Kim Min Hee Wins Best Actress at Berlin Film Festival for Movie Directed By Her Affair Partner Hong Sang Soo

This is the oddest accolade to write about because absent context it would appear all of Korea should be heralding a win on the global stage. K-actress Kim Min Hee just took home the Best Actress Award at the Berlin Film Festival for the movie On the Beach at Night Alone, directed by critically acclaimed director Hong Sang Soo as the movie is also getting positive reviews from the film festival screening. It’s the first time a Korean actress has won at the Berlin Film Festival, and the second big international win by a K-actress since Jeon Do Yeon won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for Secret Sunshine back in 2007.

The K-media and netizens are responding to the win less for the honor but for the discomfort and disapproval stemming from Kim Min Hee’s very public affair with the film director who is married but his wife will not grant him a divorce. Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee went public in a big way at the film festival, holding hands and she even proclaimed her love for him during her acceptance speech. I hate to be judgy on other people’s personal lives but it’s really uncomfortable to view her win when the couple is so open despite Hong Sang Soo’s wife and kids being so upset back home. Sure marriage and divorce is personal business and shouldn’t reflect on artistic merit but I wish they kept it professional at the film festival and didn’t act like a couple in public.


Kim Min Hee Wins Best Actress at Berlin Film Festival for Movie Directed By Her Affair Partner Hong Sang Soo — 111 Comments

  1. Katherine Hepburn was in a relationship with Spencer Tracy despite him being very much a married man but she still had respect towards his family and being discreet over the affair that she did not even attended his funeral out of respect for his wife. It’s difficult to judge when comes to a matter of a heart but at least, both of them should have the decency to respect the injured parties.

  2. She’s a very talented actress – that much I’ve long acknowledged. But I agree with you, it’s a tad disturbing that they look so comfortable being in such close physical proximity together under the watchful eye of the public. It makes them seem very distant and distorted from the reality. I feel bad for Hong’s spouse and children, really.

  3. Disgusting indeed.If she is just dating a single old man,I can still understand.After all,there is no commitment.But She,on top of dating a married man,still dare to hold his hand and say “I love you” in public when the divorce is not even happening. That might be last award she will ever get as an Korean actress.I wonder which director will now call her.Oh…May be,that old crazy director.

    • lol Both if her last 2 films winning big internationally and she won the best actress at Blue Dragon after the scandal, her career is far from over.
      Wanna bet?

  4. I don’t want to judge because I don’t know anything. We only know what the press say… It’s true it seems a little bit insensitive from them but maybe it’s because of the rumors about them breaking up.

  5. Well this is a story as old as time, and when the story broke I sympathized with the wife. Here’s the deal to me though: If your spouse want a divorce, you get the divorce. Feel free to take that person to the cleaners in divorce court but refusing a divorce is ridiculous. This to me seems to be a public statement of “we’re together” and perhaps that in-your-face openness will move his wife to move on. She (the wife) deserves better than this guy.

    • I agree with Kat. Why hold onto something like that when you’re just going to suffer? Let the man go so you can free yourself of this embarrassment.

      • It’s easy for us to say the wife should just let go and have a better life because we are not her and we are being rational. I think this is her way of taking revenge, to be the LEGAL wife. I see a lot of cases where the wife not giving a divorce, they might not love their husband anymore but at least they have the title. In Asia, title is EVERYTHING. Stupid way of revenge but I believe eventually she will let go. These things takes time.

    • I find it difficult to judge the wife or sympathise with her coz I don’t know the details of her life with her husband. But I really pity the kids. Regardless of who was more “at fault” in their parents’ marriage, they’re paying the price for a family that has broken down.

    • Yeah I don’t agree with them but why is the wife is doing this when his heart and body isn’t with her.
      If he comes back it’s another thing but it’s his wife that make the whole thing a bigger mess to refuse to let go.

  6. “I don’t want to be judgy … but …” And there lies the problem. If Kim Min-hee was a man nobody would write a blog post like this. Also what the press says and what’s going on behind the scenes are two different things.

    I’m not defending her but to overshadow her win with a post like this, written by a woman, it can only happen to a female celebrity.

