While You Were Sleeping Wraps Filming and Scheduled for Late September Premiere on SBS

The filming work is done for high profile K-drama While You Were Sleeping as it finished production months in advance of its air date. Starring Lee Jong Seok and Suzy, the drama now gets a late September air date on SBS and will have the next three months to slickly finish post-production work. The drama is about Suzy’s character who can see the future when she dreams in her sleep and she teams up with Lee Jong Seok’s character to stop bad things from happening. I’ve been following along with fan snapped pictures of the leads filming and can see the trajectory of their relationship from meet cute to becoming a couple, with the latest batch from this week showing Suzy back hugging Lee Jong Seok so clearly there’s angst in that romance. Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun has been consistent in writing well fleshed out romances so hopefully the leads will exhibit the necessary strong chemistry to produce another memorable drama.


While You Were Sleeping Wraps Filming and Scheduled for Late September Premiere on SBS — 20 Comments

  1. Looking forward to seeing Suzy onscreen. With the right writing and directing, she can reproduce the effect she had in Architecture 101 and fool people into thinking she’s actually a top star actress. At least I’d rather watch her that Ducksuck.. 🙂

    • Have a little respect for ‘Ducksuk’, he’s going to have to do double the work to make up for her lack of acting skill.

      After seven acting projects her acting is still so poor, I seriously wonder if she’s worth all this effort on the part of the PD and writers to cover for her lack of basic acting ability. Maybe she should shoot one or two less CFs and use the time for some acting lessons but I doubt she even actually likes acting or wants to act for any reason other than to get more CFs by having an ‘actress image’.

      • Yes.. you’re right actually. Sussie is only taking acting projects to have that ’’actress image’’ in order to have a longer career, because you can’t be an idol forever. One drama, which does moderately well, and she is guaranteed like a million CFs and actress image. Add up some media play and ’’first love image’’ and mediocre looks hyped up (there are prettier rookie actresses, like Kim Taeri for example), and you’re guaranteed a top spot in these pointless CF power rankings.
        And reporters (JYP’s workers) keep writing articles that ’’Has Suzy’s acting improved?’’ and k-netz will aways have the same answer that ’’Suzzy has so much media power even after flopped drama and flopped movie’’, and JYP mediaplay still keeps being aggressive.. At least LJS worked his way up without big agency power. At least he has some acting skills to go with, unlike Suzie. But Suzi’s advantage is that she comes off as likable

  2. Such a spoiler in those pictures! Looking forward to it, really like Lee Jong Seok’s acting, especially his crying scenes, hope we have a bunch of it.

    • I think he’s great at angry scenes too, that half hour monologue in W was freaking fantastic. I didn’t even realise he had been talking that long until i saw the articles lol, that’s how engaging he made it.

      • Exactly! that scene was the most memorable scene of W for me, I read many comments saying he showed his manly side in that drama. IMO his strong point is his emotional acting whether it is about anger, sadness or others.

  3. I honestly wish they’d given the female lead role to someone who can actually act instead of repeatedly pushing someone who keeps showing time and again that she’s mediocre at best.

    LJS brings in plenty of PPL money on his own, a talented rookie like Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam or Rebel’s Chae Soo Bin would have been nice to see with him (and they rock the short hair too).

  4. I’ve never seen a Suzy drama. But Lee Jong Suk, this man, does know how to act. He puts me on a roller coaster with his characters.
    LJS + writer= wonderful drama.

  5. Suzy’s a great actress I know she did her best in Uncontrollably Fond.She does know how to act it’s just that people are just always good at seeing bad things about her.I hope this time too Suzy will become even more of a cool actress just like in Dream High. 🙂 I’m a Shadow fan of Yours Suzy so GOODLUCK! and someone who will always support you!

  6. I think Uncontrollably Fond was quite good. In fact its one of the dramas I could fin. I think the airing time was very unfortunate. It was more of a Jan to Mar Drama! (I watched it Feb this year, it was perfect) hope this one wont have the same issue. The mood is so important!! When I think about Sept to Nov Dramas, Nice Guy for example comes to my mind. It went so well with that airing time.

  7. Are they really done shooting? Last week there were like, three separate articles that came out that gave wildly differing estimates on when they would finish (that week! The next week! Sometime next month!) And one of them said they were only in episode 12/16. (There is no reason they have to film in order, but it sounded like they were in various articles?) Anyway, I know they’ve been working hard, and hopefully it went well and they are done with that part.

    Looking forward very much to another Park Hye Ryun drama, and LJS is my favorite actor who really sucks the viewers deep into his characters and nails the emotions. Given the promise of both of those elements, I really hope the rest of it measures up.

  8. Looking forward to watching this drama, i need LJS dose asap, its like forever now. whether suzy can act or not does not matter.

  9. Actually, I don’t think they’re done at all. People were posting pictures today of them still filming. I think they have a while to go yet.

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