Shu Qi Shines in C-remake of My Best Friends Wedding with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

The remake of a twenty year old movie that was itself not very good feels like a lesson in pointlessness. Except the trailer for the C-movie version of My Best Friend’s Wedding actually works for me, and it’s solely on the charisma and charm of leading lady Shu Qi much like original lead Julia Roberts sold the half-baked script. The movie is out and apparently getting pretty good buzz which isn’t surprising since rom-coms are cotton candy audience picks and this one has the additional visual splendor being a London backdrop that is more interesting than the characters played by male lead Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song as his sweet as pie fiancee. It’s Shu Qi, the gorgeous location shoot, and her white knight played by Rhydian Vaughn that has me going mmmmmm yes, more of these two please.


Trailer for My Best Friend’s Wedding:


Shu Qi Shines in C-remake of My Best Friends Wedding with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song — 11 Comments

  1. I love Feng Shao Feng but I couldn’t bare to watch him recently in Ice Fantasy with Victoria. Not fond of them together but I’m looking forward to how this one turns out!

    • One of the few bonuses of that drama is Victoria’s acting improved and these kind of amazon warrior roles suit her more than typical good girl/cinderella stereotypical roles. She has mature looks with strong facial features, so I always thought bad ass, warrior, or femme fatale characters will suit her more.
      Other than that, the drama is a joke with its poor computer graphics. But on viki and dramafever, international audience is apparently enjoying it. But that’s Victoria Song is a ex-kpop star so no wonder.

      • Victoria is still a kpop star though.

        I was never a big fan of Victoria, had a nasty run in with her fans previously, but I do enjoy ice fantasy, lame computer graphics be damed. Does anyone know how it’s doing in China?

  2. I love the storyline of my best friend’s wedding…probably watched it a hundred times lol,and I can’t wait to see an Asian version, but… I’m sorry why am I wishing that it should have been done by a k drama production rather than a c production. Most of the c dramas are just too corny and the acting is too over the top for me …they put extra unecessary things in the script used as fillers but in my opinion destroys the overall value of the content…I’m hoping this version exceeds my expectation .. just my wishful thinking.

    • Since you’ve asked. Is there such? Somehow I don’t see anything close to “the big hype with Victoria Song” you are talking about.
      Unless you are referring to geopolitics. She reposted China Daily’s 9-dash line map on her instagram and it got 3 million comments setting world record. Relevance? Yes. Other than this, where is the “hype”? Oh yeah maybe her fans “brag” about her sometimes. But… that’s what fans always do – pretty sure you are a fan of someone too and do it too, no? – so that’s normal. I always see her in the same light as other chinese idols Kris, Luhan, Tao, Lay etc. In other words, I don’t see any special hype about her. Maybe it’s just you nitpicking her? Are you chinese (mainlander) or chinaboo?

  3. I love Victoria in the K-pop context, but watching her star in dramas always makes me cringe. I do love everybody else, though, so… maybe this will be worth it?

  4. i adore Shu Qi and she do exudes charm on screen. She is like one of my first C Entertainment girl crush and believe me it is not a lot.

    I found the old classic as a typical rom com and never understood the hype. Julia Roberts charm and maybe a little of Cameron Diaz is what makes it work.

    I believe Shu Qi can make this work as much as she did in the Journey to the West remake. Will be watching this for her only

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