IU and Ji Soo New Addition to Moon Lovers with Lee Jun Ki as Drama Gets SBS September 2016 Timeslot


You know how all signs points to something most likely going to suck, but the love is just too strong to pass it by without having a glance. That’s how I feel about upcoming K-drama Moon Lovers, the K-adaptation of popular C-novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step). Starting from the inane name change, the whole thing reeks of K-drama makjang-jization, other than for the casting of male lead Lee Jun Ki. I love him so much and find him a stellar pick for male lead 4th prince, he’s actually more like the novel feel than C-drama version Nicky Wu brought to life in his own way.

Now the promising factor just went up another notch with the news that IU is in talks for the female lead, a role that launched C-actress Liu Shi Shi‘s career into overdrive after she nailed the performance. The rest of male leads are now all cast and confirmed based on the just released news article that the drama has gotten a time slot and network. Moon Lovers will be airing on SBS come September 2016, though it will start filming this January for a fully pre-filmed production. The drama will be broadcast simultaneously in Korea and China next fall.


So far the male lead princes are Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun of EXO, and Nam Joo Hyuk. A new addition is Kim Sung Kyun, who played Samchunpo in Answer Me 1994. With filming set to begin next month, I hope IU accepts the role and settles this drama down rather than continue the casting carousel. I loved IU in Pretty Boy, playing a character that should be annoying but she delivered the over-the-top in an understated and sweet-natured way. I’m all for her as the female lead rather than wanting someone better since it could end up someone worse. Directing will be PD Kim Kyu Tae of It’s Okay, It’s Love and That Winter, the Wind Blows, and writing will be screenwriter Jo Yoon Young who wrote Save the Last Dance for Me and Let’s Go to the Beach.

Update: after I posted my article comes news that Ji Soo is also going to be in this drama as one of the princes. Holy mackarel!



IU and Ji Soo New Addition to Moon Lovers with Lee Jun Ki as Drama Gets SBS September 2016 Timeslot — 102 Comments

  1. IU is the only one who might be serviceable here, but this is still a drama to dread. Poor Jun Ki will over-act and the idols will be cringe-worthy. Why, oh why, do they have to ruin the original??

      • See, that is exactly what I’m saying!
        I freaking loved him in Two Weeks, which might be my favorite drama with him in it, and let me tell you, I have seen him in A LOT. Lol
        Please come back to modern dramas, Lee Jun Ki!

    • i don’t get why people say this drama’s casting is full of idols while there’s only one idol here. They cast models more than idols here. I don’t really think their acting are any better than idol. Yook Sung Jae who is an idol is so much better than Nam Ji hyuk in School 2015. Some consider IU idols and some not but i think she’s one of the good idol actress, better than Suzy at least imo.

    • IU: NO!
      Jisoo: YES!

      I just cant stand IU her acting, she has that arrogant vibe. Why cant they choose Go Ara or Jung So Min? IU will look as if she is Junki his daughter.

      And Jisoo is going to steal the show,heck I even want him to be the main lead instead of Junki, and I happen to like Junki a lot!

    • Buzzz off what the hell do you know act let’s see. The only actor there worth writing home about is Lee Joon Gi get a life.

  2. Apparently Jisoo has been offered a role too! I wonder which Prince he can be.
    And I can actually see IU playing Ruo Xi which honestly didn’t require much hard acting. Liu Shi Shi acting wasn’t all that, at times stiff and raw but she had a very natural presence on screen. I think IU has a similar style to that.

    • How can you say the character Ruo Xi doesn’t require that much . Then clearly I dont know what you were watching. The show revovled around her, yes the prince were there too but only as her supporting character.

  3. she’s not bad.. she’s good. she’s better than other idol-actors… uhmm.. eunji from a pink or sooyoung from snsd also good choices pd nim.. just saying 😛

  4. This show will be flooded by rookie actors (and idol actors)except Lee Jun Ki. But who knows it will turn daebak like Dream High especially if they focus on international market.

    What makes me worry is international fans doesn’t really like saeguk and some actors also not match with saeguk type of drama. But hopefully I’m wrong.