      • The main point is: Kim Min Hee won an award at the Berlin Film Festival and Koala had nothing else to do but to bring in the Netizens playing moral police when they should watch out since they usually have double standards when it comes to affairs or anything for that matter.

      • But Jilia… Kim Min Hee HERSELF is bringing attention to this shameful matter. Obviously (1) she feels no shame (2) she WANTS people to talk about it. To just ignore it while congratulating her is almost like condoning it. I can’t do that…

    • im a pull a yellow card on you trying to call out sexism here cause there are plenty of articles and news written, including on this site (search Yao Yuan hao aka “real life douchenozzle”) about affairs from both genders. both director and actress are being dragged in this and there’s no hong sang soo article written without affair linked in the headline.

      so whether it’s wrong or right for her to be judgy, it has nothing to do with kim min hee being a woman. – From a woman

    • Really, when Lee Byung Tae ( Lee Santa) cheated on his beautiful wife with two young girls…koala also post article about how sh*tty he is….

      Well based their public interaction…everything that media publish very likely to be true…esp dispatch (who known for their stalkery skill) already gave many insight and fact regarding their affair

    • Even the title itself is already emphasizing the affair more than her victory. I initially thought that “…Her Affair Partner” part of the title referred to a fellow actor in a movie titled “Affair”.

      Kim Min Hee is an accomplished actress and among the best in Chungmuro. This is like Ingrid Bergman all over again.

      • For Bergman case, i saw from old hollywood item, her first husband totally abusive crappy person, so everyone else in hollywood actually not surprised by her affair and actually they were relieved she managed freed herself from her abusive husband…but the conservative religious party in hollywood obviusly against adultery and tried blackballed her but not successful coz entire open minded hollywoods actually support Inggrid.

    • if KMH was a man, the title will be “KMH wins Best Actor at Berlin Film Festival for movie directed by His Affair Partner HSS”. What’s wrong with the title anyway? this is interesting, isn’t it?? LOLOL… and does it matter who writes this post, whether it is a man or woman. You still read it!! You are totally defending her @Jillia, please don’t lie to yourself…

    • Jillia agree with you. At least a site run by a woman and read by women should be more sensitive rather than writing titles and a piece that smacks of the online hanging of a scarlet letter on KMH. Not that much of a change from 17th century oppressive societies then.

    • Yes. I also agree. Press these days are not very reliable. They sometime twisted the actual truth to make it more appealing to the readers. I’m not saying the press is bad but I’m just saying that we should sometime doubt what we read.

      • What is the actual truth? I don’t see anything wrong with the title at all. If HSS is not yet divorced, his relationship with KMH is called an affair. Simple English!

      • In any case, I don’t see what’s with all the fuss about this title. This is a Blog Site, not Global Mail or New York Post. You shouldn’t expect straight off reporting of the result of a film festival, this would be terribly boring!

  7. What Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo did is really mean to HSS’ wife and children. Really really mean

    But can I just ask for the title to be amended to “Kim Min Hee wins Best Actress at Berlin Film Festival directed by her affair partner Hong Sang Soo” – the current version’s grammar is ridiculous ?

      • Well, i wonder why you defend her and him so much… she deserved has article with title like this, both of them are sh*tty human being for has no consideration toward other people who suffer from their action.

        Yup, she won. But her image already in mud and hard to recover….even she can continue her career …like lee santa, her adultery scandal will forever haunt her.

      • @Jillia Because she decided to make her relationship part of the story. She could have kept things a little more professional, as in arriving with the director and thanking him warmly, if she absolutely had to, but holding off on the PDA and declarations of love, so their work could speak for itself. But no. She and the director decided to go full on Bangelina, in a way that many long-term couples (married or otherwise) chose not to. Mostly all you are seeing people around here saying is “Gee, I wish she hadn’t done that.”

        And, by the way, nobody around here is giving the director a pass on his behavior. He’s worse than she is. He just wasn’t the one the award, so the headline isn’t about him. But yeah, he’s total slime.

