Cha Seung Won Returns in December 2017 with Fantasy Rom-com Hwayugi Penned by Hong Sisters

The uber smexy and supremely talented K-actor Cha Seung Won is coming back with a K-drama this year, let’s all rejoice even if it doesn’t arrive until December. Better late than never and his involvement bodes well for the upcoming tvN rom-com that will come from the script writing collaboration of the Hong Sisters. Cha Seung Won revealed last month during his fan meeting that he would be doing a romantic K-drama towards the end of 2017, and I should have put two-and-two together that he may be reuniting with the Hong Sisters for this project after he hit major daebak with Best Love (The Greatest Love) back in 2011. His two drama since then with You’re All Surrounded and Hwajung (Splendid Politics) were duds so it’s with high hopes that this new drama called Hwayugi, a pun on Seoyugi which is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese novel classic Journey to the West (Xi You Ji). Apparently Cha Seung Won will be playing the Bull Demon King (牛魔王 Niu Muo Wang) and I’m so intrigued I don’t even know what to think.

The classic Chinese novel Journey to the West can and has been utilized as the inspiration for fantastic new tales, a well known such take being Japanese shoujo manga Dragon Ball utilizing many characters but taking everything in unique and original directions. I can see the Hong Sisters have a blast with this much like they did with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so please cast a fantastic female lead for Cha Seung Won to make this totally worth my while.


Cha Seung Won Returns in December 2017 with Fantasy Rom-com Hwayugi Penned by Hong Sisters — 36 Comments

  1. Please God of Dramas , i would like him to be paired with YEH. But i have the feeling that it might be Seo Hyun JIn whom i like too, but it has been so long since YEH last drama. I heard that Han Ji Min may be in the drama with JJS, Ha JI Won , Jung YUMi,…are already casted , so can i dream a little…

  2. Just went to sina entertainment news and as expected, the comment section is full of xenophobic c-netz going on about how Korea is stealing China’s legends and culture, asking if they had paid for the copyright fees etc. *roll eyes*

    I can’t imagine Cha Seung Won as the Bull Demon King when he’s so charming though, will he be getting a nose ring? XD I hope he gets a good female lead this time.

  3. Please…. no rookie actress that can be pass off as his Daughter. It has to be in the league of GHJ. Better yet, reunite them coz they are awesome in rom coms.

  4. Watch him be paired with an idol actress who can “act” lmao (aka who is just an ok actress). I wish him luck though, Hong Sisters can really be hit or miss and he hasn’t been able to be part of a quality or hit kdrama in quite a long time.

  5. Hong sisters! I hope they got their groove back, their most recent projects Big and Warm & Cozy were not good.
    And please cast a good actress (and age appropriate)

  6. I’d say yes for CSW returning to K dramaland but not really sure about Hong Sisters with 2 of their latest project were flopped. I hope they redeem themselves by creating another hit. CSW deserves this.

  7. I know people say Jun Ji Hyun needs to step away from rom com dramas(not movies) to revamp her image but she hasnt done many dramas only four.two dramas were like in the 90s and the other two were with actors younger than would be interesting to see how she acts with an older actor.hopefully she would change her acting style a bit so she doesn’t remind us of cheon so yi.

    Shin Min Ah is alright too and not too young.People say she is an ok actress but she knows how to create chemistry with her Co stars and I think her acting can be elevated with an excellent actor like CSW.

    Kim Ha Neul,Kim Hyun Joo, Honey Lee(she got good reviews for rebel) those are the ones I can think of for now anyways ahjussi, Fighting!

    • Yoo Eun Hye.YEH situation is quite sad.I consider her a good actress not excellent but good.she is good in rom coms and always has chemistry with all the male leads she works with.She is an excellent kisser too?.

      I think if she still has the passion for acting,there is still space for her in the industry.She just needs to either attach herself to an actor that is very well-liked in Korea.That even though they hate her, they won’t resist to watch the drama or even movie because of the actor.Like how this worked for Song Hye Kyo and Kim Go Eun although for these two it’s thanks to writer Kim Eun Sook(haha I hate her works but she got midas touch).Actors like Gong Yoo, Song Joong Ki, Ji Sung,Nam Goong Min, So Ji Sub.I don’t know if they would work but maybe Park Bo Gum(though he is younger than her) and she should act to the best of her ability and she can work again comfortable as lead female in Korea prime time TV.

      Or for the sake of her fans, who have been waiting for so long, I’m sure they would be happy to see her in anything related to acting.She can work in weekend drama or supporting role for one drama or two on prime time TV like how Lee Dong Wook did.Slowly win back the public affection with her acting skills.

