Crystal Liu and Yang Yang Model Edgy and Fanciful Wedding Attire for Cosmo Bride China

The typical summer wedding season just ended, and with a bang when it comes to the Chinese-speaking entertainment industry which delivered 4 big weddings in the span of two months. For those planning fall or even winter weddings and are still looking for inspiration, especially the more adventurous ones, the fall issue of Cosmo Bride China is unleashing the twin visual perfection duo of Yang Yang and Crystal Liu to showcase some really unique wedding looks.

The two are playing a three reincarnated lives star-crossed lovers for the C-movie adaptation of fantasy period novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, but their marital and romance struggles stay in the long ago historical past as they don modern threads to playact wedding chic in the latest pictorial. I love Crystal’s purple/silver hair and all the cool props used in the fun pics, not to mention Yang Yang is more expressive here than he’s been in the entirety of the C-drama Love O2O.


Crystal Liu and Yang Yang Model Edgy and Fanciful Wedding Attire for Cosmo Bride China — 21 Comments

  1. wow Crystal’s hair really wow. I like Rainie’s hair in her new album. On Crystal it also looks so smashing and modern.
    I thk across Zheng Shuang Yangyang was more removed and he took the aloof approach in potraying Xiao Nai. I hope he doesnt pair up with ZS again. I really didnt enjoy their pairing in Just a smile is alluring (LOve O2O)

  2. I am not so much interested in the visual aspect of this pair. It is redudant and needless to repeatedly rave about their looks.

    I love the OTP in One Smile Is Very Alluring of the drama version. I think Zheng Shuang did a very good job although by appearance she does not match the physical image of the heroine, Wei Wei. She was said to be personally cast by the writer Gu Man herself. YY portrayed Xiao Nai just right. Xiao Nai in the novel is supposed to look indifferent, a bit aloof, unapproachable, but a composed and a cool headed computer geek with more actions than talks. He is not supposed to be expressive like this playful model in the CF. LOL. YY basically is Xiao Nai incarnated in the drama Love 2O2. Most fans of the novel agree with me. It is an undeniable successful cast for the drama based on fans’ feedback and rating. And Love 2O2 was the only C drama that could rival K dramas on many streaming sites in terms of streaming volume during its run. Koala, your comment about YY appears that you have not read the novel yet. I cannot think of any other C actor of his generation who could have done a better interpretation of Xia Nai than YY. I knew he was gonna have a breakout success some day when I watched him in the disappointing the Lost Tomb and now he has this hit drama Love 2O2 under his belt. I am so happy the two C and K actors I have rooted for since their early days as supporting roles now both have become IT actors during 2016.

    • I agree with you. Koala is biased against Korean entertainment, hence why she has more posts about Korean news/entertainment more so than Chinese dramas/news posts. It’s no surprise as she usually talks down about a Chinese actor and big up a Korean actor. It’s her blog so she can write what she wants, even if I don’t agree with it lol
      I watch both Korean and Chinese drama’s but this last year I’ve leaned more towards Chinese dramas as it has more variety and their drama’s are actually getting better. Whereas Korean drama’s are so formulaic, it’s boring.

      • No need for personal attacks. I also follow the sight and she likes them both and gives credit or grief where it is due be it Korean or Chinese. If you followed her blog you would have noticed that.

        I also didn’t like Yang Yang as Xiao Nai, there is a difference between playing a charactet that can’t express themself vs being unexpressive. He was much better in Lost Tomb and The Four, visually he was the perfect Xiao Nai but acting wise he is too green to take on a character that required nuances.

        Zheng Sheng was not that much better, she only had a slight edge over him with her acting but visually she was not a match to the character.

        Though these two chracters were written to be too perfect it would be hard to find someone to fit them.

      • I am on the same trend as you for cdramas. I have found that the kdramas are so overly repetitive that it was heard watching many for me this year. I watched a LOT of Jdoramas and Cdramas. MAN was I glad I did. some of my all time favorites EVER have come from the Cdrama world. I also found a few very good Taiwanese and Jdoramas. I was happy that i finally took the plunge and branched out. for an entire YEAR!!! Had a blast. WUXIA !!!! I found new genres and new stars. so MUCH variety!!!

  3. Koala is spot on about yy’s acting. No acting skills to talk about. Too self-conscious of the camera all the time. Though he does look smashing in photo shoots. Not that Crystal Liu has any acting skills either. C drama right now is too full of pretty but wooden-faced young actors/actresses.

    • Here comes another drama viewer who obviously know nothing about the original book. The hero of Love 2O2 is meantt to look emotionless and expressless. LOL, the writer hand picked YY to be her drama hero. I don’t think she knows less than you about the game designer whiz she wrote. You are, sams as the blogger here, prejudiced against certain acting styles and therefore actors. Perhaps YY stole the spotlight from your faves in C drama market and therefore your opinions taste like sour grape. Most fans of the original novel agree with me for sure. LOL

      • Your argument is based sole around the character being expressionless so he played it as such, but then thats the whole point in acting isn’t it? The difference is the book allows us into their minds and know what they are feeling and thinking without them needed to show it, 80% of any written story is expression anf impressions NOT dialogue.

