Bu Bu Jing Xin Married Leads Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Showcase Their Love in Marie Claire China

These days any news around Bu Bu Jing Xin is all about the K-version adaptation, which isn’t remaking the C-drama but is adapting the original source C-novel in its own way. That’s good because the C-version had its own flair and wasn’t completely identical to the novel, and also because trying to copy a copy greatly increases the odds of a dramatic disaster. K-BBJX won’t be here for awhile since it’s going to be fully pre-produced as many prime time 2016 K-dramas are doing, so those who haven’t yet watched the C-version really should check it out.

It still holds up even 5 years later, and is truly a work of love and perfect casting synergy and performance bravura. I’ve never seen Nicky Wu, before or after, give such an incredible performance as tightly wound loverboy extraordinaire 4th Prince, and similarly Liu Shi Shi still needs to count Ruo Xi as the pinnacle of her acting career. The two leads made up for the copious tears audiences shed for them watching the drama by dating and then getting married in real life, 17 year age difference bedamned. They’re notoriously low key so it’s a total surprise for me to see C-ent gushing this week over their just release couples pictorial in Marie Claire China. It’s so much love I can’t even. T____T These are tears of happiness, people!

Forever 4th Prince and Ruo Xi. <33333333


Bu Bu Jing Xin Married Leads Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Showcase Their Love in Marie Claire China — 23 Comments

  1. ARGH I was swooning over the photos then you inserted the BBJX photos. You know the drama made me cry more tears than all the dramas I ever watched combined!!!

  2. Love the 2nd pic. So cute ?
    After watching the show, heart literally ache every time I thought of 4th Prince and Ruoxi. Thus I was elated when they got together in real life ?

  3. I shipped them so hard in the drama so it was such a pleasant surprise that they got together in real life. Love them to bits!

  4. One thing I love about them is that they are extremely low key and they don’t do PDA as much as other couples. But then once in a while, news of them being together really warm my heart. I was very surpass by this couple photoshoot as well, maybe they trying to gift us a pre wedding pics………. anyway, best wishes to LONGSHI – beautiful couple

    • You’re so right about his age. He doesn’t look 17 years older than her, maybe 4 or 6, but 17?! Whatever he’s doing (or not doing, if it’s in his genes), he looks good, in general, and to be beside Shi Shi. The age gap doesn’t even show. They’re so adorable together! Glad that 4th prince and Ruo Xi got together in our modern era. *SOB* So beautiful…

  5. My ship is doomed 8th Prince. But it’s okay since I love their interactions offscreen.. They look just so in love with each other, 17 years age difference what?
    Oh yeah, btw I just watching BBJX for about a week and will finish it soon.. Love it very much!

  6. I find Liu Shi Shi look better in period costume but this photo shoot change my mind. She looks lovely & charming, not aloof. Really compatible with Nicky!

  7. He doesn’t even look that much older than her. I thought he was around 4 or 5 years older!

    Can IU pull a miracle and make the age difference work in the remake as well? I have high hopes for Lee Junki obviously, but I need their chemistry to work too.

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