Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo are a Picture Perfect Couple Filming Chinese We Got Married


I think the We Got Married franchise ought to have perfected its brand of dedicated fanservice romance by now. With nearly a decade of selling mostly well selected star couplings, the show has branched out in global cross border editions (memorable pairings like TaecyeonGui Gui or Puff GuoHeechul), and has now been licensed to China for its own version. Season 1 of the Chinese We Got Married, called We Are In Love, had a cross border couple of Choi Siwon and Liu Wen, and now season 2 one ups the star power by joining onscreen together Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen and Korean actress Song Ji Hyo. Bolin landed in Korea earlier in the week as filming is now underway, with the two snapped having a picturesque street date. Stars really have that aura because Bolin and Ji Hyo exude this glow andĀ visual popĀ even strolling down a street. This is starting to look like a must watch just to see how their brand of language barrier bonding will look like.


Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo are a Picture Perfect Couple Filming Chinese We Got Married — 25 Comments

  1. I didn’t really like Bolin Chen in the beginning but I think he might be growing on me. This pair looks very pretty, I think I might also end up watching this, if it’s possible to find it subbed.

  2. There was another picture I saw, where the two were at a restaurant (evening time). Bolin’s sitting across from Jihyo with a cute smile. I’m beginning to feel very excited. heh.

  3. What made us watch this is because SONG JI HYO shows very natural, cool and adorable whatever role she undertake. She did great in Running Man no wonder every series SHE stand out to be admired and acknowledge. Keep it up SJH!

  4. Def will watch for her. Because I want ‘someone’ to be jealous of her having fake marriage with an outstanding man like Bolin. So far my fave couples are Song Jae Rim Kim So Hyeun and Andy Solby.

    • Ah, Anbi. I loved all the original couples of the very first season, but Anbi was particularly cute.

      C – version has a much more laid back format with dating as the primary focus, but lack some of the variety spark of WGM. Hopefully, the MCs are better thus season.

  5. Aww. I love Song Ji Hyo so much. So glad to see her outside of RM for a change. Not that I don’t love RM, I just like her getting all the attention. Hehe. She and Bolin look absolutely stunning together! Can’t wait!

  6. Please appear on running man so the family and her Monday guy can tease the newly weds and get jealous over their closeness.

  7. Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bo Lin is charming couple. They so lovely together.
    Every moment they look sweet together. I cant wait to watch to next episode, hope they be real couple in future. We love them both.

  8. I’ve watched SJH in RM n CBL in Monster.Both of them are great!Honestly,I like n love this couple.They are so perfect together but nobody know if they will be a real life couple.Who know?

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