Cyndi Wang’s First Solo Concert in Taipei Brings Her Former Drama Leads Out in Support

A concert in Taipei this past weekend was a who’s who gathering of so name big name Taiwanese celebrities onstage and offstage. Actress and singer Cyndi Wang held her first solo concert and in attendance was her actor boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao sitting first row, alongside her good friends Rainie Yang and Alien Huang, who hilariously remain good friends as well despite being high school sweethearts broken up. Showing up onstage to fete Cyndi were five of her former drama male leads, with roses and presents and even taking a group selife. There was her Smiling Pasta male lead Nicolas Teo, Ming Dao of La Robe De Mariage Des Cieux, her last drama lead Kun Da in Second Life, Calvin Chen who did Momo Love with her (but male lead was Jiro Wang who is overseas), and last but not least was Tony Sun from Westside Story. Check out all the pics including the various stages and outfits changes that flamboyantly seem suitable for this type of show.


Cyndi Wang’s First Solo Concert in Taipei Brings Her Former Drama Leads Out in Support — 3 Comments

  1. waaaahh… they are rarely seen in drama right now… i remember watching tony sun in basketball drama with angela zhang… they were popular back then, but time flied so fast…

    btw ms koala, do you know about angela zhang’s projects right now? she seems like she’s out of TW entertainment.
    Cyndi hasnt appeared in any drama this days if im not mistaken those her former drama leads also…

  2. Whoa shes really lucky.five handsome man around her. It’s proof that she have good relationship with all her co star. For Ming Dao I really like him since his debut, I choose him with Cindy on La Robe De Marriage Deux (Heaven Wedding Dress). Hmm why not invite Zac Wang too, I like they duet song. Or maybe invite busy Wallace Huo because they made couple in Westside Story. So, from all that man, she just beeing couple with Nicholas and Kunda 🙂

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