TW-actress Ady An Sets June Wedding in Hawaii and Sends Out Adorable Invitations

The date and location is set for TW-actress Ady An‘s upcoming wedding extravaganza, making her the first big Taiwan star wedding of 2017. Last year’s batched of newly marrieds are all having babies this year but there will still be plenty of famous faces attending Ady’s wedding in June on the beautiful island of Hawaii. She’s got a big friendship network in TW-ent and her just released wedding invitation went out this week to plenty of recipients. The wedding invitation was a cute Doraemon design that adds an unexpected playful element, with the cover saying “Kiss Me to Open”. Inside are lots of pictures from the couple’s wedding photo shoot with Ady naturally taking center stage and fiancee Levo as the gentlemanly accompaniment. The couple already registered their marriage officially which makes the wedding ceremony the perfect party to celebrate with family and friends.


TW-actress Ady An Sets June Wedding in Hawaii and Sends Out Adorable Invitations — 4 Comments

  1. congrats to the happy couple. but I still see ady an and vanness wu when they were in the autumn’s concerto drama.they had the best drama chemistry.

    • But what? I mean, he’s also very much married. Lol.
      They did have really great chemistry and their separate marriages will not mar a good drama. 🙂

      They remain great friends after the drama. I predict that he’ll be attending her wedding. Autumn Concerto reunion!

  2. Congratulations to the couple! I’m guessing An Corporation (Qiao En, Esther Liu, Kimi Hsia and Linda) will be the bridemaids?

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