  5. Anyone male lead could pull this drama off except Lee Jun-ki how many big budget sagueks he already failed with for the last 3 years thats exactlly 3 sagueks and this one won’t be any different. The problem is not Idols or rookies but LJK.

    example cast anyone as the 4th except him then the drama would do good. Lee Jung suk, KWB, and Joo Won. these guys I picked I are not even good at this setting and not exceptional leading men all around. but still better then LJK anyday of the year

    • @5ji Do you realize how ridiculous is your comment about Lee Joon Gi? As far as i know, he is an actor, not writer. He can’t revive a dead script. and it’s just u who think his previous 3 sagueks are bad. His acting was great, sorry i’m disappointing you.

    • If his past three sageuk are failed, why he was cast here? This was a big budget production, would you think they will choose him if he can’t make a return of investment. The key factor to have a good drama is a good writer. LJG is one of the great and respectable actor.

      • There are no such things as respectable in acting but there is results you get the job done or you fail. He has tasted the bitter end of things to many times to hide it under the rug

      • @5ji, he is a respectable actor, for his longer years in this industry. Not saying anything about his acting. He tasted the bitterness of rating, but not the failure. A success or failure of drama doesn’t lie in a one basis of result, the ratings.

    • How many big budget sageuks he already failed with for the last 3 years? The answer is none. Arang & JG were moderately successful in Korea and sold well overseas, and Scholar was obviously NOT big budget. The problem is not Idols or rookies or LJK, but as for any drama, always the script, the story, the writing, the production values, the directing. Look how well (not) adaptations like TTILY and Tomorrow Cantabile turned out, despite its stellar cast.

      The guys named are yet to be proven in sageuks (they may be very good & exceptional if they were cast) and are presently busy with other dramas in 2016, 2 of them with 40/50 episodes length Chinese dramas.

      Whether they are better than LJK anyday of the year, we (including you & me) are all entitled to our opinion. Their fans would probably say yes, whilst his fans would say no.

  6. I’m surprised. IU is being hated on right now by both Knetz and the international community, so the fact that she landed this role (or at least is in the talks for it) impresses me.

    That said, I’m actually in the minority who thinks IU was unfairly treated during her supposed scandal and the accusations about her album are just ridiculous compared to the way everyone is treating Lee Byung Hun.

    • U are one of the majority instead of the minority!
      Based on statistics, only small no. of people who are making >50% of
      -‘ve comments in knetz.
      Instead of losing fans,She gains popularity from the journalists’ created controversy. This was proven by her concert tickets sold out in seconds/ minutes after release.

  7. I think IU was unfairly treated as well but she has big fanbase, she will survive. But I’m not going to watch this drama, sageuk is just not my thing.

  8. Lee Jun Ki is horrible and couldn’t safe his sagueks and to add that with IU as his leading lady. that is the definition recipe for disaster and failure. to bad for Kang ha neul and Ji soo to be involved with this because even they can’t safe this train wreck.

    • Lee Jun ki isn’t horrible? He just choose the wrong script last time ,it’s not his fault he can’t save a sinking ship .

      But I think he should leave this drama ,they’re just pulling idols left to right ,and I don’t have much faith in the writer and director to pull a hyeri.
      So I want Lee Jun ki to avoid another possible disaster before it’s too late

    • And that’s why the time when very good actors stop appearing on TV is very, VERY near. Comments like these obviously come from ignorant (or it just sounds like)teenagers. So, I’ll be happy to educate our younger brothers and/or sisters…
      I adore KHN, I have no definite verdict on JS (yet) and I’m sure that, even if IU could do better (with a couple of acting tutors), she doesn’t want to make that extra effort ( like any other idol who prefers his/her day-time job rather than acting and unlike Lee Joon and very, very few others who prefer acting over K-pop and easy money); however, I am absolutely, positively sure about LJK’s acting range and abilities (dear, @apink, watch his older films and dramas. Education and knowledge require time!). The problem here will still be (like in Scholar) the inevitable “one-man show” which is quite clear by now that it “can’t save this (or any other) train” for that matter. Every period drama is not, I repeat, is NOT Iljimae
      Give the man someone to rely on, acting-wise. JG was his last project with a memorable leading lady and a solid cast.

      • “JG was his last project with a memorable leading lady and a solid cast.”

        Nope, that was Arang. Nam Sang Mi was about as interesting as watching paint dry in Joseon Gunman, idol actress or no.

      • @Gina, I disagree. NSM has worked before with JK and, from watching several projects of hers, I realised that she’s the best leading lady any good actor could ever ask for. She’s good but doesn’t steal anyone’s thunder and, at the same time, she’s there to punch the lines properly and efficiently, something that’s in favor of any project as a whole.
        The biggest mistake of all the semi-untalented younger actresses is their endless demands: they refuse to support those projects as well as their more talented colleagues and they usually demand more lines, more close-ups and equally divided screen time despite the fact that most of them are unable to deliver. I’m quite sure that’s a very common thing on k-drama sets, especially when idols are involved.

