Kim Soo Hyun is Handsome as Usual on Top But Ahjumma Pants on Bottom at Movie Premiere

It’s rare among recent years not to see Kim Soo Hyun attending last week’s Baeksang Arts Award, he’s been a staple there ever since his breakout with The Moon Embraces the Sun and onward with successive years making major hit movies and K-dramas. I can’t even say he’s passing the baton to the juniors since he’s only 29 years old, making it all the more impressive how young he was to reach his level of success and then maintaining it. This summer his thriller movie Real comes out so I’m curious how it’ll do since he’s playing a darker character and it doesn’t appear to be mainstream fare. I certainly hope he gets a new coordi by next month when he starts promoting the movie because this week his appearance at the movie premiere of The Sheriff in Town was all sorts of fashion awful. I can’t unsee the cropped pants on top of the ugly sockless white sneakers. Please my darling, why you try so hard to look like an ahjumma from waist on down?

On a sliding scale of pants lengths at the movie premiere, Kim Soo Hyun is the worst, Ryu Jun Yeol is just one inch too short exacerbated by the sockless look, and Jung Woo Sung does a masterclass on how to wear perfectly fitted and right length pants.


Kim Soo Hyun is Handsome as Usual on Top But Ahjumma Pants on Bottom at Movie Premiere — 20 Comments

  1. Lol. I could not stop laughing reading the headline.

    While he is not my fave actor, I really do like Kim Soo Hyun for his warm personality. There is something so genuine about him which I could hardly find in other stars.

    He has been too low key last year and can’t wait to see him making a comeback. I am glad that he tried not to be overexposed but it’s only a matter of 2 to 3 years before he is to enlist, so why not grab this opportunity to do as much as he could.

  2. Kim soo hyun pants too shorts with casual tshirt. I dont understand why during korean movie premier, they wore casual clothes not like hollywood. Its a trend there maybe.

    • Why do they need to dress fashionably. They are only going to the movie premiere to support their fellow actors, not to accept an award.

      • At least I think the stars should have the decency to dress impeccable and not attending a movie premiere where they are to walk the red carpet looking like trash. If they are to sneak into the theatre to watch the movie, by all means, go ahead and dress up like garbage, nobody cares. This is called “respecting the occassion”.

  3. Pretty face, decent acting skills and a lot of charisma got him to the top.. getting those highest awards even before the really very talented, versatile and super charismatic actors like Han Suk Kyu, Kim Rae Won etc. Also getting co-ed Daesang with Go Doo Shim was not right.. He was so-so in The Producers. People exaggerate when they say that Do Min-Joon and Baek Seung Chan are totally different that’s why he deserved his award. Uhm.. no. He is a tad overrated. As I stated before, pretty face, decent acting skills and a lot of charisma/screen presence/whatever you call his attraction or draw power, got him to the top.

  4. Jung Woo Sung looks old in here next to the younger actors.

    Maybe its just that picture cos he is one of the most handsome k-actors even at age 44.

    • Jung Woo Sung has always looked very manly, and mature looking type of handsome, while KSH and RJY might be the flowerboy youthful type

      • Ryu Jun Yeol is flower boy???? Ok, I get it that he is a fine actor and quite charismatic on screen but he is definitely not deserving to be categorized as flower boy.

      • @mischa Okay, he might be not for you but it’s okay, it’s just my opinion tho

  5. All three of them wear ugly torsos IMO, but yeah KSH one is the worst
    Also… can he pick a drama soon? I miss him on my screen so much ;_;

  6. All three of them wore a very bad looking torsos IMO, but yeah the one that KSH wore was still the worst, and can the guy please pick a drama already? I know that he’s picky but I miss him on my screen ;__;

  7. I think older generation of korean actors are much more handsome, manly and charismatic. Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Seo Jin, Won Bin, Song Seung Hun, Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Kwon Sang Woo, Bae Young Jun, Eric Mun, Rain, Kang Ji Hwan and more list to go. They are the balance between visual and good acting.

  8. Ma boy, Soo-hyun. Could you please pick a drama soon.We (your fans and supporters) miss you terribly. It’s been a while since your last TV project. Please, one (1) drama before your military enlistment is very much appreciated by your longing fans like me. I also hope that your movie “REAL” will do very good in the box-office. Much love from the Philippines, btw.

  9. On the bright side, you know the guys that are horrible dressers are still single and don’t have hidden girlfriends. Women would never let them be seen in public like that!

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