news and she was NOT coming back to acting.

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