    • LJK is the one who is saving the sageuks from doing worse, thanks to the boring scripts. Joseon Gunman was no. 1 in its time slot for most of its run.

  9. Hmm, IU is not my first choice, but I like her. But if they stick to the original story line, she will have lots of heavy scenes. She can do the cute funny scenes, but not sure if she can handle the intense melodramatic ones.

    Still, we definitely check out the drama if she is confirmed as the female lead.

    • I agree with you.

      The earlier episodes I think IU can pull off the cute and funny scenes. But the major part of the drama are really heavy and intense! We need an actress good in melo for these episodes.

      • Guys don’t speak while you don’y know how iu acts watch her acting in you are the best lee sondshin she cries all the time lol she os so good

    • Well base on her past drama You’re the best LSS, she’s good at it. The producers isn’t that intense but i saw her act in Ytblss.. I think she can… Smh….

  10. Suddenly, Jun Ki sticks out like a sore thumb. With IU and Ji Soo added to the cast, they look like the Mickey Mouse Club version of BBJX.

    Is this going to be another of those pretty saeguks which focused on fan service and care less about story and acting? It’s looking more and more like it. I like IU, Ji Soo and KHN so I hope they get out of this. I can’t understand why Jun Ki would take on another saeguk drama, isn’t he worried about being typecast? Look more pretty and draw more eyeliners, he ain’t gonna look anything like a powerful king in making, much less king. Which is what he should be gunning for if he thinks long term for acting in a saeguk. He needs to hone his skills with actors more experienced and act in more diverse roles if he wants to be taken seriously.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. I find it surprising that people are overlooking the real issues which is non other then LJK casting as the 4th. His to pretty to come of as mean and arrogant character imo.

      He also tend to be prettier then his female leads which is awkward and he ain’t no 4th prince materiel. KHN himself could fit in the 4th match better.

      I agree I worry for IU, Ji Soo and KHN. may the good lord safe them from this

      • Guys don’t speak while you don’t know how iu acts watch her acting in you are the best lee son shin she is so good

    • Why is acting in sageuks considered as typecsst, when the roles & characters are so different & diverse, from ghost seeing magistrate to Japanese businessman/ Joseon gunman to Vampire scholar. If an actor acts as such characters in contemporary dramas, should he be considered as typecast too?

      From his recent pictures, he doesn’t look pretty, but rather more good looking and manly. The eyeliners were for the vampire look, and he looked really noble as the magistrate and rough as the gunman. He should pull off the princely role easily. In fact, he’s doing exactly what you want, acting in diverse roles and he’s already taken seriously by the majority of the Korean drama watching public.

      • *typecast*.

        In case you haven’t read the news, LJK has been honing his skills in China and Hollywood.

        And never knew that an actor must be ugly to be mean and arrogant, what has looks to do with character. One may be the most beautiful or pretty or good looking male or female, and still be the nastiest, most arrogant &/or bitchiest person in the world.

        The real issue here is the script and the script writer, which you seem to be overlooking.

      • You are right. Acting in mainly saeguks alone does not mean he is typecast. This only means worse – Jun Ki has been acting the same no matter what role and character. The fact that the dramas are all saeguks does not help. Without different styling, it is even more difficult to tell his characters apart.

        I think he can play a princely role but not the 4th Prince. He does have that quiet scheming and cunning look which the role demands. Nor the king material for that matter.

      • I beg to differ. Imo, LJK has been acting appropriately and accordingly to the role and character in the drama, whether sageuk or otherwise. I’ve watched most of his dramas, and Satoh, Taesan, Hanjo & Sungyeol are quite distinct and different, and I have no difficulty telling his characters apart. If you had watched the dramas, you would have realized the styling was quite different in each drama, Joseon costume in Arang, modern in 2 Weeks, business suit in JG, and lots of eyeliner & bloody fangs in SWWTN for the vampire look. Of course, since you think that all these different styles and costumes and makeup are the same, then even if he wears modern garb in contemporary dramas, he will still look the same to you and you will continue to be unable to tell his characters apart, regardless of whether he’s dressed in casual or suits or drag or whatever, because your opinion will not change.