      • Nonono. Firm no. “Kim Min-Hee wins Best Actress at Berlin Firm Festival directed by her affair partner Hong Sang Soo” is perfect. She is responsible for her own action and she should have known the consequences when she goes so publicly here. I don’t think you need to be so defensive though, if she dares to come out to announce her love for him, I don’t think she cares what people are saying or whatever title is for this article. I am just curious though, if everyone think like you @Jillia, and only acknowledge her success and disregard her personal life, how will the wife feels. At least now the wife has the moral support from the public. What if we are all like @Jillia, won’t the wife feel isolated and disheartened, to see Kim Min Hee got it all and she losses everything? LUCKILY, not all of us are @Jillia.

      • Luckily we’re not all talking BS like you, @fenny!

        I’m definitely not okay with the affair but I think to bring this in when the film festival was about Kim Min-hee winning is just not okay.

    • LOL, I know, right. Truthfully though, I have friends who have a thing for the older men. And the director/actress scenario is nothing new though often the public only hears about it years later when someone writes their memoirs.

      • She totally went off from, let see… Lee Jung Jae, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Jo In Sung

        Welp, probably she bored with handsome, single and hot men, hence this guy

      • Her list of previous boyfriends are quite something. Made me suddenly thinking that there must be something special about Kim Min Hee that she could dated those guys before hooking up with this old man and now putting everything at risk just to continue with this affair.

      • No love is disgusting… It’s society’s opinion just like when they said gays were disgusting back then.
        I don’t agree with their actions but there is no wrong and right in love. It’s the choice they picked and they are willing to pay the price for their actions. It took courage. We shouldn’t judge.

      • i ‘m not a person who thinks that one can do what he wants in the name of love. My ethics are more important to me than what my heart wants. But i don’t judge those who let their heart choose their life.Because that’s just it. It’s their choice and not my business .

  8. Mean, she is great actress, even better than Hallyu star like Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye and Choi Ji Woo. If only not for her affair, she will reached Jeon Do yeon Top Actress status and cemented her talent in Asia.

    Personally i indifferent toward artist professional and personal life ( reason why i still watching Brad Pitt or Casey Affleck) , but its quite funny she won for playing herself ( the film about woman who has affair with married director ). It’s pissed me that she and that old man has no consideration toward party whom they humiliated.

    Kim Min hee-ssi you are talented, but i wish you aware how morally wrong your action and hope you aware the karma always happen…..

  9. Have personal experience with such a story. Many years ago, a friend who was Catholic refused to divorce her husband who had left the home. They had two boys together. He met another woman he dearly loved and wanted to marry her. Wife refused the divorce. The man and his new “woman” moved to Costa Rica. They had children and remain today -together as a happy couple. The former wife remained alone, bitter, vindictive and unhappy. The man’s two boys from his 1st wife, missed their dad and realized their dad and mom would never reconcile and became determined to have a relationship with their father. As the years passed, dad/stepmom and sons renewed their relationship. First wife continued her vindictive, stubborn, mean spirited behavior and remains to this day a bitter, pitiful. unhappy woman. We have all watched enough dramas to know “love cannot be forced”. Also, a man who is content in his marriage will not leave home. Only the Director, Kim Min Hee and the ex wife know the true story. We are in no position to judge.

    • “a man who is content in his marriage will not leave home”
      Yes, and some men are just sh*tty humans, who can never stay monogamous for long–no matter how hard the current wife/gf tries to keep them “content.”
      I do agree that love can’t be forced, and that both your Catholic friend and Hong Sang Soo’s wife should have cut their losses and divorced their husbands when they first asked. That doesn’t make it less true that Kim Min Hee started an affair with her director while he was still living with his wife–which makes both KMH and HSS despicable human beings imho.

    • Lede
      1. It’s strange that you claim to be a friend of the first wife and at the same time calls her vindictive, bitter and unhappy woman.

      Which part of her is vindictive? Did she murder the second wife? Did she burn down their house?

      Nobody is judging the couple. Koala is only reporting the truth. She is not dragging KMH to the court or throwing stones at KMH. The scandalous couple looks perfectly happy posing away. Who is judging them?

  10. It’s interesting how this sort of things happens in entertainment industries around the world. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats had the exact same thing happen and didn’t, imo, seem to cause that much of a stir. Maybe it’s cultural?

