Jang Geun Seok Lectures at Hanyang University and Preps for Music Show Produce 101

Looks like Jang Geun Seok has taken the first steps in his return to Korean entertainment, and even if the project doesn’t interest me I’ll still be keeping an eye on the reception for this foray. Jang Geun Seok will be participating in the CJ E&M music show Produce 101, mentoring 101 YG girl trainees during a grueling competition to become the 11 girls remaining who get to form a new CJ girl group. He was on M Countdown last week to introduce the stage for the trainee contests, and the sound of 101 girls competing for 11 slots sounds awfully Hunger Games-esque to me and not terribly entertaining. With that said, it does seem right up Jang Geun Seok’s alley to do a music-centric show since he’s been focused on his music career these last two years. He was also in Hanyang University this week for a fan meeting/lecture where he talked about being philanthropy as a star figure, and later donated 30 million won to the university. Nice to see him so happy these days, looks like he’s enjoying the return to the K-ent limelight.

Jang Geun Seok Introducing Produce 101:


Jang Geun Seok Lectures at Hanyang University and Preps for Music Show Produce 101 — 19 Comments

  1. “Where he talked about being an idol”
    He thinks himself an idol? That’s news to me. Also, the girls are not YG trainees (and therefore not going to be a YG girlgroup), they’re trainees from several music companies and the winners get to promote for a year in a temporary girlgroup sponsored by CJ C&M.

  2. I actually think he has some good songs. Also, he’s looking better in that first picture! Guess it just depends on the circumstances.

  3. he is jobless at the moment might as well do something as fillers, but to think he as an idol is a bit overstretched as his voice is cringeworthy at best but then this is coming from JGS who is a self declared prince of asia. no surprise here.???

    • Wow, wow, wow! Jobless? Idol? Self-declared?
      Not working in Korea is the end of the world, right?
      Sure, all who work in Japan are jobless people. Poor BoA and KARA.
      Idols can only dream to fill Budocan Arena two days in a row without any big company promoting then on TV day and night.
      The Asia Prince can!

      • he should at least be prince of korea first then declared himself as asia prince.the irony is he is hated in korea due to various scandals. probably prince of japan suits him best.lol

  4. Wow so many people dislike him here. He looks much better in these pics than in your last post. He is obviously putting in some effort for that image makeover. I think what he really needs to do is a) cut his hair, b) enlist, c) comeback in a sageuk or melodrama not centered on appealing to Japan

    • Btw I don’t think his singing is terrible though he’s not phenomenal either. he should probably do the Lee Jun Ki thing and market his musical interests abroad and just do the serious actor thing at home.

      • Sorry to correct you – it’s Lee Jun Ki who took an example from him!
        Jang Keun Suk debuted as a singer in Japan in 2011 and has 7 full-lenght albums released there, but he wants to stay an actor in Korea.

  5. He…lecturer? Now I see how he bought that position.HoW much money did he donate to that university.I guess billions already.So this is a real example of how money can buy education…Poor other graduates have to work their @$$ off for that position..

    • It seems like it was a one time lecture, which is also about something he experiments in his own field. University students need to know what the real world is and that can not done through books only.
      So no, money will not buy you an education that will enable you to lecture in a university, but experience may.

    • He donated a lot! But it doesn’t mean he bought his education or position. Hanyang is a prestigius university, they keep their reputation from such acusations!
      And for your information – he donated money for the scolarships of needed students. The last 5 years tens of young boys and girls graduated with his help.

  6. I wishe he did not do PS, he looks good even without them Now as he gets older, his PS is too obvious.
    I wish to see him in a good drama soon.

    • Stop being falsely positive to him! Jang Keun Suk NEVER did plastic surgery. In Internet there are photos of him from 5 year old till today! He didn’t changed his features a bit!
      Do you know he has different eyes? I think Koreans would notice any surgery and would wrtite about it immediately. But no, Koreans don’t say he has PS.
      Then why do you claim this? Are you a hater or just like to speak bad about the people who are more prosperous than you???

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