        Whether he has that quiet scheming and cunning look which the role demands or king material, it is up to him to show us, if he accepts the drama. And who knows what his character is supposed to be since this is supposed to be an adaptation of the novel, not the drama.

        Re needing to hone his skills with more experienced actors, I think Yoo Oh Sung, Choi Jae Sang and Jo Min ki can be considered as really good experienced actors with whom he has been honing his skills.

      • It’s really a dilemma isn’t it, whether to replicate the C original, or come up with something different. It’s a case damned if they do, and damned if they don’t!

    • To be honest, I love almost every aspect of the C drama BBJX except for the actor who played the 4th prince. If the K version is gonna completely replicate the C original including the aura of the 4th prince played by Nicky Wu, then this would turn me off and I’m just going to skip the drama.

    • aiyayaya… dont compare this to the greatest drama Nirvana In Fire… please dont let anyone make the adaptation, JUST NOOOOO!!! im sad enough with BBJX, so i hope no more.

      LJK needs to comeback to modern drama, his previous saeguk didnt really ‘work’ in my opinion.. i like this oppa, but he needs to improve… i know he’s a good actor but so this past years, he was in the same box called saeguk… sigh

      • LJK actually acted in 2 contemporary movies in between the sageuks, Joseon Gunman –> Sicily Sun (romance) –> Scholar –> Resident Evil (action) –> maybe Moon Lovers.

    • NiF is a league of its own. Lots of C-dramas are just high school plays compared to NiF to begin with. Besides, it has nothing to do with sageuks, so, let’s focus on the ball here…

      • Just started to explore C dramas, I found there’re quite a few interesting ones to watch. C drama production works in ways different from K dramas. After getting so fed up with repetitive cliche and predictable plots in the recent K drama releases, several C dramas actually saved me from excessive boredom due to my failure to sit through the end of K dramas I tried.

    • Applaud your comment. Clap clap clap. NiF is a legend in drama land. C entertainment industry should award NiF for stealing customers from K drama market. An avid K drama fan like me had never much interest in C drama until NiF. After that, I started to watch C or T dramas and found actually there’re quite a few fun to watch. They feel different from k drama that has been a bit repetitive in themes and too much predictable cliche in the plots of the recent releases in 2015.

    • NiF is in a class of its own. I’ve watched (& dropped or fast forwarded) lots of C-dramas, and imo, there hasn’t been any C-drama of this quality in recent years, except for Legend of Zhen Huan. Most C-dramas tend to be draggy because of the length. I don’t think we can expect anything like NiF for a while. Mi Yue is supposed to be good, but still deliberating whether to start on this, it’s 80 episodes long, groan.

  11. Why so many hates around this? Recalling Reply 1988. People will eat their words if this series become huge. If PDnim insist to ‘use’ these actors, means he really knows what he’s doing. No, I’m not a big fan of these actors, but I just don’t like seeing people act like they know everything about casting.Yes we have opinions but doesn’t mean allow us to insult them

  12. IU also got a lot of hate when she was offered a role in The Producers. She ended up saving the drama in the end. I hope she accepts this role and ace it also.

  13. whatever lee jun ki need to get out of historical dramas for now period.i dont care if he looks good in them n the truth is he is being typcasted.

  14. Rumors said that Jisoo will be playing 14th prince role… which made me wonder which prince KHN would be? 13th? I just hope that 13th will not be played by either Hong Jonghyun or Nam Joohyuk. Love those two, but they’re not 13th prince material at all. Maybe Hong Jonghyun will be 8th prince? Baekhyun will definitely be 10th prince I guess, its the most similar to him in real life.

    I have nothing against LJK or IU, even though I first imagine 4th prince is Joo Jinmoo and Ruoxi is Moon Chaewon. But LJK is still a good option for me, just take out his eyeliner please. Lol
    And i’m excited for samcheonpo! 😀

    • That would have been a very beautiful pairing indeed. You have my vote!(I need to write this down before people start arguing about Ruoxi’s age and whatnot as if any adaptation of any drama/book/play/film is a forbidden and sacrilegious act on this planet! )

    • Agree about OTP Joo Jinmoo and Moon Chaewon. I can imagine they would have amazing chemistry. But I also like JunKi and IU. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  15. I like IU. Full stop. I do think she may feel a little young to act opposite Lee Jun Ki the way Lee Yoo Bi did in Vampire Scholar (even though I like her too). But if the character is written correctly it should be fine. Anything with this many leads in a Kdrama verse is bound to end up a hot mess. But wild horses couldn’t keep me from watching a hot mess starring LJK and with this many other young actors I love. Let the mess ensue; I got my popcorn ready! 🙂

    • You could be right. I love Jang Hyuk. He is an amazing actor and now that you mention it, I can see him playing the same role as Nicky Wu (4th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin).

