Gong Yoo Oozes Sun Drenched Charm for Esquire Korea Magazine

Every magazine has it’s unique demographic and K-actor Gong Yoo is exactly how I picture an Esquire man. He’s too rugged and offbeat at times to be full on GQ nor is he overly worked out and fit to personify the fitness rags. For the June 2017 issue of Esquire Korea, Gong Yoo is bathed in the overexposed light of Lombok beach in Indonesia, and he’s not only going to be featured in the magazine’s Korean edition he’s making the cover of 7 country versions of Esquire and inside a total of 10 different editions. His popularity continues to impress even going on six months since Goblin and nearly year since his zombies on a train flick Train to Busan rocket boosted his career. In rewatching Goblin I realize his performance was riveting not so much for the acting but for the complete package expression of a character of such expansive history and background.


Gong Yoo Oozes Sun Drenched Charm for Esquire Korea Magazine — 6 Comments

  1. Watching Goblin emotionally exhausted me. I was engaged emotionally 200% and I rewatched it again and again. The heart break, ugh! I can never see anyone else pulling off goblin as well as GY did. For those few who has not seen goblin, the american connotation of goblin is totally misleading.

  2. Goblin ended up not working for me, but I find GY to be good in whatever he is in. I need to check out Train to Busan.

  3. I cannot sit on a train without thinking of Train to Busan.:D What an awesome movie! I did not satisfied with the ending, though I still loved Goblin to pieces.

    It’s so sad when you feel that you “have to” think of a relationship. It’s much better if it just happens one day.

  4. At least two of the photos were shot in Honolulu, Hawaii: the one with the basketball net in the background and Gong Yoo sitting against a fence…

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