Seo In Guk Luxuriates in Mega Riches and Nam Ji Hyun is a Super Country Girl in First Stills From Shopping King Louie

Uber rich chaebols or country girls are not a dime a dozen, not even in K-dramas even if it feels that way, so it’s going to be amusing to see the contrasting lifestyle sparks fly in upcoming MBC drama Shopping King Louie. I’m less into the concept as I am amused by how great leads Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun look in their respective characters in the first stills from the drama – him as a shopping obsessed rich kid avoiding his emotional issues and her as a sun dappled farm girl of the type that even makes her character in What’s With This Family seem cosmopolitan by comparison. I’m also getting good potential chemistry vibes with these two, and hopefully by the time Shopping King arrives the growing narrative confusion with W: Two Worlds will be fully resolved and the time slot ready to switch moods to more classic rom-com cuteness.


Seo In Guk Luxuriates in Mega Riches and Nam Ji Hyun is a Super Country Girl in First Stills From Shopping King Louie — 16 Comments

  1. Lol. Did they put tannning products on her? She wasn’t like this during the weekend drama. And the misty mountain background? * dies laughing *

    And I remember an old old SIG interview. Isn’t his own place a pit? Cos’ he is never home? Then he always plays this suave, well dressed and swanky characters.

  2. Wow nam ji hyun really nail d country role right down to that tan. Shes a bit tan the last i saw her on happy together. Love her acting and enjoyed her role in the daily drama. The story doesnt pique my interest but the two leads def got my attention

  3. So will she keep the tan? Just for once would like to see a female lead flaunt even a bit of tanned skin beautifully. I’ve only seen her in her recent family drama and I honestly wasn’t that impressed with her acting. I hope it was just the character/script or else SIG will act circles around her.

  4. I think I’ve seen Nam Ji Hyun in like one thing. It was Will it snow for Christmas as Han Ye Seul’s younger counterpart. That was forever ago but what stuck to me was her and KSH’s electrifiying chemistry. I thought she was fantastic then so it’s surprising she’s hardly a known face. Hopefully this drama will propel her to some popularity.

    • I loved her with KSH in that drama, that was also my favorite role from KSH (ironically). She’s great in What happens to my family too.

      • KSH has since done too many projects that I can’t even pick a fav role anymore. I still think his Sam Dong was the one that got me most. And Won Ryu Hwan.

        Anyway, that’s off topic lol. I haven’t seen family yet, but I heard good things about it. It’s too long for me tho, so maybe I’ll just wait for this drama to see NJH again.

    • It’s the only part I loved in this drama. I wanted that the story kept the young actors :p

      But I like her in Giant, Warrior Baek Dong So and Angel Eyes too (Kang Ha Neul and her were very cute).

      • Oh yes, that’s right! She was in Giant too. I’ve seen that I think? It was a while ago but I remember parts of it.

        I loved Christmas’ younger counterparts even if Go Soo really won me over.

    • Oh so she was from that drama? No wonder why I found her familiar but couldn’t pin down where I came across her before. She and KSH were really good in the first part of that drama, and that was probably the only time I was smitten by KSH too.
      Hope she does well in this role.

      • I adore KSH in literally every role he’s done, but he definitely had a different vibe in that drama. I’d actually like to see them reunite sometime later in more mature roles. That’d be something.

      • I’d love a reunion from both of them too. KSH have done well in most of his roles, but I notice that he tends to go a little bit overboard with his crying in later dramas, and perhaps it’s just me but I’m often turned off by that. Other than that, I think that he generally does well with his acting.

  5. Seo in Guk is in, whom I am already missing him after Squad 38, and now rewatching I remember you. I’m really looking forward to this. I don’t think I have ever seen her in anything, but SiG usually has great chemistry with everyone. If you couldn’t already tell, I really love him onscreen. 🙂

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