      • No comparison! Jang Hyuk is better than Nicky Wu. If K version is gonna replicate Nicky Wu as the 4th Prince, then that would definitely turn me off. I’m glad at least Junki’s aura isn’t like Nicky Wu at all.

    • He would look out of place with all these “flower boy” princes. These 6 guys actually look similar enough to pass as brothers, with their gorgeous eyes and looks.

      • That’s the problem! Keep casting all these pretty flower boys who can’t act.

        When fans kept swooning over how gorgeous Jun Ki looked in pretty hanboks and eyeliner, you could tell that the drama SWWTN would be a flop. When a production banks all on fan service, pretty costumes and flower boys, they ain’t got a story to tell.

        I dislike Nicky Wu’s looks. A lot. But I cannot not acknowledge he did a pretty good job as the 4th Prince. Can’t say the same for Jun Ki. That said, I think he’s a sincere actor. He should run far away from saeguks, rejuvenate his acting and take a role which is least expected.

      • Well, at least 3 of the pretty flower boys can act. I’m guessing they will be taking on the main prince roles of 4th, 8th & 14th, and KSK will be Long Ke Duo. I’m wondering who’s gonna be 13th and the king.

        Imo, it was because after a few episodes of bad story, script, writing, CGI, horrible BGM, that the fans realized that nothing could save the drama SWWTN, not even the good actors & actresses, that the fans had fun swooning over the gorgeous LJK & LSH. In SWWTN, the acting was not the issue, it was the abovementioned bad writing etc. Can’t blame the fans for focusing on what was still good in the drama.

        Nicky has acted in more than 30-40 dramas, out of which more than 20 were historical dramas. Why compare with LJK, who’s done 4 sageuk dramas so far in the last 10 years, and imo a pretty good job in all 4 of them. If he is taking on Moon Lovers, he will be taking on a different role, that of a ruthless prince/king. Of course, one can’t say whether LJK will do a good job as the 4th prince, since he hasn’t done it yet. From what I can see, he is sincere in trying different roles each time, from ghost-seeing magistrate to fugitive on the run to Japanese businessman/gunman to romantic lover (movie) to vampire to commander (movie) and now to prince/king. And what other roles are there ~ high schooler? chaebol? lawyer? doctor? teacher? He loves action, so these seem rather unlikely. Anyway, plenty of other actors snapping up these roles.

  16. hmmm..i also want lee joongi to drop dis role..gosh i think he like he likes saguek dan rom com pls lee joon gi,i dont want u to act dis drama pls dont break my heart….i am not against iu,but already had enough of his saguek wish he could play his character kay/lee soo hyun in time betwen dog and wolf or a drama similar to two weeks sooooooo tired of saguek gosh!!!

  17. My guesses:
    KHN as 8th prince, HJH as 9th prince, Baek as 10th prince, NJH as 13th prince, JS as 14th prince, and KSK as crown prince.

    All in all not what I wanted for the cast. KHN is too young and not at the same star power level as LJK which was so important to the directors in BBJX but I do like him as an actor so his casting is okay. I’ve never seen HJH act but he looks like he could pull off 9th prince? Baek shouldn’t have a hard time with 10th since it very much a puppy like role although who knows. NJH as 13th kills me a little. 13th was one of my favorite princes and Yuan Hong was so amazing and evocative in his performance. I liked NJH in Who are You but I think this role is too much for him. JS’s casting, hopefully as 14th, made me the happiest out of all the castings. He is just too perfect for 14th and I will watch this drama if only for him! But also KSK as crown prince will be a delight.

    Now onto the leads: Firstly, LJK why. Why must you choose another sageuk? I like him and all but I don’t see him as 4th prince. I’m hoping for him to surprise me with a different interpretation of 4th. IU is also not my first choice for Ruo Xi but I agree with Koala that it could’ve been much worse. She can do Ruo Xi in the beginning all cutesy and what not, but I fear if she can handle the emotions of the Ruo Xi in the latter parts. Those parts are where Liu Shi Shi truly shined. Oh how much I wish the leads were Joo JinMoo and Moon Chae Won. They both would’ve been perfect but then I guess the rest of the cast would falter in comparison. So maybe it’s better that I didn’t get my dream leads since having them in a drama with the completely wrong supporting cast would’ve been so much worse – so close, yet so far.

