Suzy and Kim Woo Bin’s Tender Nose Touch Center Stage in First Official Poster for Uncontrollably Fond

I’m already onboard with the OTP romance in KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond, all college days bickering and adult age unresolved tension. Sure, Kim Woo Bin seems like he’s playing Choi Young Do in Heirs a few notches grown up and a few levels below in wealth, the same in your face personality with a twinkle in his eye – that doesn’t bother me because he’s just so darn charismatic doing it.

Suzy hasn’t quite sold me on her character yet but I love her when she’s just good enough and I can see glimpses of improvement in eye acting in the few teasers, not to mention screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee is known for improving all her leads from RainMoon Chae Won, Kim Hee Sun, Han Ye Seul and even Shin Mina. Good actresses are great in her dramas and bad actresses turn good, it’s the magic of her writing. The first official drama poster is out and I’m all googly-eyed already, the nose touch is killing me! So cute, so so cute and tender.

I also like the additional stills for the drama so far, doing a great job of playing up the beautiful fall and winter atmosphere of picturesque South Korea.


Suzy and Kim Woo Bin’s Tender Nose Touch Center Stage in First Official Poster for Uncontrollably Fond — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t like both of them, but I’ll be tuning for the first two episodes to give this drama a chance, I like the writer I hope it’s good 🙂

  2. So adorable and tender. Suzy is dripping honey from her eyes. I’m so anticipating this. Hope it will be just as good as the teasers.

    • LOL…I found you the most sarcastic and blunt among all the readers of koala’s blogs. But I kinda like your candor. Hopefully I can equally shrug and laugh off all your sarcasm when you pick on my faves. LOL

      • What, calling people lunatic is not blunt? I would not characterize your comments sarcastic, however but you’re definitely hypocrite and seriously off the chart and it is not a compliment. I have zero hope that you would understand one tiny bit that people have the right to their own opinion, just like you do.

        Where is this coming from? I just read your comments on the other PSH post and you are rolling in that hypocrisy like there is no tomorrow. Looking forward to reading your next nervous LOLs, big words and authoritative (not) assessments of Korean celebrities. Go for the gold.

    • someone in db said he looks like a shark trying to be cute, but i think this his vibe is more like a grizzly bear trying to pass himself off as a teddy bear in ‘cute’ mode.

      and right here it doesn’t work, his entire appeal is about looking slightly menacingly sexy, this kind of ‘perfect boyfriend’-ish flirty role doesn’t sit him at all.

      • hahaha…He used to remind me of Tyrex all the time back in the Heirs days. I actually think he’s getting more gentle looking now.

  3. I like how fresh this couple will offer us compared to the a bit large age difference between other lead couples had. The youthfulness of KWB and Suzy makes it more realistically believable, and as koala said, so cute and tender! im excited to see a more romantic version of KWB, and Suzy did quite improved a lot in her emotional acting. Preproduced dramas will truly change the games of kdramas these days!

  4. Wow to that poster though. I like the atmosphere of the poster. But is Uncontrollably Fond a melodrama or simply a romance drama?
    And also Lee Kyunghee does create miracles with her writing. Her plots are usually simple, but heartbreaking in a way. I hope that Uncontrollably Fond will definitely not disappoint.

  5. KWB looks so earnestly in love in this poster while Suzy seems more coy about it.

    I can’t wait for the drama to air. I wasn’t looking forward to it before but the teasers are really doing it for me.

  6. I never got the appeal of Kim Woo Bin but this poster makes me wonder how he might fare if he takes on a role totally opposite of all those bad boy rebel characters he’s been playing. He looks like he can be sweet instead of snarly. Would this be the show?

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