Eric Moon Confirms Dating Model Na Hye Mi After Initially Denying Rumors Back in 2014

I tend to believe most K-ent dating rumors from publications mostly because where there’s smoke there is fire. Of course some are not true but most of the time it’s confirmed or the couple are dating but won’t go public. All of that is fine because I don’t care if my faves date and am happier when they are dating/married because that’s such a positive step in their lives. I say all this because a long ago dating rumor was revived today and this time the couple in question actually admitted it, making their denials three years ago seem like yet another “duh” moment. Actor-singer Eric has confirmed that he’s dating model Na Hye Mi after K-media reported that their long running relationship has taken a serious turn and they are discussing marriage. Three years ago in 2014 the media reported that they were dating but both sides vehemently denied it and that was that. I’m sorry if anyone was shipping Eric with any of his drama costars but this handsome man is clearly off the market.

Eric is 38 years old so it’s not surprising that marriage is in the works, and he has a twelve year age gap with the 26 year old Na Hye Mi. The two apparently met through work as senior-junior and the relationship turned romantic. The earlier dating rumors in 2014 came from fans who spotted them on dates but without photographic evidence their denial was left to stand. This time both readied admitted to dating which makes the possible marriage even more likely, or maybe because Dispatch snapped pictures of them on a date which makes it harder to deny. Whatever the reason, congrats to the couple for being in a long lasting relationship!


Eric Moon Confirms Dating Model Na Hye Mi After Initially Denying Rumors Back in 2014 — 23 Comments

  1. waa leader nim..
    he is at marriage age, and even I dont know who the girl is, at least she is at proper age, not too young for him..
    congrats to both of you..

  2. I thought he had something going on with his co-star Seo Hyun Jin and Jung Yu Mi. Mannn…those intimate scenes made me swoonnnn lol…And he looked so good with Yoon Eun Hye in XMan and still waiting their combo in drama. Never heard that girl but shes definitely lucky to have a hottie with tons of fan girls, handsome dude, loyal man and when I saw Thee Meals A Day, I believe this guy is very nice person. Wish their love will stay till end. They could be beautiful bride-handsome groom ever in korea. But forgive me Eric, I still wanna ship you with my faves no matter how pretty your girl XD.

  3. Good for him. Seems like K-stars are more open about romantic lives these days which is a positive development. It is in fact weird that if they are of marrying age and some delusional fans still insist on their oppa(s) being single and available. At least Eric has a proper relationship rather than the 2016’s trend of various sexual scandals which partially the result of celebs having feared of being shunned due to leading normal lives. I am here waiting for the confirmation of Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin next.

  4. It was very impressing to see him cooking in Three Meals A Day. He’s really good at cooking ! And his 4D personality is so funny. I’m happy for him 🙂

  5. She is so lucky to have him.he such a good chef,very creative.just finished three meals and was thinking I would be lucky to have him as husband.congrats for this couple.

  6. I’ m always the bad girl here !But even if i’m happy for him, i must say that i’m tired of all of the celebrities who describe their ideal type and ends up on dating models, idols, and often younger ones, I think that minwoo is dating a model too ! Just saying. And i ‘m not a shipper !

    • I understand. But this can’t be helped since models and idols are those within their circles. They don’t normally mingle with those outside that sphere. Plus, it’s quite normal that we tend to end up with the opposite of our ideals or the celebs probably use the ideal techniques to divert the focus from their actual interest and preference.

      • I get your point @Del, and i agree with you . Dating in the same field can be a plus since they can be more understanding of their schedules. But why a great part of them don’t date celebrities of the same age ? Are they afraid of successful women ? Or are women in their 30’s too difficult too handle ? just curious, honestly i don’t mind about age gape .

  7. Just checking the korean websites. I think most of shinhwa fans now feel betrayed lol. I hope they can let him go. He’s being an idol and the leader for almost two decades. Nothing can deny he’s such a loyal man. I’m not a shinhwa fans but I really adore this guy. Such a rare to see a gentleman that bring his girl all over the place without face mask in his peak popularity. I wish his fans can be mature to accept that their leader ready to start another step of his life. Both really will make such beautiful babies.

  8. i understand when celebrities denie dating and only confirm when about to marry.korea actors dont marry an actresses that have dated an actor publicly before.if you look at all the married actors like eg. jang dong gun,bae yoon joon,ki tae young, lee santa, rain, ji sung, won bin etc etc.,they married actresses with zero confirmed dating scandal.i believe it is not coincident and i think it hurt their pride to marry such actressess since actors are filled with heightened egos or they like to pretend to the world that their wives were virgins before marraige which is bullshit.
    i think it better for the ladies to denie them even when caught for their own sake and i worry for them when they confirm and then break up later.
    the only exception i can think of was kwon sang woo marraige to son tae young even then there was fans backlash asking why he should marry an actresses with about 3 to 4
    past boyfriends and he even lost all his cf”s.anyway this is all my assessment and could be entirely wrong.

    • Sorry just straighten your statement, bae yongjoon marry park soojin, before psj has public long time relationship with football player but end up broken, even she had been rumoured with singer roy kim but it denied that, and eugene ses, wife of ki tae young, she had 2 times public relationship, the first with leejihoon her 2nd actor in wonderful life, and then with late park yongha, her co-star in loving you, ok and once again lee nayoung had rumoured with daniel heney before, but it denied.

  9. @cahill. i understand your feelings and i think actors dont marry partners of equal age because i think
    1. since they usually marry late, and have saved enough money,they think they dont need their partners money thus they marry young girls so as to be able to control them.
    2.most men like pretty young girls.
    3.they are afraid that marrying women in their thirties may prove difficult for them to have a baby.
    i too am disappointed when this occurs because these are the same actors that dated these older actresses earlier but when it comes to marraige they are not good enough?

  10. Good for him. It’s time to settle down. Personally I don’t mind a couple with big age gap. It’s just a matter of personal taste & preference. Congrats to the couple 🙂

  11. Eric just getting better as he’s older. He reminds me Pierce Brosnan. He will always looking good pairing with any level of age.The girl is beautiful. Congrats to the couple.

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