    Conclusion: I will watch this drama (if only for Ji Soo) and I pray to the drama gods that they will honor my love for the original drama and the books. If not I can aways marathon the original and mourn what could’ve been as I shrivel up from all the tears.

    • Guys don’t speak while you don’t know how iu acts watch her acting in you are the best lee son shin she is so good she even cries all the time .

  18. I hope LJG drop this!!! The casting and writer is a mess. I dont want him to struggle anymore for carrying the dramas by himself.

  19. But who is playing 13th?? Presumably KHN is playing 8th (I think he would suit 13th better). If it’s NJH or HJH… dear lord.

  20. Trying to think of some good Chinese idioms to fit what Kdramas are doing these days. Hmmmmm:

    Tiger head and snake tail.

    Cast a brick to attract jade.

    Anyone who’s watched BBJX can see that this remake will not live up to its genre, let alone the spirit of the original. Profit over art appears to be king in Kland.

  21. LJK need to drop this drama. he too good of a actor to be in it. IU will only make the rating go down with her scandal. the last thing LJK need is another flop drama rating cuz of bad actress.

  22. i hope lee jun ki oppa to refuse the role really if they will put IU as the lead role it will be bad, why they don’t put and real actress because oppa is a great actor and deserve the best not someone who dosn’t know how to act, we want ki to refuse the role
    it’s not good for his carrier>
    decline the drama

    • Guys don’t speak while you don’t know how iu acts watch her acting in you are the best lee son shin she is so good she even cries all the time

  23. LJK need to pull out. this drama is going to flop with IU as lead.
    he need a drama with actress that can act. so he dont have to carry the drama by himslf. like his last two drama.

  24. Clicked on the article because I heard Ji Soo’s name and literally screeched when I saw Baekhyun.
    BJJX, Ji Soo AND Baekhyun? I don’t care if it’s the worst drama in the world or if IU’s really going to be a terrible Ruoxi (as all the comments are predicting) but I am watching!

    • are you trying to say that this drama became bad because of IU scandal about her album.? cameon guys.dont think like a nuts. your matured enough you know whats right and wrong. its her own interpritation of zeze book. then now if you think that her interpritation was wrong then your free not to listen or to idolize her. if you think that, that is wrong then dont do it. gosh so terrible. about IU acting theres nothing wrong if she try new drama. why dont you let her try heavy drama. dont understimate the person. specially you dont know her personaly. me. we have a fangroup here in the philippimes we support IU no matter what. we are openminded. dont be so senaitive try to gou out with your confortzone. and try to support other not to bash dosnt make sence at all. and your opion is worthless.

  25. Oh come on guys. Why you guys do not like IU? What IU have done to you guys until you guys dont like her? I dont think IU have messed up your life!She didnt care about you haters at all! If other idols will be the female lead, you guys did not bash that idol like you guys bash IU. Please be matured okay! Anyway, IU is great at acting. It just that you guys didnt see IU’s drama.That why you guys bash IU. WTF! Whatever happen I will support IU. Fighting Uaena! Sorry for my bad grammar.

  26. bet u anything. this drama will not pass 10% rating. with IU as lead. she cant act/cant carry the show. so it best LJK left this shitting drama with shitting actress.

  27. Lee Junki NEVER cooperates with any female leads I like. FML -_- UGH WHY! The last pairing I like with Junki in it was in Time Between Dog and Wolf! AGES AGO! SIGH IM SAO SADDDDD

  28. Oh well oh well! Never a fan of K adaptation of C dramas, but I’m gonna check out this one all thanks to the new additions to the cast. I like IU in You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin and Producer (the only dramas of her that I watched). And of course Ji-soo. That’s good news to me. But what happened to EXO Bacon? He looks so dully pale, skinny, and like a malnourished ghost.

  29. Anyone else but IU. I have avoided all her works like the plague. I don’t like her as an actress. They should pick moon chae won, or lee yeon hee (splendid politics)
    LJK is my favorite actor and in my opinion better than joo won or le jung suk who i also love. I think Soo joon ki would have been great alongside LJK. Yes for samchumpo too.

  30. no matter what u fkin say, I’ll support IU no matter what, I love her forever!!!! So people shut up with the hates.
    Filipono-fan jere

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