School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After

I did a post awhile back on the school age before and after pictures of Korea’s male stars. It’s time for the ladies counterpart post and who better to top it off than the three renowned prettiest actresses in Korea. Kim Tae Hee, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Song Hyo Kyo all debuted at very young ages in the early Hallyu days, and back then there was less nips and tucks going around in the industry.

Nowadays some stars don’t resemble their school age selves in the least, but there are some that have simply grown prettier with age, learning how to style, and gaining womanly confidence. I didn’t include in this pictorial rundown the child actresses who have grown up since their metamorphosis has happened in the public eye. Who’s changed the most, and who’s the prettiest even back in their teen days? Have fun gaping at the spectrum of metamorphosis.

Song Hye Kyo

Gong Hyo Jin

Yoon Eun Hye

Moon Chae Won

Jeon Ji Hyun

Son Ye Jin

Ha Ji Won

Han Hyo Joo

Han Ga In

Shin Mina

Kim So Yeon

Yoo In Na

Park Min Young

Lee Yoo Bi

Lee Min Jung

Lee Da Hae


Kim Tae Hee

Kang Sora

Cha Ye Ryun

Gong Hyun Joo

Song Yoon Ah

Han Hye Jin

Kim Ah Joong

Park Ha Sun

Seo Woo

Jang Nara

Kim Sa Rang

Han Chae Young

Song Ji Hyo

Han Ji Min

Kim Hee Sun

Gu Hye Sun


School-aged Pictures of Popular Hallyu K-actresses Show the Before and After — 100 Comments

  1. * Han Ga In and Jeon Ji Hyun are naturals and were pretty back then and now
    * I find Kim Tae Hee to be more pretty in her youth
    * Gong Hyo Jin used to look like Cha Tae Hyun

    Some have undergone plastic surgery…

  2. This just shows that celebrities are all human. Even the ones who hasn’t changed at all, most of them still went through the awkward teenage phase. I certainly wouldn’t think that teenage JJH or KTH are goddesses. Styling and packaging really do wonders.

  3. Park Min Young, Lee Yu Bi, Kand Sora, Yoo Ah In – wow, almost facial restructuring. A lot of the ladies seemed to always have large eyes, but the majority seem to have gone in for a little nose and jawline reshaping. The ones that have the doll faces – tiny pointed chins and huge eyes with circle lenses – just creep me out. Like a Chuckie doll…

    • Lee Yu Bi and Kang Sora actually looks like the effects of major weight loss, not surgery.

      If you look at them they still have strong jawlines and chins even today (the opposite of beauty standards in Korea), the jaw surgeons clearly haven’t been at them but KSR’s nose job surgeon was a master of his art, he gave her one that was just right for her features.

  4. I believe Jang nara has found a fountain of youth. She did not change since school lol.
    lee dae hee is like a different person wow power of PS that you can’t deny

  5. Off topic, but I just saw the cutest video ever!!! It’s Ahn Jae Hyun filming Go Hye Sun with his proposal bouquet of flowers and the video is dripping honey. So sweet, I hope Ms. Koala writes a post about it, cause it’s toooo cute for words to describe. Haha I remembered when I saw GHS photo.

  6. Han Hyo Joo and Jang Nara look exactly the same as they did back then!
    It’s also obvious which of these actresses got some work done lol.

  7. Kim Sa Rang didn’t really need a lick of surgery but I imagine she wouldn’t have the same success in Korean industry :/

    Honestly, Yoo In Na and a few others older pics made me gasp. But…they did what they felt they had to succeed in the environment and society they are in. It’s sad to me but it is what it is.

  8. And lot of them claim to be natural that they had no plastic surgery!!! The change before and after it is drastic, most noticeable are PMY and KS. They might get married and the men might think ,they natural, and there comes a baby that looks like who?????lol

  9. Son hyogyo, jeon jihyun, Kim heesun, Han chayeong, Han gain, han hyojoo, Kim soyeon are the winners for me)

  10. JJH, great actress, she used to be sooo popular. And, I just can not believe she is loosing to Bae Suzy, an idol, as the most popular actress in movie category, in 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards 2016 Awards website, for a big gap. I am in wow. Talent is worth nothing this days. Not bashing nobody. But can not help to be shock. What media play can do.

    • please don’t compare JJH with Suzy. They are at different level.
      and baeksang is about who is popular among early teenagers and elementary students. It wont count as a legit contest.

