Lee Min Ho in Fine Fall Form for the December Issue of Bazaar Korea


Just two episodes into Legend of the Blue Sea and I’m in a state of satisfaction, like floating weightlessly in calm warm Caribbean waters. The drama is a visual delight with the narrative like a shuttlecock, flitting around without much anchoring emotion. I have the patience to see what web Park Ji Eun is weaving but those wanting more emotional connection and background grist right off the bad will understandably be underwhelmed. I’m coming in from being disappointed with the previous dramas for both leads so this is a welcomed improvement for me. Especially with Lee Min Ho, finally he gets to at his age and suitable character style, I can’t say he’s ever going to recapture the raw charisma of Gu Jun Pyo but his deft conman presents his current charm to the fullest. The same goes for this upcoming Bazaar Korea pictorial, so much nnnnnggggg hotness I can’t even.


Lee Min Ho in Fine Fall Form for the December Issue of Bazaar Korea — 29 Comments

  1. U and me both koala ,he is looking mighty fine.n he is playing a character that is definitely put his charm and acting to use,very likable character too

  2. I pray he get to act with yoo Eun ye in the future they had amazing chemistry on personal taste. Drama gods please hear my prayers n a very good project at that too

  3. I love you lmh I wish both you and jjh luck it so amazing that I don’t love jjh in yfrs I was never a fan but since yestday I became her biggest fan. Gud luck to your drama you deserved it

  4. I just watched ep2 after reading all the disappointment from fans. Interesting enough while I was so disappointed at KSH’s lukewarm alien characterization and not buying into what comedic queen JJH offered in MLfAS, I am so entertained by her slapstick stunts (that I usually don’t like much) as this antient Mermaid. I still stand by my opinion that she has better chemistry with LMH than KSH. Besides, I love this superpower reversal. Now she is the one saving her narcissitic man. LOL. But I doubt the ratings will surpass DotS since the plot isn’t so unique.

    • DOTS set a high standard when it comes to rating but so far just 2 episode in LOTBS has the better ratings overall and have to go drastically up in the 3rd episode in order to gain as much or more. As of now it is hard to predict where things will go because it is to early

      • I hope the writer gives more weight to the joeson storyline since there is nothing new about the modern counterpart that we actually have already seen much similarity in other rom coms. I also look forward to more LMH in the historical setting. LOL he looks dang good in hanbok and JJH does not look that underwhelming nor predictable as usual either. I feel that the pace can be a bit faster than the first 2 eps with more exciting cliffhangers to woo viewers to want more.

      • Not really true. Ep. 1 of LoBS surpassed ep. 1 of DoTS, but episode 2 fell below what episode 2 of DoTS did. We’ll see what LoBS does in episode 3 though. That will really tell the story of how the ratings will do.

  5. We all know rate is important for the entertainment industry. But please, do not compare, just enjoy the show and the work put into it to bring the best entertainment for the fans and no fans. Give them a chance.

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