    • i was upset at alicia keys but then swizz had a baby with some london chick, and the baby is older than alicia keyes marriage. so his marriage was already over before alicia came along. see you can never know the entire story. so don’t judge.

      i think kim min hee should declare her love. the wife exposed her when they were trying to be discreet and gave kim min hee and husband bad reputations. she turned the man’s kids against him. the kids are in college or post college. he waited until they were grown. he quitely asked for divorce. did not flaunt his relationship with the actress. the wife exposed all of it, and acted up. she created the drama and bad situation. she gets to act like victim and cursed kim min hee to her mother. just bad, immature, stupid behavior. the wife seems like the monster. she is taking her revenge, but now so is kim min hee…the entire world not just korea knows she is jilted bitter wife now.

      • Still not changed fact she is homewrecker…even the hong sang soo unhappy with his wife…its not give excuse to him/her for their affair. And the old man even cut financial support to his daughter…and do you know that his wife even spent many of her time taking care of HSS mom…

        You can speculate the wife act like victim but KMH herself no bete

    • I kind of think that it might have something to do with cultural beliefs. I’m Asian so I know that we (of course not all Asian) are more sensitive to such a thing like adultery, divorce, shame, just to name a few. So when we see something like that we unconsciously say that it is bad or shameful.

  11. @amazinggamy.better than song hye kyo? to you maybe but not to me. if because she won berlin award is the reason then you should add jeon ji hyun, son ye jin, han ji won and all actresses that havent won any int.festival award.
    its all about given opportunities. will you be able to say that for example if jjh or shk is place instead of kim min hee in this film,the results will be mediocre?. i dont think soo.
    both kmh and shk were critised when they debuted for their acting but over the years, their performance has grown leaps and bounds.the difference between them is whiles kmh usually does award and arty films, shk does commercial films and dramas.

    • Sorry if i offend…but maybe in my opinion. As someone who enjoyed cinema and drama, i put Jeon Do Yeon, Son Ye Jin, Yoon Yeo Jung, Seo Young Hee, and Kim Hye Soo as top five korean actress.

      Its okay if SHK is the best in your eyes…its your opinion, sorry if i offend you with my words

    • Now a days, commercial films don’t perform as well as artsy films. The Oscars for example don’t showcase many commercially successful films. SHK, if she wants to be recognized as a more prestigious actress needs to do more films like KMH.

      • True, it’s a fact that actors of artsy films are more considered . Even if it’s unfair. See how many time it took to LDCaprio to win something ! But isn’t public love more important than a few of elitists? Who remembers who won the last berlinade ? But everybody knows that RDowney Jr is IRON MAN !!! And Julia Roberts Pretty woman !!!

      • Not even that, SHK has never had a real hit movie under her name as far as I remember… and in Korea movies actors>>>>>>>>>>> drama actors so amazinggamy wasn’t wrong.
        It doesn’t matter how they both started and how they both improved. .
        With KMH’s film and award record she is considered a better actress than any hallyu actress. I’m saying this as a PSH fan

      • @Ana agree with you, and i am a YEH fan. even between movies actors there are different levels. independent movies actors>>>>>blockbusters actors.

  12. how can she smile so proud like that? maybe because she think,she win everything, i know it rude and non my business, but that smile rude me too. like no shame at all.

  13. let see if kim min hee can work again in korea like lee byung hun.the thing is korea is a meninist country that hypocritically wants no faults on their women but at the same time the men can do no wrong.

    what kim min hee is doing is wrong but its her choice and she should blame no one for it repercusion in future.

    • @ so true alexghana , but Lee byung Hun and kim Min Hee are not in the same category of movies. I read that Kim Min Hee is receving love calls for foreigners directors. But i don’t understand why people still wacthing LBH movies after all the fuzz Knetz made . And why actresses still working with him ? When I think YEH was banned for working with PSH. Bunch of hypocrits indeed ! And please ! he is not the only one good actor in SKOREA.

