2016 Sageuk Hwarang to Be Fully Pre-filmed and Confirms First Leading Man in Park Hyung Sik


Park Hyung Sik is certainly a young actor willing to challenge himself. I think he’s fared exceedingly well in his last three acting forays – he got positive face time in the big name packed cast of Heirs, stepped up to young leading man opposite heavy weights in weekend drama What’s With this Family, and deftly stole the drama as the second male lead in High Society. I’m not certain that having potential and being a good project picker means his next acting gig will work out, but I like him so much that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Park Hyung Sik is confirmed for 2016 flower boy laden sageuk Hwarang, based on the legendary flower boy noble scholar warriors of the same name during the Shilla era. The drama is taking a page from the playbook of both Descendants of the Sun and Arbitrarily Fond, Hwarang will also be pre-filmed and aims to air simultaneously in Korea and China sometime in mid-2016.


With Park Hyung Sik confirmed, the other two courted leads Park Seo Joon and Go Ara remain in serious talks to do the drama as well. I don’t think this drama is anywhere done with main casting yet, and fully expect lots more pretty faces to join up with the Hwarang brigade before filming starts in early January. It is reportedly scheduled to film for three plus months to end around May, and hopefully by then the approvals in China will have come down and the drama can air in the summer.


2016 Sageuk Hwarang to Be Fully Pre-filmed and Confirms First Leading Man in Park Hyung Sik — 12 Comments

  1. I’m so looking forward to this drama!! Love this boy since “High Society” and I’m sure will watch his career closely from now on…

      • Im Siwan and PHS were in the same boy band, right? I can’t even picture them that way haha. They are both good actors (Im Siwan is truly a gem though)! I hope they support each other behind the scenes.

      • @Deb, yes, both of them from ZE:A band. actually it’s rather underrated group so it’s nice they got popular in acting instead, they are good actors.

      • @Deb Technically they’re still part of ZE:A, they haven’t disbanded (though 2 members enlisted in the army this year)…it’s just that they gained more recognition from their acting activities. Ho Boy, did they struggle during their debut days, they sure deserve success now. As for supporting each other, I don’t think we have to worry…Hyung Sik and Siwan are good friends, they even went to Thailand last october (for private vacations)

  2. I somehow wish psj skips this drama and hyung sik becomes the lead against go ara.It could have another swp dynamic then,the more famous actress with less in limelight actor.

  3. I didn’t care for him the first time I saw him but he won me over. He just has this charismatic boyish charm he injects in all his roles and so far it’s worked well for him. It makes him stand out from his peers in a good way and I’m interested to see how he is in a saeguk!

    I’m hoping Six Flying Dragons has cured me of my saeguk aversion but it might just be because it’s so good. Hopefully I can get through this one too.

    Yay for more pre-filmed dramas!! If the industry keeps this trend going (and gets s higher standard for writers), I think we will see more highly skilled actors that mainly star in movies venture into drama land! *wishes and hopes*

  4. seems like ZE-A have good actors in them… I mean HyungSik had done fairly well in his last dramas and Siwan, no need to say anything about him 🙂

    i am waiting for Park Seo Jun to confirm and I will be all on board if that happens.

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