K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie


It’s so cute when celebrities recognize their own lookalikes, it saves fans the trouble of doing double takes. Last week Sistar‘s Bora ran into K-actress Han Chae Young at an event and the two took a selfie asking their fans if they could pass as sisters. The answer is “totally”, and their not the only Korean entertains to have lookalikes in the same industry. Sure, the proliferation of plastic surgery in K-ent could have more and more stars looking alike since there seems to be one ideal for visuals for each gender, but some of the lookalikes currently out there aren’t due to knife work and more like serendipity. Ever find yourself curious about a new find simply due to a resemblance to a favorite star?

Jaejoong and Ji Chang Wook

T.O.P. and Joo Won

Victoria of f(x) and Lee Na Young

Seolhyun of SNSD and Son Eun Seo

Rain and Junho of 2PM

Jessica of SNSD and a member of Rainbow

Tara’s Jiyeon and Kim Tae Hee

Lee Hyun Woo and G-Dragon

Yoo Seung Ho and So Ji Sub

Yoon Eun Hye and Jung So Min


K-ent Lookalikes Back in the News as Bora and Han Chae Young Posts Adorable Sisterly Selfie — 29 Comments

  1. I guess the majority of K entertainers have done plastic surgery at least once in their life. No surprise if there’s much resemblance among those K celebrities bcos they are just the products of mass production. LOL. But I can single out some exceptions from the list, whose looks I believe are born natural; Rain and Junho (He’s been looking like that since teenage at JYP;) Lee Hyun Woo and GD; Kim Tae Hee (it’s a well know “secret” that she’s a natural beauty in K ent;) Seolhyun of SNSD (she looks the almost the same now as when she was only 12 yrs old) and Son Eun Seo (a lot of korean girls in the States have similar facial features to their looks;) Ji Chang Wook (although I’m not quite sure if he’s completely natural but he does look like C-actor, Yang Yang, in some pics, and Yang Yang has had that handsome looks since teenage.)

    • I find K-Ent looks, especially when it comes to female eyes and male jawlines, disturbingly similar. It is obvious that nearly all of them have had plastic surgery, some of it extensive. It is a relief to have someone with a distinctive, not-perfect face.

    • Why Koala didnt add Suzy who’s really looking a lot like Yoon Eun Hye now??? I remember her in Dream High series, she’s totally not looking like that anymore, it’s as if Suzy is a new person now. It would have been acceptable if Suzy was born looking a lot like YEH but obviously she looked like YEH because of plastic surgery, poor girl, rich Surgeon. But the previous Suzy does lookalike Park Shin Hye right. Dont know if its good or bad, but being original is always better than copycat!

    • Park Shin Hye is ugly as hell compared to Yoon Eun Hye. Also her stunted body, not so sexy, brings the difference.

  2. Joo Won looks more like Kang Dong Won. And OMG! It’s Seohyun, Seolhyun is a member of AOA xD, as for Jessica’s look-alike, it’s a member of G-friend not rainbow. I know it’s not a kpop site (and I’m def not a fan of it) but isn’t it more right to write things … correctly?

    Another two who looks alike are Son Ye Jin and Kim So Hyun. It’d be fun to see a drama/movie where Ji Sub and Ye Jin are a couple, and Seung Ho/So Hyun are their siblings or younger versions <3 one can always dream.

  3. Dear Koala..it’s Seohyun from SNSD, not Seolhyun. And the one who look like Jessica is not a member of Rainbow but another girlgroup called GFRIEND

  4. I used to think the dude from Princess Hour (second lead) and I Need a Romance 1 (lead), Kim Jeong Hoon and the dude from Marriage Not Dating (lead) and Divorce Lawyers in Love (lead), Yeon Woo Jin; were the same person. I remember when dramabeans made the casting announcement for Divorce Lawyers and said the two (CYJ and YWH) would be working together for the first time. I thought got it wrong because “weren’t they in I Need Romance together?” I still get them mixed up whenever I watch them in their projects or interviews.

  5. Lee hyun woo + Park BO Gum
    Yoo seung Ho + So ji Sub
    Lee won geun + Im joo hwan
    Song Jong Ki + Lee Jin Ki
    Kim JAe Wook + No Min woo

    I think the Jessican Look alike is from Gfriend (SInB)

  6. I have already found numerous “triplets” in K-ent and that’s after years of watching kdramas (do I need to mention that, at the beginning, my confusion was enormous?). Some of them are indeed the result of excessive cosmetic surgeries and some are NOT. On the other hand, I was always under the impression that Asians have less diversity in terms of facial features than, let’s say, Caucasians. That could also explain the odd fact that they do look so much alike when they undergo those “trendy” artificial changes.

    • “Asians have less diversity in terms of facial features than, let’s say, Caucasians.” Not true. At least it’s not true to Chinese. After I started to watch C dramas, I found C actors/actresses’ looks are less homogeneous than Korean or other Asian celebrities. Some Chinese, e.g., Chinese people from Asia Minor actually look like Caucasians. Traced back the history, Korean ancestors were actually mostly the migrants from Northeast China where only one or two peoples had resided there over centuries. That explains why the Koreans look more alike.

      • I agree. Chinese may differ due to their huge population. I’m sure less aesthetic surgeries plus more interaction between China and the Central Asian countries (and not Asia Minor a.k.a Anatolia which comprises mostly the Asian part of Turkey – Turks were Mongolian nomads who arrived in The Mediterranean Sea around the 8th century A.D.- and a part of Armenia) allow people to keep their original facial features.

    • So glad I’m not the only one who thought that. I’m currently watching weekend drama All About My Mom and it stars Lee Sang Woo with Eugene (oddly enough) and my first question was “Are Eugene and her husband doing another drama together?!”. Little to my surprise it was not and they are two completely different people. I wonder what Eugene thinks. heheh

  7. I would also add Seo In Guk and Yook Sung Jae (School 2015) to the list of lookalikes. They have similar facial features and look like they could be potential siblings. Also after watching Doo Joon in Splash Splash Love I feel like he and So Ji Sub could be brothers too, they give off a similar aurora.

  8. Personally I find EXO Baekhyun resembles Ji Chang Wook. And after watching Splash Splash Love, I feel like Doo Joon looks like a Korean version of Wallace Huo.

  9. K-Will and Daesung from Bigbang??? plus minzy before ‘healthy life+diet’ πŸ˜›

    TOP + Joowon + Kang Dong Won = HEAVEN!

    in my eyes, Jin Yi Han from Secret Hotel looks like Ikuta Toma, hehe.. anyone?

    for the ladies, well.. i remember seeing a pic of Park Min Young looks like some other artists.. i forget their names… well, thanks to brilliant surgeons… i wish i could have a face like Dara 2ne1 or song hae gyo πŸ˜›

  10. Nobody thinks that Park Hye Soo (from hello my twenties) and G-Dragon look like basically the same person??? (Just watch the drama. I almost couldn’t focus on it because I just did keep on thinking how much they look alike)

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