    • I really hope you’re joking, Suzy is literally nothing but a glorified endorsement model with no talent for acting. Her movie was one of the biggest flops of the year too, and to be winning over JJH who was the lead of one of the biggest hits last year… is her fanbase really that crazy?


        @scar99: LOL. Are you think JYPE pays us to vote suzy? Do you know we doing HARD WORK to vote suzy? Even we download SO MANY games and PLAY IT to get poin to vote suzy. Why you blame us if your bias not leading?
        Ps: the category is popular actress NOT BEST actress. So its not about acting, but about popuarity.

      • Why calling suzy fans crazy when last year psh fans do all this, it was all fine when they do and when we do it is called crazy. PSH fan do all this but pretend so noble and blame other if they do. Reason psh won awards by voting and her crazy fans do multiple votes despite at time she even not deserve it. so stop calling us crazy!!

      • @go on: why dragging PSH here to this fanwar when she isn’t in the competition? It’s a popularity poll and PSH is undoubtly popular in and outside Korea. How is that undeserving?
        Stop dragging her with your bias! At least her acting was never get dragged in her movie unlike yours

      • I can’t even believe she is known for her beauty. Like the ideal girlfriend of Korean men. Their taste is weird.

    • Did you cant see the different about popularity category and best actress category? Chill if it is about best actress then talk about acting ability lol

      As i read this article doesn’t mention suzy, why you do eager to drag her name, and talk shit.

      Grow up, Dont make yourself looks hella dumb!

    • Why are you shocked? JJH didn’t win the popularity award during her MLFTS days either. Anyway she’s been nominated for the Best Actress award along with some of the best actresses in Chungmuro. In my book that has more meaning than the popularity award.

    • @go on. +10000
      Finally you pointed out who’s the one pointing finger to others while not noting herself pointing her own three fingers to herself. LOL…this rabid teen fan of PSH is always exposing her immature double standards in her comments.

      • You never failed to drag her even in this OOT comment. You must love her a lot

      • You love to stalk me. LOL…I’m not the first one in the thread to mention her name though but you singled me out. Are you not getting over me yet? Hahahaha

      • Oh I just spotted your comment above. LOL..Now PSH rabid fans have gone berserk again.

    • I don’t get what’s the big deal. Idols have been dominating popularity votes like these anyway. I don’t think JJH gives a damn and I don’t think her fans should too. At some point you have to concede defeat. Why bother? You definitely can’t compete with the teens who are so “enthusiastic” about these votes.

    • JJH already popular enough in which she won’t care about child awards like Baeksang. Suzy & JJh are entirely at different level.

  11. Of course some actresses might have undergone PS but I think a person’s face changes from his or her high school years. We become slimmer and start paying attention to look smart and stylish. One is so green during school days.

  12. They all looked like normal girls during their school days, and are such a far cry from their current personae displayed to the public, whether natural or post surgery.

    Wondering what they would look like now if they hadn’t joined showbiz… Maybe just regular office ladies and ahjummas?

  13. Wow, Kim Tae Hee, Jang Na Ra, Shin Min Ah, Han Hyo Joo, Song Ji Hyo and Han Chae Ah looks the same.

    As in really pretty. Find them recognizable in a glimpse rather than scrunching my eyes to recognize the past them like the others.

    • shin min ah got a nosejob and did something to her forehead i think (i remember a post about it from somewhere)
      but the others you mentioned look really good before.
      Plus kim heesun and han ji min <3

      • I heard about the forehead too. I think it’s some sort of way for them to make sure they still look young. I don’t think it was necessary though.

        And yes, to kim heesun and han ji min. Too many names to mention, but they do look the same.

    • I really can’t see the nose job on Shin Min Ah, if she had one it was super subtle because she was gorgeous originally.

      • Shin Min Ah definitely got a nose job as an adult at least. I spotted her in an old movies (early to mid 00’s) and her nose looked much wider. I was really surprised it was her.

    • Korea is famous for plastic surgery.
      Not surprise if korean girls are pretty because they have good plastic surgeons there.

      Not surprise if actresses go through knife..
      They want to look prettier.

  14. Yoo In Na… wow. There was not a trace of her natural face. Gu Hye Sun.. she was so pretty in Flower Boys, I wish she did not touch her face. Han Ga In, Han Hyo Joo and Jeon Ji Hyun are the most natural Korean beauties for me. Han Hyo Joo is so pretty before nad now.

