Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang Star in C-drama Adaptation of Another Novel by Writer of You Are My Sunshine

It’s starting to feel like there are too many upcoming C-dramas to keep track of, which is not a big deal since I can pick and choose what catches my fancy and ignore the rest. C-writer Gu Man has been popular for quite some time but thanks to the recent drama adaptations of her two most popular novels Silent Separation (into C-drama You Are My Sunshine) and Shan Shan Come Eat (cute Boss and Me) her work has hit the mainstream. Up next in the adaption of her oeuvre is for One Smile is Very Alluring (Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng 微微一笑很倾城), which once again incorporates the female lead’s name (Wei Wei) into the title much like Mo Sheng and Shan Shan in the other two novels. The C-drama stars rising C-actor Yang Yang and popular actress Zheng Shuang, playing the prettiest male and female students at their college who both happen to be avid gamers and fall in love playing their avatars in the same multi-player game. That romance moves from reel to real and what ensues is apparently tons of non-angsty cuteness. It looks adorably pretty already from the first batch of drama stills.


Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang Star in C-drama Adaptation of Another Novel by Writer of You Are My Sunshine — 28 Comments

  1. I don’t like Zheng Shuang’s acting so I might skip this. She is so stiff and her voice is somewhat annoying. And thank god she stops wearing them fake eyelashes. They made her expressions so ugh..meh. in Cage of Love and Destined to Love You.

  2. I love this writer alot but I really dont understand why Zheng Shuang is the lead. Her acting skills are really disappointing time after time… I will watch this drama and again hope she improve leaps and bounds.

  3. Yes I’ve been following all the fan taken photos because I LOVE this web novel. It is super cute and has no mustard or other annoyances. It’s my favorite 游戏生涯 story

  4. I’m a fan of both Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, so I’m so excited! I also really like Gu Man’s other novel Blazing Sunlight… now if that got a drama adaptation too… 🙂

  5. I love Gu Man’s novels, they’re all pretty light and fluffy but this book especially, it’s quirky, fun and cute. I LOVE all the internet gamer slangs and humor it has and I hope they’ll bring that on screen too. Can’t wait for this one. I love Shan Shan Comes to Eat and My Sunshine.

  6. ohh… i love this novel…

    when will this air?? i hope that they will cover everything in the novel including the cross over with shan shan comes to eat…

    so excited..

  7. Wei Wei is supposed to be sexy with curves but Zheng Shuang doesn’t give that vibe. And she’s supposed to be wearing a short skirt when riding on the bike.
    And I agree she doesn’t have the acting chops.

  8. I really like the novel so I’m hoping it’s good. The story isn’t complex, but it makes for a fun, light read.

    There is an english translation of the novel online for those who are interested in reading it btw.

  9. Recently completed the novel. Absolutely love it and the supposed leads for me looks like ww and xn. Looking forward to the drama to air and also weary to see what they cut out like they did in silent separation.

  10. Does this novel have an English translated version? I’m fascinated with gaming recently and I’d like to have a go at reading this cute premise. Hope y’all can help. Thanks. =)

  11. Heard that Yang Yang’s fandom (duh fangirls) making its name known among c-entertainment fans for its negativity and stupidity. Rudeness, stay-away-from-ma-oppa attitude, over the top delusion and such. lol

  12. I like this couple so looking forward to this. Love Zheng Shuang, she’s beautiful and charming and really fit the playful role. I hope she shines. Looks like Yang Yang fanatic fans are giving negative vibes, so annoying.

  13. The novel is quirky and funny. But if not familiar with gaming world and jargon, it’s easily to get lost at some points. I’m looking forward to Yang Yang’s projects as male lead. He’s got too limited screen time even in Tornado Girl. I think he suits the role Nai He pretty well. He can pull off that cool and composed aura as the top strategist of his cyber gang given how he delivered in Tornado Girl and The Four. Besides, he used to be an avid gamer himself. I hope at the same time, the female lead can be also up to par. I never watched her dramas before and only know he’s the ex of Zhang Han for many years. But she looks pretty visually that is indispensable as Wei Wei in the novel.

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