Neighborhood Hero with Park Shi Hoo and Lee Soo Hyuk Release Posters and Preview

The preview is out for upcoming OCN drama Neighborhood Hero, the comeback drama for PD Kwak Jung Hwan after his epic fail that was Basketball, and also the comeback drama for K-actor Park Shi Hoo after his accused rape scandal nearly two years ago. I’m not quite ready to welcome Park Shi Hoo’s onscreen return but it’s happening no matter what so the question is whether I’m tempted to watch it for PD Kwak and the promise of a good story. I think the latter is tempting, the preview looks solidly interesting, and even has a superhero origin story vibe going on. I also like that it’s not a romance drama and aims to showcase justice and crime fighting from a very localized perspective. The drama posters are also nicely done, presenting the full cast in a neighborhood versus super spy setting. The drama premieres January 23rd on OCN.

Neighborhood Hero preview:


Neighborhood Hero with Park Shi Hoo and Lee Soo Hyuk Release Posters and Preview — 28 Comments

  1. Park Si Hoo never disappointed me and I always enjoy his works. The Princess’ Man is one of the best sageuk drama ever and Family Honor one of the best family drama ever, both such representative for Korean culture. For me is all that counts so I’ll watch his new drama for sure.

  2. Too bad for all of you are not ready for park Shi hoo.

    But if a drama is good, I am gonna watch it and nothing like morals/ethics is going to stop me from me doing that.

  3. Seriously? I really liked him, but I’ll never watch him again. I’m not a religious person (in fact I’m very skeptical about religions) but I consider morals/ethics very important, without them we’re lost. We cannot forgive a rapist “only” because he’s handsome and he’s our oppar. We cannot look for excuses and point our fingers to the victim. He is a rapist! If he wasnt’t a celebrity, he would be in the prison. Zero tolerance for any kind of abuse against women!!!

  4. He wasnt convicted as a rapist so, I will check his drama out. No one actually knows what happened in his home besides him and the girl. Maybe she sobered up and was okay with that and just regretted afterwards. I don’t know, but if I was raped I would never settle it with some money. I would want the guy go to jail … I believe someone is innocence until proven guilty by a court.

    • Bill Cosby was never convicted either, but I still can’t stand to see his face in anything now, knowing what he was accused of. Normally I don’t care what celebrities do in their private lives but I draw the line as a viewer at cases like this, Cosby or Roman Polanski.

      • Cosby scandal made me feel puking when I read his news. Still hard to believe what he had done.

      • So agree, Gina. There’s a list I’ve got, that unfortunately keeps growing, of people I just can’t bear to watch because I know too many sordid details about their personal life. Cosby and Roman Polanski are on the list, as is Woody Allen. For K-Ent, I won’t watch LBH (he really gives me the creeps) or now PSH. With PSH it’s no great loss, he’s not really that great of an actor anyway, and the new plastic surgery he is sporting will no doubt make his face even less mobile.

  5. Couldn’t they have picked another white dress for her in the 2nd poster? That dress looks too blocky to me, and her neck, which is very pretty, can do without that type of collar. But otherwise it’s a good poster.

  6. I liked him as an actor before knowing his scandal. Now, I don’t have much interest in watching him, not because of his infamous scandal but because I’m gradually losing my desire to watch K dramas in general. LOL..I found a new love – C or T drama. Anyway, did his scandal ever have any impact on his career as a leading man? It seems no.

  7. who in there right mind would watch a rapist trying to be a hero? he caeer hae gone down hill after his rap scandal.
    if he were that horny. why not just pay a hooker? why even drug the woman. just so he can have a quick sex.

  8. Park Si-Hoo is not going to keep me from watching this OCN thriller with some of my favorite actors. I love the cast of this drama; I only wish Lee Soo-Hyuk was the lead, and PSH second lead.

  9. Aaaagh!
    Why does this look so good. I’m debating whether to watch it or not.
    PSH, I’m still unsure if I’m ready to watch something with him in it….

