Ji Sung and Hyeri Sell their Chemistry and Music Journey Story Line for SBS Drama Entertainer

SBS premieres new Wed-Thurs drama Entertainer (Ttanttara, a derogatory Korean slang for the title), so get used to hearing it used often in the drama and also get used for a new competitive playing field. With KBS finished with its Descendants of the Sun domination the field is now open again to see if newcomer Entertainer and Master: God of Noodles can challenge finishing drama Goodbye Mr. Black. I’m casting my watch first vote for Entertainer, initially it was all for Ji Sung but now I’m sold on the musical journey and development story line and finding myself pretty keen to see how Ji Sung and Hyeri‘s characters develop a romantic interest. The preview of the drama music is excellent from the long trailer released at the press conference, and Kang Min Hyuk is coming across as the perfect casting choice for the underdog high school musician. This drama may actually erase the bitter taste from My Lovely Girl and give SBS some redemption in the music drama genre.

Entertainer long 7-minute trailer:


Ji Sung and Hyeri Sell their Chemistry and Music Journey Story Line for SBS Drama Entertainer — 15 Comments

  1. Ji Sung can turn bad scriptwriter into good one. Remember “Protect The Boss”, it’s the only good drama from its scriptwriter. I hope he can do this time too. “Pretty Man” was from the same scriptwritter, and I couldn’t help, but stop at 8th episode.

  2. They look like a happy family of 2: the father and the daughter. And those fashion choices…*insert Phoebe Buffay screaming MY EYES gif here*

  3. Looks good…but this is going to make be super sad if Kang Min Hyuk’s character loves Hyeri’s and she loves Ji Sung’s. This seems the obvious outcome though…

  4. ji sung look old with her. he should have pick a drama were his love at around his age. older man dont look good with younger woman. unlike older woman who still look good with younger man.
    with man the guy look more like her father then lover. unLess he have babyface Like KSH/SJK/SSH.
    hate older man/younger woman. most drama aways have older man lusting/cheating with younger woman. take i have a lover for example. the dude cheat his wife with a woman. who look more like his dauther. then lover.

    for older woman take Secret Love Affair for example. the woman is in her mid 40s yet she still look hot with the younger man in the drama.

    • More than he old is more she looks way to young, like a teenager. I have seen both episode and i dont feel the love connection between this 2. Her acting comes like an older teenager not someone maybe in her twenty’s trying to support the only family she has, her brother. Maybe I’m to critical, time will tell on this possible couple.

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