    • Like I said above I doubt her career is over with last 2 of her movies won big internationally. A proof that chungmuro’d back her up was she won Blue Dragon Best actress without even attendance and it was after her scandal.
      International production started to eyeing her too. Why can LBH survive in Korea and not her when she has bigger international recognition than him at this point?

      • I’m agree with you ! @Ana. Why can LBH survive ? Because 1 He is a man,2 Has a lot of connections, 3 He apologized to the public ( apparently it’s important !!!) .But if she continues being successful she’ll get offers from great directors. Just saying , i’m not even a fan

  14. I think Berlin Film Festival must have heard about the affair and wanted to court controversy so they gave her the award. Shame on the festival and this ugly couple.

    • @ABC BFF doesn’t care about their life. As i said, Paul Verhoeven was the president of the jury, and he is a director who gives best roles to actresses than actors( I Huppert won a golden globe thanks to his movie) so it’s not suprising he was mesmerized by Kim Min hee. Moreover , this year the festival was not that great . But we can’t compare this with JDY prize at Cannes . Cannes is the most famous festival of the world. And the Oscars the prize that every actor dreams of.

    • @ABC – only someone utterly delusional could think that the freaking BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL gives any f*@#$ about two relative unknowns (to German/western society) having an affair, or thinks such a thing would be controversial to the Berlinale jury.

      • I’m sure there are other actresses with better acting than her and more deserving of this award in the festival. The jury should explain their choice. Good acting is subjective anyway. To the artistic jury she might be great but to the general masses she might be boring.

    • Are you kidding me? lol
      Or is it another way to lessen her achievement?
      Men can survive doing all the worse things but people taking all her proper credit for her works?

  15. Gahhhh… I thought they have broken up & she have moved back to her family home.
    I think HSS’s wife purposefully refuses the divorce to spite them. So, KMH will never get to be HSS’s legal wife. But yeah… It’s gonna be a hell of ride for all three of them, plus the kids involved.

  16. Congratulations on her big win. But she seems like a very selfish person. When you’ve teared a family, atleast for the sake of the people concerned, she could’ve kept things quiet until things settled. The least dignity she could allow them to have was just that much. Well, I hope she knows what she is doing. Ehen you break people’s hearts like that, you eventually end up paying a price for that down the road.

      • This!
        I don’t get why society always blames on the women when the men who broke the promises. lol
        Shouldn’t they get double the blame?

  17. I am totally perplexed by jillia’s statement

    1. There’s nothing wrong with Koala’s phrase or headline. Its entirely ok for Koala to state the “affair partner” or “adulterous partner”. This is an entertainment site not a newspaper.

    Why defend an adulterous couple? What’s the point of whitewashing? Since they do blatantly declare their adulterous affair in public, then it’s perfectly fine for koala to report them objectively.

    2. Posing for picture is nothing wrong between a director but an adulterous pair holding hands like a couple in public is morally wrong. It’s one thing to have an affair privately and another statement altogether to taunt the public with their scandalous actions. They are clearly saying to the world that it’s ok, fun, loving and considerate to have an affair.

    3. I see most of the feedback here are sensible. Nobody is being sexist.

    • +1
      KMH won her award from a film directed by her lover, how does one expect the affair to be out of the news. If anyone is that sensitive, then don’t do it and definitely stop flaunting it. It’s misplaced feminism to cover up when there’s another woman suffering from it.

      • Pips you are so right
        Love your phrase misplaced feminism
        If HSS and KMH are so flamboyant about their affair in a public event knowing that many photographers and reporters are gonna be there, then obviously they are ready for their affair to be made known.

  18. What she is doing today will surely haunt her in the future.. How could she destroy her reputation over an affair.. I wonder how long they will last with their happiness..

  19. I see Diego Luna in the background of the third picture! So strange to be seeing my longest-lasting actor crush in a kdrama website, heh.

    As for Kim Min Hee….. the Berlinale jury clearly didn’t care about her offscreen private life and chose to hand her this very prestigious award anyway.

    Obviously cheating is wrong but it’s a little hypocritical to be pretending this is only about her being in public with Hong Sang Soo or that the affair is exceptional in some way. By that standard we should be unable to watch any Elizabeth Taylor movies (she had an affair with her best friend’s husband and even married him) or so many others in Hollywood and other industries.

