Sassy Go Go Releases Cheer-filled First Teaser and Additional Character Stills

I caution anyone not in a supremely peppy mood from watching the first teaser for upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go. It’s like a jolt of energy and cheer right to the noggin, and frankly left me a bit dizzy from too much high school pep shooting off the screen. At least it’s a confirmation that the drama is not going to go the way of the other school dramas this year, with the dark elements of Angry Mom or the mystery and bullying of Who Are You: School 2015.

There are also new character stills out to join the first ones released of female lead Jung Eun Ji. We see male lead Lee Won Geun and second female lead Chae Soo Bin, both looking cute and suitable playing high school students. I’m skeptical of the former’s ability to step up as the male lead mostly due to his underwhelming onscreen presence, he comes off as either soft or low energy in Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Basically the opposite of thrumming with intensity Ji Soo, who is the second male lead here but I bet will be bringing in more eyeballs to the drama thanks to his AM breakout role.

Chae Soo Bin is a relatively solid newcomer in the parts I watched of her in Spy and Bluebirds House, especially compared to dramas trying to push her Bluebird other female lead Kyung Soo Jin, I find Chae Soo Bin much more interesting and pleasant to watch onscreen. I can’t say this first Sassy Go Go teaser is all that interesting, but it does effectively showcase the whole school/cheerleading/maturing central plot.

First teaser for Sassy Go Go:


Sassy Go Go Releases Cheer-filled First Teaser and Additional Character Stills — 14 Comments

  1. You kind of have to wonder what KBS is thinking with the slate of school dramas… is there a chance in heck that this will get good ratings?

  2. I doubt this drama will get good live ratings…but will probably (maybe?) gain a cult following like School 2015 and Angry Mom did? That’s what i’m hoping for……Now i’m just waiting for stills of Jisoo to be released ^0^ Go Eunji! Go Jisoo!!

  3. Lee Won Geun eye-smile though xD maybe the male lead here isn’t supposed to be the broody moody cold type, which i’m glad. This looks fun, kinda reminds me of ‘god of study’. really hope it has a good script.

    • His Eyesmile is really something 🙂
      And Eunji too is known for her Eyesmile in the industry, so they would make a really cute Eyesmile pair, haha.
      And I’m also glad that he doesn’t seem like the broody type character. We have had enough of these.

      • yep that’s what i’ve been thinking, eye-smile couple xD though i think it’s still gonna be the typical bickering couple. but oh well, if it’s not overly done, i’m all for the cute ^^

  4. Lee Won Geun (& Yoon So-Hee) were very memorable in “Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 years Reunion”, so much so that many viewers stop watching after Nam Goon Min took over his adult version.

    • He was stoic in TMTETS, underwhelming in HJ&M but he was adorablyy great in WC&SBS. He is a littlE inconsisteny as an actor but I gonna watch this mainly for him because I still cant get over his character and portrayal from WC&SBS.

      Andseeing him in uniform brings back giddy feeling I did when i watched him in that drama. So hoping he would do great in this drama as he did i wild chives and soy bean soup…!!!

    • that’s me! Stop watching after Lee Won Geun’s last ep. Not to mention Nam Goong Min was really miscast. I mean, how could the grown up version is shorter than the teenage version? I like Nam Goong Min, but that role was so not right for him

    • Lol, I’m guilty of dropping Wild Chives as soon as the adult cast came on. It was like when the child cast left, so did the energy. It felt like a completely different drama.

      I think he has a lot of potential and he happens to very cute.

  5. I like Lee Wongeun in what I have seen him in so far (and that doesn’t include H,J&M.). I really hope this drama to have a good script, because even my love for Eunji couldn’t make me complete ‘Trot Lovers’.

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