  10. If the actor and the actrees who act alongside him in this drama could profesional, why I could be the same. For the first time I want to be a profesional viewer who just watch drama because the story and the character not because whos the cast. I hope I could stand it.

  11. I have never been as ridiculous as to not watch something because of someone’s personal faults. Might as well stop watching Iron man, anything with Sean Pean, or Mark Wahlberg while you are at it. Me not watching his stuff is not going to make the scandal not happen. This drama I will definitely be watching. Oh and also stop listening to Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Eminem while ur at it. You are only depriving yourself of good entertainment.

  12. Park Shi Hoo and Lee Soo Hyuk + crime drama? definitely check it out,
    I really like a cop drama so I don’t find his image or scandal bother me that much because it’s drama and he didn’t convicted as I remember,
    but to think that this drama has more to offer than park shi hoo, I really feel it’s worth to anticipate

    • gerçekten mi mal ya tam bir gerizekalısın bir şey demiyorum sana hayran mısın değil misin belli deil her sihoo haberinde sen valla benden daha fazla ilgileniyorsun ,haksız mıyım? sen ona yaşlı çirkin diyorsun ya eminim senin kıçındaki benlerden gözün kör olmustur

  13. People judge like they know ALL the facts in his case. I know for one from would been me… Fuck that I wouldn’t have settle for all the money in the world. Even if he would of gotten away with a slap on the wrist but I would have had the satisfaction that he had to face me in court and explain what he did. And by saying this I’m not condemning anyone. I for one am going to watch it and hope it’s good.

  14. PSH has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion but the facts were relayed by the press. Given how accurate that info often is and how slanted and sensationalized viewpoints can be, I will pass on personally deciding what happened. A legal conviction? Absolutely. A second (or third or fourth) hand decision? Nope. So I will reserve judgement on his personal life and watch the drama.

  15. I thought Park Si Hoo was a sleezebag in Prosecutor Princess, even before the scandal.

    I thought she should have ennded up with the lead prosecutor

    It is one of my favourite k Dramas but now I have to fast forward so much itis not worth watching, other than to shout sleezebag all the time.

    I might watch this so I can shout sleezebag

  16. I love PSH so I will watch this no matter what the other people say or think of him. People tend to judge without knowing the whole story. He is not guilty and proven guilty. How could you judge him? Do you know what really happen that night? The fact that the woman go with him, it means she know what shes doing and also that woman is a gold digger, read all the messages in the Kakao talk you will see that she planned everything just to get fame and money. PSH is FAMOUS, RICH AND HANDSOME so why would he do that? He can have all the girl he wants. He wouldn’t waste his career for that mere woman.

  17. Looking forward for more Park Shi Hoo korean dramas… hope to see him acting in more korean dramas equivalent love heart wrenching stories to Princess’s Man…
    He had acted very well in the Princess’s Man…
    As for the rape scandal…most probably is more a innocent case for him…especially if the young aspiring girl looking for some fame or money to use him to climb up the ladder in the korea entertainment industy…or simply some” politics bait” from his competitors or their agencies to seduce him to fall badly in his high peak career after winning the best and popular awards that year of Princess Man.
    It is common in Korean entertainment industry to catch his weakness.. especially when he was feeling lonely and might wanted to look for one to love or be his girfriend that year…

    Anyway, hope he will have more masterpieces in coming years…look out for this Shining Star upcoming!!!

  18. This is the first time I’ve heard of Park Shi Hoo having this scandal since I’m enjoying his acting in the drama ” The Princess’s Man”. I’m really sad and disappointed that this female should want to charge him with rape as well as get compensated at the same time, what’s up with that? Fear entrapment and this female wanted her 15 minute of fame but to drag down and maliciously cause a celebrity’s reputation so damaging as to almost end his career is a scandal in itself. I believe that he will rise up above this negative effect that briefly tarnished his acting talent, would like to see more of his work in the future, and he does have a future. Please, any of his supporters, friends, family, do your utmost to watch, care and protect him, we seem to have a lot of our celebs out there being targeted for money at whatever expense.

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