Chinese-speaking Actresses and Their Cute Cats Delight Fans on SNS

I’m a dog person but it’s not for a lack of love for cats, I just don’t feel quite prepared to raise one of those complicated furry felines. For kicks I do watch cat videos and cackle over how much smarter cats are than my dog with tofu for brains. As the general populace is split between dog and cat lovers, so is the glitterati known as entertainment stars. In the world of Chinese-speaking actresses from Taiwan and Mainland China, there are quite a few of famous cat lovers who delight their fans with SNS updates featuring their precious kitties. C-actress Angelababy even updated last month with kittens that her cat above just gave birth to. Enjoy the random pretty actress post with an added dose of cat cuteness.




Chinese-speaking Actresses and Their Cute Cats Delight Fans on SNS — 24 Comments

  1. Aw this is interesting! It was said that artists usually like kittens than puppies. Don’t know why. But it happened to all my piano teachers and musician friends. They ALL have cats but NO dogs in their houses.

    • Cats required less work and time. I have a dog and she gets depressed when we don’t spend enough playing or cuddling her. Also, when I first got her I spent over a month potty training her and almost broke my back cleaning up after her.

      • Actually, many cats require attention! They get lonely if left alone. That’s why it’s often recommended that a person have two cats or someone who can spend time with them.

    • A lot of people with busy lives and don’t have children tend to get a cat as they are great campanions but requires very little attention and care as long as you train them right they will look after themselves.

      When your life slow downs or we have childrend we tend to give more preference to a dog as they are very affectionate and active which we now have the time for.

      • My brother who has the worst luck with pets got a cat thinking it would just come over for a cuddle once in awhile and do it’s own thing most oft he time. He of course ended getting one of those cats that pretty much has a playful dog trapped inside.

  2. I love how non plussed the cats look in all these pictures. typical kitties- you can try to pose with them but it’s rare they’ll enjoy it.

    happy to see a black kitty there. 🙂

  3. I love how the women are trying to be all cute for the camera and most of the cats are looking like…why is this happening again -_-

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