    • @Gina , not only her . Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, … angelina Jolie(Pitt was with Anniston) , amber heard ( johnny Depp with Vparadis) Marion Cotillard(Guillaume Canet was with Diane Krueger)…to name only few. different culture. In France , we love gossips but it doesn’t affect carreers… We have a lot to do with politics , terrorism …

  20. Wow, I don’t know whether to say Congrats or shout shame on you. I see other news reports asking should she return to the Industry after her big win? I say no because she’ll never get the full respect she feel she deserves as an actress. Many Korean actresses who work so hard at maintaining a good image would have a problem with her being there. It would be nothing but drama no matter what role she take. What’s wrong with her? I would never throw my successful career away for a old married man no matter how much I felt a loved him. Some self-respect must come in somewhere.

    • I agree with you.. she could have still find a successful single man out there .. the affair is not worth it … I read somewhere that they even got married …

    • We have no idea what went on in that marriage. He clearly said he wants divorce. Once that is articulated, the couple is separated, no longer just married. From that point on, does anyone have right to hold someone by force in marriage?

  21. Every human being has his ethics, education, religion….and based on that, we tend to judge the others around us even unintentionally. They “re doing in Europe what they can’t do in their country. I only feel sad for his family cause i know from experience that it’s really hard.

    • “Le Monde” (the french New York Times) gave a beautiful critic about Kim MiN Hee interpretation. The president of de Jury was Paul Verhoeven His last movie made Isabelle Huppert win the golden globe ). Both are directors who like to put the light on their actresses, so Kim MIN HEE winning was not a surprise. And the movies in competition were not great contenders.

    • But i’ am not a fan of this kind of movies. More into Ken Loach, Korean thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Woody Hallen, Jim Sheridan, british social comedies . All britannic actors since i saw Colin Firth in Valmont (1989 Milos Forman) .

  22. I think it will be hard to talk about someone else accomplisment and congratulate them if they them self doesn’t really care about it. By doing what they did in international event which will definitely be covered by media during this time, I’m sorry but i can’t help to think that they are asking or expecting this. There are a lot kind of ways to show your affection to each other if the important thing is the feeling not the publication. This’s clearly showing where the priority’s lay.

  23. She is a good actress and I’ve always liked her. So I do belive that she is deserving of this award if she won it. I just wish she had kept her private life private though because it seems that is all she is ever talked about for. I get it, they’re in love and I don’t judge her over the affair because who knows what his marriage must’ve been like outside of what the media reports. However I wish she were a bit smarter about it considering how Korea sees her now, at least for the sake of her career.

  24. From years of experience in my work, those that protest the loudest often have the most guilt, even if it’s just guilty thoughts. Such intense focus on the behavior of consenting adults distracts from the much more important things going on around us.

  25. Shallow, cheap title and some shallow comments here.

    She is a great actress and won for her work. Her personal life is no one’s business and neither can anyone say they know the truth of what transpired and get all hot and bothered about her holding hands.

    Do people here seriously believe that the K-ent folk they idolise are in monogamous “pure” relationships? Or maybe they are are Victorian and think that as long as the “dirt” is swept under the carpet all is good?

    Kind of make up your mind if you are a review and news site or TMZ.

    • It’s HER site, whether it’s review, news or TMZ. She has already made up her mind what to post on HER site, it you who can comprehend it. KMH deserves all the backlash she gets right now. An affair is nothing to glamorize or normalize.

      • Crayon
        Probably KMH and HSS are happy and excited with all these scandalous reports. Otherwise why would they hold hands like a couple? For all we know they are encouraging these news to draw more controversies. The poor wife must be so distraught…..

    • Of course her personal life is nobody’s business but why do people still talk about the great things many other famous actresses have done such as humanitarian aid. From your comment we should discount those things. Also, from the surface, KMH herself hasn’t keep her personal life separate from her reel life either.

      • @time-traveler, at least some sane voices!

        @crayon, yawn yawn, heard that before. It is her site and it is open to comments and that is my comment. Deal with it.