    • In some cases it was really unnecessary, Seo Woo was adorable originally but turned her face into some weird doll mask.

      I don’t think Gu Hye Sun did anything permanent to her face, she looks the same now though she might have done cheek fillers.

    • i dont think so Gu hye sun did anything to her face as u people saying about her cheeks she got fuller cheeks by facial exercise i am saying this because i myself get fuller cheeks by the exercise she do. its simple puffed your cheek with air and than after 1 or 2 min blow it out and i have seen her doing this often.

  15. “Eyes, nose, lips” by TaeYang – that’s the song title which immediately crossed my mind upon seeing the (somewhat familiar) before/after pics.

  16. I was scrolling and laughing and then I saw Song Ji Hyo glaring at me and my heart dropped a little. Hahhahahha

  17. But really…. If I were to meet Kim tae Hee during her school days, I would never imagine she would be the Kim Tae Hee today. She looked just like a regular schoolgirl.

  18. I think you miss Lee Young Ae and Kim Hye Soo in the list. I saw their pictures when they were teenagers long time ago and always thinks they were gorgeous even back then.

  19. Amazing how good these plastic surgeries are! Park Min Young, Kim Ahn Joong, Lee Dahae from the pictures totally changed their faces, they are perfect! These surgeons are really talented. A question, if you are the offspring of these ladies and you happened to look like more of the original face, will you also undergo that surgery? Personal opinion, I’d be too scared of complications and ending worse , besides the knife, going under and the pain one must go thru! But on the other hand , these ladies did what they have to do to get where they are now.

  20. Song hye kyo. OMG. How come it seems she did not age at all? (lol i exaggerate, but really!!! she was so pretty even back then and without going under the knife!)

  21. Some are undoubtedly unpolished beauties during their teens — unstyled, unconscious, into the style of that period; while some have obviously undergone some medical enhancement that are quite too hard to hide from the photos.

  22. Jeon Ji Hun has had a nose job and probably eyelid job as well. I find it obvious just by comparing stills from My Sassy Girl to YFAS. Not that she was not very pretty to begin with already, but the little bit of work done just elevates her beauty to a goddess standard.

  23. Quick question….how will the people who have had extensive plastic surgery to their faces explain to their children why they do not resemble each other? Or, does plastic surgery transfer – genetically speaking?….we all know (of course not). Too much emphasis being paid to looks and age….in this society…craziness.

    • I believe most go under knife.
      Usually they will go for eyelid surgery to have big beautiful eyes, nose surgery and jawline surgery.
      Eyes and nose will change a person appearance.looks so much prettier.

  24. Personally, I find Song Hye Kyo, Han Hyo Joo, Song Ji Hyo, Han Ga In, Kim So Yeon to be the most naturally beautiful. Jeon Ji Hyun, imo, isn’t that physically beautiful but she carries herself with such confidence and has an aura that makes her attractive.

  25. YEH, is sure a pretty woman….I also believe PMY is pretty and losing weight always makes for a look change. She definitely had her eyes done though. Han Chae Young and Jang Nara, are two other naturals. It is amazing to realize that with plastic surgery, you to, could become a star. Says a lot about us doesn’t it. Beauty is skin deep after all, or so I have heard.

  26. Agree. Could have been camera angle too and the way she was styled back then compare to now. To me she just grow up prettyly and taking good care of herself.

  27. Everyone has the Korean look in South Korea. The same features. So when they stand out as different, it’s either they have really different good genes from parents or they have gone under the knife.

    • I believe most go under knife.
      Usually they will go for eyelid surgery to have big beautiful eyes, nose surgery and jawline surgery.
      Eyes and nose will change a person appearance.looks so much prettier.

  28. The ones who look exactly the same still from then and now are: Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Han Hyo Joo, Shin Min Ah, Krystal, Jang Nara, Han Chae Young, Song Ji Hyo, Han Ji Min, and Gu Hye Sun. Everyone else looks slightly or a lot different. Either smaller jawline, pointier chin, bigger eyes, sharper nose, etc. The ones that look exactly the same still throughout all those years I truly believe they did not get any plastic surgery but everyone else I believe they may have gotten it big or small. Physical evidence is proof over words. Some of them don’t age either and looks exactly the same years later.

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