Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao Breakup After Four Years Together After Love Triangle Start

I’m not going to feel schadenfreude to hear this news but there are some who are understandably going to react with a “you get what’s due” sense of inevitable. TW-news is reporting that dating stars Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao have called it quits after four years together, or five years together if you add the year prior when she was the third wheel interloper in his super messy breakup with Sonia Sui. Yao Yuan Hao and Sonia dated for 8 years and the breakup was the biggest tabloid fodder in 2012, when reporters caught Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi together multiple times despite him still dating Sonia and worst being Sonia learning about it by reading said tabloids. Of course Sonia ended up just fine, nurturing a broken heart for two years after the breakup before meeting and marrying her husband Tony and now having adorable set of son and daughter. The media stopped following Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao as much once they started to openly date, and this breakup has been confirmed by both sides as amicable and a return to just being friends.


Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao Breakup After Four Years Together After Love Triangle Start — 6 Comments

  1. Umm… if you actually follow the “other side” of the news (more known by Taiwanese), Yao Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang are quite unlucky because of Sonia Sui’s accusations when it’s actually Sonia Sui who asked Yao to break up and cool things off between them and that’s when Yao dated Cyndi, so technically she was never the third wheel.

    If you actually see these 4 years, Cyndi and Yao were quite stable and peaceful. Unlike when Yao was with Sonia, there’s always news of them breaking up once in a while. I won’t judge who’s better but what I mean, Sonia isn’t as “victimized” as she claims to be.

    Sonia Sui is known to be the “drama queen” among reporters. Whenever there’s new endorsements/events/works of her going to be release, coincidentally there’s always a scandal/news about her one day before.

    The things she said during her sob press conference about Yao Yuan Hao, the keyword “美工刀” became famous among tw-netizens because it’s so dramatic… when in fact she added so many “fillers” into her speech to make the other side look bad. Media love the news of course.

    Besides this, it was known that Sonia and the other cast (Patrick Lee, Janel Tsai) of The Fierce Wife 排擠(outcast) the second female Lead, Amanda Chu, they made her an outsider because she was getting very popular despite being the antagonist. It’s apparent during their press conference videos that Chu get sidelined by them. (This is a pretty well known incident amongst Taiwanese netizens).

    I love Sonia’s acting skills and her works as an actress, but I just don’t think she’s that nice or real off-screen and it’s time to let international fans know about the other side of the story, instead of the things you plainly read on tabloids. I just feel bad for Cyndi, getting labeled as the third wheel so many years when in fact, technically, she’s not. I would say it’s bad communication on Yao’s side but Sonia isn’t that innocent either.

    Oh, and many tw-netizens not pitying/buying Sonia’s story. Sometimes, international bloggers and the Taiwanese side of social media posts are of two whole different sentiments about the same news…

    References -> read the comments -> drama queen Sonia

    • Thank you for the information. I have heard bits of the incident about the main cast bullying the 2nd female lead Amanda but I didn’t know that Sonia was the one who called quits in the relationship. So their situation is about the same as Ivy Chen-Kunda-Alice Ke but Ivy is a lot more low-profiled compared to Sonia.

    • Wasn’t it that Sonia and Yao Yuan Hao broke-up and he started dating Cyndi. Later he and Cyndi broke-up when he got back together with Sonia. Later he started seeing Cyndi again while still dating Sonia?

    • Now that you mentioned it… they gotta be super dumb or attention seeking or doing it intentionally with their curtains open. Gross and these cheaters did dirt to Sonia Sui. Well thank goodness Sonia is doing great without that cheater. Karma can take care of the rest

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