Long Preview and Press Conference Stills for Goodbye Mr. Black


It’s undoubtedly a steep hill to climb for Goodbye Mr. Black to bring in the drama viewers when it premieres this week. Any new drama has its work cut out to lure viewers in because of an interesting story or a fantastic cast, but that feat is future burdened when there is a hit already airing on the competition networks. Please Come Back Ahjusshi is not threat over on SBS due to low single digit ratings six episodes in, which are actually lower than I think it deserves because Oh Yeon Seo‘s performance so far is simply sublime.

The behemoth to conquer is KBS‘s Descendants of the Sun with its record setting ratings among recent year prime time dramas. I’m not going to say DotS is an unscalable mountain and I’m a sucker for an underdog story as any. I adore Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook is a capable choice for a revenge driven betrayed man, and Kim Kang Woo is nearly perfectly cast as the betrayer antagonist. The four leads were uniformly decked out in elegant and sophisticated attire for the press conference as the long preview rolled to tease this Wednesday’s premiere on MBC.

Long 5-minute preview for Goodbye Mr. Black:


Long Preview and Press Conference Stills for Goodbye Mr. Black — 15 Comments

  1. Whaaaaaaaaa! I can’t wait! The longer teaser is actually quite better than the shorter ones that have been coming out! Looks exciting!

    Btw, the men are looking HOT! And both women are beautiful! I’m actually warming up to MCW’s short do. It looks way better, styled that way. I prefer her with long hair, but she’s kicking aas with the short, tomboy look, so I won’t complain! 🙂

  2. The action package is the best. Once again I think this drama remind me of Time Between Dog and Wolf. I really love it.
    TBDnW is drama that left great impact on me, I watched it for more than 10 times. Right now, even I have worried about the competition with DoTS, I know my taste. DoTS is drama that really good, but can’t make me watch it again and again.
    So hopefully GMB will bring my sentimental side of Kdrama.

  3. Oh em geee……. Comeback Ahjusshi is so underrated. I love it to death. Well, DotS is too strong. But who knows how it will turn. At least we get good dramas to watch.

  4. Surprised that Comeback Ahjusshi has that low of a rating? All the characters are interesting and the actors portraying them are just great! It made me lol, cry at the same time, and all the 4 main characters are spot on with their performance. Just starting DOTS and the first action scene was kind of cheesy ala The Transporter series, if you watched those movies. I’ll have to see more…..

    • CBA is really great, but I don’t think many thought it would take on DOTS ratings wise. It does the melo with comedy really well….that scene with the leather pants!!

  5. Thanks for the news. I’ll watch the first episode and decide whether i should continue. I have followed a few episodes of CBA and found Oh Yeon Seo to be too overacting. May be that’s the type of acting that you like.

  6. I’m so looking forward to watch this show… The action is there, seeking justice, men in uniform (both guys looks really good in uniform) and a little romance where hopefully, the ladies gets to kick ass too…

    I wish all the best for this drama!!

  7. Well, everyone has different take on humor. To me, Come Back Ahjussi is all the way too over the top, cringe-worthy exaggeration and cheesy jokes non-stop running over through the episodes that reminds me of cheap comedies of Hong kong style or Jim Carrey. I feel sorry for Moon Chae Won to come back at this time with not-so-charismatic leading man Lee Jin Wook. Don’t expect Goodbye Mr. Black will be a rival of Descendants of the Sun. But there’s a chance GMB may beat CBA. I’ll check it out to see Moon Chae Won.

  8. I just finished watching this drama movie… love love everything about it.. Lee Jin wook is soooo hot.. my first time watching this Korean movie..love watching the two when they r together.. I hope they should b dating in real llife… they look so gud together..

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