        But a film is different, a film cannot show you expressions or impression that the character holds within, it is the job of the actor/actress to portray this via their acting. If a character is expressionless then the actor/actrees has a harder job but they can (countless other thespians have done so before) use body language, their eyes etc to portray their emotions, that is a mark of good acting. Saying they are totally expressionless because the character called for it and not putting that down to bad acting is either ignorant or willfully blind. Expressionless character’s are generally harder to play because you are force to act without your biggest repertoire.

        If he’s expressionless acting is good acting then Liu Yi Fei’s Xiao Long Nu from 2006 was marvelous acting too.

        Stop using the book and author as your excuse, how would the author be able to judge acting? Most book fans will likely agree with you on his looks but not his acting.

      • @Tyn123, you are very comical. That is an interestin opiniong but bizarre opinion of you. Have you read the original novel in Chinese and also googled online feddback from novel fans as well? I wouldn’t have confidently said that without reading the novel several times before and after watching the drama and a substanstantial amount of novel/drama forums on C nets as well. My personal favor over a particular actor is one thing, FACT is another story. It is a FACT that the majority of the ppl in Guman’s fan club love YY’s interpretation as opposed to the movie version. In the original novel, the hero does not express his thoughts. Everything about him is revealed in his distant, unapproachable public image based on words of mouth, the heroine’s imagination, his scant words, and determined action. You tell me you know more than what is being portrayed in ths novel. LMAO. Dont talk so haughtily and tell me to STOP blah blah blah. Could it be be because your fave did not get as much spotlight as YY so you sounded so bitter? LOL

      • Why don’t people allow for the fact that culturally he is spot on. I felt he was not only lovely to see but I enjoyed his acting. I felt it showcased his innocence and his reticence perfectly.
        this was SUPPOSED to be a sweet fluffy happy upbeat show. I don’t think it missed the mark in any way.
        after a steady diet of scrambled eggs it was nice to have blueberry pancakes with smiley faces!!!!

  4. Yang Yang!!! ^__^ I don’t don’t know much about Love 2O2 but from what I read both actors were meant to look the way they portrayed their characters and got alot of praise for it and having watched Yang Yang in other projects I can say that he’s a really talented and hard working actor and not only good looks!! I’m looking forward to see more of him and I wish him all the best!! 🙂

    • You should definitely watch Love O2O. (LOL thanks for correction.) The drama is lighted hearted and easy to watch just like the mini novel. YY has been doing good jobs interpreting whatever characters he plays in the drama adaptation of novels including Tornado Girl and the Lost Tomb. Fans of the original book of One Smile Is Very Alluring (aka Love O2O) are very safisfied with his performance, just as many book fans of the Lost Tomb became his fan to after watching his drama.

  5. Ah, Yang Yang.
    Because of his heart stopping visuals on A Smile is so Alluring I got hooked on reading translations of Chinese novels and now I am so into it. I love that he’s going to be in another show that was a cnovel that I just started reading.
    I won’t deny it…I am a sucker for eye candy and he is so much of it. Yes, he was a bit stiff in Love o2o but I think Xiao Nai was really meant to be like that.

  6. I guess everyone has their own taste in acting. I personally loved Yang Yang in Love O2O, I even liked Zheng Shuang, usually, I always thought her acting is stiff and I never found her pretty. But I guess Weiwei’s character is easy to portray, she was cute, innocent and pretty and that’s it. As for Yang Yang, I never understood the whole hype around him until I watched Love O2O, so I give him credit for his acting props here. I became a fan and find him quite attractive now. But everyone has a different opinion. Anyway, the photos look great, Yang Yang is really handsome, as for Liu Yifei, oh well she’s gordeous like always, though I think the silver hair is interesting I don’t find it that attractive, but yeah I always though LYF is much less attractive in modern attire than she is in ancient costume (and I don’t mean by that that she doesn’t look good in modern attire, jut compared to ancient costume). Anway, anticipating their movie together.

  7. Nothing but love and respect for Ms Koala.
    This is her blog, her thoughts. Ms koala has covered the news on Kimi, which was greatly appreciated. The stupid news on Hawick’s alledge affair was completely ignored, thank you !!!
    But sometimes, I do wish for more news on upcoming C-dramas and C-actors. Just to balance out the scale for your adoring c- fans.
    As for Yang Yang and Crystalet Liu. They are such eye candy. I didn’t think much of Yang Yang before Love 020. But when the stills came out..him driving Wei Wei on the back of his bike..I wanted more of him. So I watched Divas on the road. Coincidentally Zhang Shuang is in it too. She seems so aloof and awkward. In real life, she’said pegged as insecure…with a habit of talking to herself. Which was explained later on that she grew up away from her family, and really is insecure and self conscious.
    At one point Yang Yang was stranded on the road waiting for the jie jie’s..(all the girls were lovingly refer as older sister’site since they were all older than he) No one came until almost the end of the day, from sun up to sun down. He was adamant that they won’t forget him.
    He’said such a sunshine boy, he loves himself, lol and everyone around him…ZS is not.. she really believes she’s got to do everything herself, because there is no one for her to depend on.
    When he returned, the first jie jie he was was ZS. He happily declared, I’m back. To which she replied ..”urh” chinese equivalent of “oh”.
    Many awkward moments between them on the road. So I didn’t have much hopes for Love 020.
    But I was surprise..Mr happy go lucky, played the aloof Xiao Nai to a T, IMO. ZS was playful and sweet when necessary , killer cool when playing her game. For me, the drama is a favorite.

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