Sultry and Striking Kang Sora Models Jewelry for 1st Look Magazine

I like Kang Sora as an actress as well as her visual style, but I wished she wasn’t always styled older than her age. She’s only 25 but I feel like she’s always looking older than her age, and perhaps that’s what suits her since she doesn’t embody the fresh faced girl next door type as much as the cool tomboy smart sassy best friend. She’s in the pages of 1st Look magazine this month doing a jewelry pictorial that simple and lovely, albeit a bit forgettable with the one color schematic of black dress with dark grey background, not to mention Kang Sora’s makeup didn’t change from picture to picture. Totally not her, just a note of how her styling could be varied to capitalize on her looks being so striking. Those waiting for her drama comeback will likely have to keep the faith longer, she’s reportedly turned down the Rain drama Hello My Precious (Goodbye My Beloved One), which might be a ominous sign for that drama because she’s been pretty keen on picking her projects.


Sultry and Striking Kang Sora Models Jewelry for 1st Look Magazine — 15 Comments

  1. She really is gorgeous, and I think her mature look and feel actually work to her advantage in many ways since not being the cutesy young thing also means she won’t be tied to that kind of image. But she still looks really good with flower boy costars like Lee Jong Seok and Im Siwan.

  2. she looks pretty here tho it’s not her best picorial. i’m waiting for her next drama. warm and cozy was really dissapointing but at least she and YYS did all the best they could do with lousy script. too bad their chemistry was wasted for such blah drama..

  3. Pwahaha that second to last picture is so overtly phallic. I guess that’s modern advertising for you. She looks gorgeous as always, though!

  4. She is gorgeous. The advantage of looking older than her age is, she will get more mature roles, and won’t stuck playing a girl with cutesy. For her, I prefer to see her in heavy role.

  5. She’s one of my ultimate girl crushes. Her aura may come across as mature for her age, but in a good way. She isn’t petite, but rather statuesque so this image works wonders for her.

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