Lee Hong Ki Readies First Solo Album and Finds Park Shin Hye to Star in MV

It’s nice to have good friends willing to lend a hand in any new entertainment endeavor, and even nicer if any such friend is super pretty and famous. I haven’t been following Lee Hong Ki‘s career since last year’s unexpected hit Bride of the Century, his drama this year Modern Farmer was a no-go for me and I don’t follow his singing career unless he does a track for a drama I happen to watch, such as Heirs two years ago. That’s why I was surprised to hear that his first solo album is about to drop, for some reason I thought he already went solo, which might be due to the general lack of buzz around his group F.T. Island. For the first track of his solo album “Insensible”, which screams broody ballad on title alone, Lee Hong Ki brought in his real life good friend Park Shin Hye to star in the MV. It’s probably going to be framed like a short drama with a beginning, middle, end, which is perfect for me since I’ve been missing both these cuties on my screen. The song drops November 18th but the teaser posters are here to whet the appetite.


Lee Hong Ki Readies First Solo Album and Finds Park Shin Hye to Star in MV — 10 Comments

  1. Firstly, #PrayForParis

    And awwww, they’re such cute real life friends <333 Hope Jeremy gets the girl in this one!! If Hwang Tae Kyung wasn't so fuckin perfect, I'd have shipped Jeremy with Mi Nam because Lee Hong Ki was just that good. Here's to wishing him all the success for his new album.

  2. Though i haven’t been following F.T.island for more than a year their songs are pretty good and hongki as a vocalist is really one of the best voices i heard in korea. it’s nice PSH will be in the clip so i’ll probably watch it.

  3. FT Island have great songs! It’s nice HongKi finally gets a solo debut after his relentless disappointment with his company. Hope that brings more popularity to his group too!

    I adore ‘You’re beautiful’ a lot and I really love AN.JELL friendship with one another! It’s so nice of PSH to agree to be in HongKi mv, despite her busy schedule with filming, school, and pictorials. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. I’m definitely looking forward to this: Jeremy and Minyu…Yes, Hongki has one of the best vocals out there and this solo album has been very late in coming. I wish him true success, and am so happy to see Park Shin Hye paired off with him. Aja! Aja!

  5. The mv teaser is out and shinhye is creepy as if she killed hongki after they broke up haha. Makes me wanna see her as a psychotic killer in the next drama/movie hoho

  6. I am happy for the pairing of Hongki and
    Shin Hye.I love Hongki’s voice and I love that they support each other after all those years. PSH and Hongki are both cute and funny. I have only one request for Hongki,to please stop drinking alcohol too much bec. You will destroy your voice and your future.

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