        @Abc, people with little minds have nothing better to do perhaps than to gossip and brand people? And what does humanitarian work have to do with personal life?

        Seriously what is this subtle misogyny in K-ent sites, as I said above might as well hang a scarlet letter on KMH for her “misdeeds”.

    • It’s Koala’s blog she can post whatever she wants since this woman Kim Min hee decided so publicize her relationship she should deal with all the backlash she is getting…. Filthy people like her deserve that title, if you can’t take it jog on

      • Apparently you couldn’t jog on but had to stop to tell me to jog on.

        KMH is getting awards and recognition, not backlash. On the other hand having an anon moniker and abusing celebs as filthy- sadly no one is giving out awards for that.

    • Well said!! The hypocritical morality of some Asian countries, most notably Korea is puzzling. The men seemingly get a free pass. The women, not so much. It is ok for women to wear skirts so short (I call them “Arse wipers”), but please do not show cleavage. To me, this is amazing. It is ok to dance as though you are having sex standing upright, but pretend you are not dating, in fact act like a virgin. Male/female celebrities have difficulty dating for fear they will lose their fan base, when 99.9% of the time, they will never, ever, no-way marry a fan. Silly just silly behavior. Congratulations to KIm Min Hee for outstanding talent.
      Yes, I am from another country, but really people….Get a grip on the falseness of it all.

    • This is very late but I saw the link from the ‘random posts’ and I have to agree with it. I was uneasy with the tone of the headline too, and with a lot of the comments – was it really necessary to emphasise her ‘affair partner’? As if she wasn’t one of the best-known and most critically acclaimed Korean actresses of her generation even before the affair was found out.

  26. Congratulations for her win!

    As for the affair, people can get a divorce normally. Maybe the wife is catholic .

    For the article I think Koala is a fair writer and reporter. Her views do not change wtih gender. If HSS has won the award I bet the title would have been similar.

    This actress is talented but not one of my faves (regardless of her private life)

    I love HSS films. And I do try and separate the artist’s work and private life (sometimes it is hard -Woody Allen- but I try).

  27. Eh, who am I to judge. Don’t know what’s going on except from tabloids; and I never trust tabloids. Lol, unlike her, I can’t imagine falling for a grandpa when I can have my pick of gazillions of hot rich hunks. She is definitely not shallow like me.

  28. When my wife wanted a divorce, I didn’t. But how strange to stay married to a woman who doesn’t love me anymore? So we got divorced, I met a wonderful woman and we are now getting married. My ex wife wanted to get back together just few months ago. I understand her perspective but life moves on. I think this wife also needs to understand when something is over. Keeping him just brings her pain. Needlessly.

  29. @ana.i didnt even say shk is better than kmh.i too like and admire khm too.just that i wish amazingamy and you dont mention names and just praise her to avoid unnecessary fan wars.

    shk has a hit film in the grandmasters eventhough she was not the main lead actress,its still her grossed sixty five million dollars which is infact higher than the biggest hit of kmh career the handmaiden which grossed thirty five million dollars.
    both are great actresses.

    • lol you are funny.
      Grandmaster is not even a korean movie nor she is a main lead to take credit … but KMH is the lead of 2 internationally award winning movies.
      Like I can bet you that korean movie production and PD would take KMH over any hallyu actress for the same reason.
      At least give a movie she is leading next time.

  30. I don’t think they are flaunting. They were just been themselves on public stage – there is no boundaries. Older men are mellower and that itself can be very charming. James (above comment) perspective is interesting. It is not only women but men, too, get hurt too in the affairs of the heart. He has let go and urge the wife to be brave to let go too.

  31. People always say you can’t judge in matters of the heart, but I don’t agree. Love without honor is not worth it and will not last. A man that will mistreat his children and the woman that bore them and supported him for years will more than likely not hesitate to do the same to you. Even in love, there needs to be respect. Love is not justification to hurt others and degrade yourself. I feel sorry for his kids and the wife he has yet to divorce. Karma is real though. I don’t have a problem with older man younger women relationships or even a man or woman deciding they want to be with someone else, but honesty goes a long way. When you cheat, you lose all sympathy from me.

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