Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Headline Please Come Back Ahjusshi Without the Usual Loveline

I’m way more interested in upcoming SBS drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi (Please Come Back, Mister) now that the actual character backgrounds have been revealed. It’s starting to sound even more like a 49 Days redux, with dual leads and love lines that may not make all audiences happy but certainly adds color to the proceedings. It’s been made clear now that the soul gets a second chance in a new body fantasy conceit involves not one but two characters in the drama – played by veterans Kim Soo Ro and Kim In Kwon.

Kim Soo Ro’s boss character reincarnates into glamorous Oh Yeon Seo, changing genders and getting insanely beautiful to boot. Kim In Kwon’s overworked department store manager gets a second chance in the body of Rain, and Kim In Kwon’s character was married to Lee Min Jung‘s second female lead before his untimely passing. She’ll have a loveline again with her husband’s soul in Rain’s body, and also another suitor in Yoon Park. Oh Yeon Seo and Rain are co-leads in this drama even if their characters reportedly won’t have a love line.



In a hilarious twist, Oh Yeon Seo’s character who is a guy’s soul in her woman’s body, gets a crush from Lee Tae Hwan‘s adorable puppy department store underling, who doesn’t realize he’s crushing on the soul of his former boss. I feel like this is the ideal casting challenge for all involved, especially for Oh Yeon Seo to stretch and play a dude inside, while Rain has big shoes to fill as well with the types of performance a veteran character actor like Kim In Kwon can pull off.


Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Headline Please Come Back Ahjusshi Without the Usual Loveline — 14 Comments

  1. I was so confused at first at who was the leading person but I am excited for this especially the pairing between Rain & Lee Min Jung! Kim Soo Roo in Oh Yeon Seo’s body would be really interesting though! lol

  2. Oh sounds cute.. Rain, oh yeon Seo, and lee tae hwan… I’m aboard!!!
    Kimsuro is a funny guy and with oh yeon seo copying him will be super funny if she can pull it off.

  3. i agree the two challenging roles will fall on Rain and Oh Yeon Seo. I really love all the casting.
    Even Ra Mi Ran is in the drama too..

    I’m still a bit icky about lee min jung though. Her acting never improves and the nightmare of Big..yikes. She is awkward and her voice is alaays whiny

  4. I love Kim Soo Ro watched him in ”Our school’s Et teacher” that was one funny character and very warm hearted in the same time. great comedy acting and all around great guy. I will watch this for him

  5. I have to say …. My ultimate dream is a Korean remake of From 9 to 5…. Rain as Takane, and Lee Min Jung as Junko (thought about Kim Tae Hee but might not suit the character)

    Drama God pleaseeee hope one day this will come true ?????????

  6. now we are talking lol Rain and Lee Min Jung Yes please even if she is not really the leading lady this sounds better 🙂

  7. rain and LJM drama always flop. rain drama flop cuz he acting sux. LMJ drama flop cuz her voice annoy people. the only one who is good is OYS. guess she have to carry the drama cuz it sure not going to be rain/ LMJ who going to bring in the rating.

  8. The Title of your article is “Rain and Oh Yeon Seo Headline Please Come Back Ahjusshi ”

    So, why is the first photo Rain and Lee Min-Jung and not Rain and Oh Yeon-Seo?

    Pretty customary to show the photo of the leads, don’t you think?

    Why are people keep pushing Lee Min-Jung?

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