Hazzy’s Drops More Chemistry-filled CF Stills Featuring Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun

Accessories brand Hazzy’s has a good thing going with young spokescouple Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun, but even better is the upside in their entertainment careers and how cute they will be together after growing up even more in the next few years. This pairing has the visual legs to keep going, and I for one wouldn’t have a problem with it. They are adorable together, and way better enjoyed now rather than spending 16 episodes of Who Are You: School 2015 complaining about why their characters didn’t get together when the narrative just didn’t sustain it in that particular story. What makes Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun so enjoyable to stare at together is their contrasting wholesomeness that makes for cute fan fiction – he’s like the rascally skateboarder type while she’s the cool brainy student body president, but outside of campus they’ve got this special thing going. Or maybe I’m just projecting, LOL. What’s fact is their supreme cuteness together in these latest Hazzy’s ads.


Hazzy’s Drops More Chemistry-filled CF Stills Featuring Yook Sung Jae and Kim So Hyun — 20 Comments

  1. I want to press the FF button and see them together with a drama again with all grown up! Especially with Sung Jae growing out of his baby shell lol.

  2. they look so fine. they need to do a drama were they end up together.
    still cant believe she chose that emtionless guy over this guy in who are you school. how can anyone even fall for a guy that cant show emtion at all.

    • Here we go again with the School 2015 shipping war! Hahaha. Can’t you just praise Sung Jae and ship them without throwing crap on another actor?

      • His character in School ’15 sucks so people will always bring it up. Besides, most people are frustrated with the character not the actor. I personally love NJH but YA is forever meh.

  3. Adorable. And, he’s wearing socks!

    Funny how I wasn’t that taken with him in Plus 9 Boys, but luffed him so much in School 2015, and now can’t imagine not loving him.

  4. They’re so cute together, it’s practically begging to be cast in another drama. As the OTP this time.

    also that first shot has some crazy chemistry going on. Kim So-hyun’s really working that gaze of hers.

  5. I love how she’s pulling on his tie in the 2nd picture. and my goodness, KSH has a very pretty figure for someone who just graduated middle school

  6. I LOVE Hazzy’s for doing this. Clearly they get the chemistry and I can’t wait for these two to grow up and HOPEFULLY get a drama together. That last photo pretty much looks like what we could expect from, say, an office-centred drama, lol. Can’t wait! Drama gods, work your magic. I love these two so much!

  7. Definitely not just you, that’s exactly how I think their image is.. sort of complementay to one another. They are adorable in the pictures.

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