      Yes she is hallyu star but it’s been four years already since her last drama and it wasn’t a hit.She will have to sacrifice a bit but it will be worth it in the long term.Its sad to see talent wasted when her mistake was not a crime and we have criminals still parading around in the K industry and they are doing fine.Fighting YEH-ssi

      • Her case is a good reminder why PR is important. The whole situation could’ve been different if her company handled things professionally and didn’t say ‘please don’t use Yoon Eun Hye name to promote the collection’. It left such a bad impression that knetz still hating her to this day. Btw I want to see her in a sageuk lol

      • @RubyRed actually YEH won’t be mind if she’s just got supporting role, the important thing is that the character/role will challenge her. This is what she said on one of her interview. My most concern is if she’s still interested in acting since she’s so preocuppied with another things.

        Moreover, YEH is lucky that two of her dramas, “Goong” and “Coffee Prince”, are becoming classic ones. Even the latter is acknowledged as a benchmark for gender-bender drama. It’s rare for an actress to get that honor. Not even for nowadays popular actors/actresses. Few other actresses which I know got this honor too are Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo (for drama) and Jun Ji Hyun (for movie, My Sassy Girl). So despite long hiatus YEH will always be remembered by the avid K drama viewers. For that reason alone I won’t be worried that she’s run out of offer despite not acting for a long time.
        Also don’t forget, she could be hated in Korea (but it can change if her new project got good response) but she still has many international followers.

  8. @Lal you are not wrong at all and I agree YEH did well in Goong and Coffee Prince and yes I do think she still gets offers.I might be wrong but I still think she is eyeing for first lead roles rather than second lead ones after all she is known for being in first lead.I don’t blame her.She has every right to do so. Or maybe you are right, maybe acting is not her first priority now as she is preoccupied with other things.

    But if she is/was interested in challenging second roles like she said in her interviews.She could audition or even offer herself to the connections she made in her past dramas with the writers,directors and actors and ask to be cast as villain or second lead.They are plenty of those in Kdrama not all female second leads are the mushroom haircut, extremely evil jealous types, or the ones with one-sided love stories pinning for the lead.

    She can even steal the show from the main leads if she puts in her everything.See how this has worked for Nam Goong Min in Remember, Song Yoon Ah In K2,Kim Ji Won in DOTS.She can even go to cable like OCN,TVN JtBC where they are more interesting roles and less netizen drama, whether as first or second lead.All her dramas so far have been with the public broadcasters(SBS,MBC,KBS).

    Heck TVN has many many variety shows too she could star in, just to flex her muscles while she waits for a juicy offer to come through.Also about the viewers, here is the problem.The majority of the “Kdrama “avid viewers” as you say,that would “readily” tune in to her drama if she is the main starpower and her fans “NOW” are the international ones.

    So for her to regain her status as the number one go to actress for rom com in Korea, she needs to be in a drama with a male lead with higher star power than her who has public recognition both as a trending hallyu star and strong public Domestic(Korean) love too.

    By domestic love I mean this;they can have scandal after scandal(usually it’s netizens who make alot of noise when they no nothing) even more “morally” or even potentially legally serious than hers and still bounce back like for example:GDragon and IU netizens talk and talk shit about them but when these two put out an album..everyone and their mothers will go and buy it.

    Or like Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo they had long hiatus and after scandal too.but when they starred in the drama even when they have more star power than their main lead.The Korean public still tuned in and watched.YEH hasn’t reached that level of public recognition in her home country that goes above and beyond the hater netizens otherwise her movie with Park Shi Hoo would have been released by now since she has more star power than him.But there is still hope for her as long as she still wants to have a long career as actress.the doors are open for her if she tries hard enough.

    • GD and IU are in different field… you cannot compare a singer to an actress. They both sing well and have great musical talents. My mom does not listen to them, but all my friends do. I am not saying YEH have no talents, but being an actress with no new dramas, none of the young audience knows her to be honest. One cannot hang on the past for too long… just saying…

  9. I read all the comments of Yeh, and even she’s my fav i must say that i can understand some of you. But one can’t say he is a drama fan if he has never Watch “Coffee prince” or ” Goong”. The Young audience should know her as they’re gaga over Goblin and Gong Yoo, Coffee prince is part of his filmo. My concern is that she seems to put her passion in her religion lately and as a long time aficionado of her acting it saddens me, that’s all.

    • I can sense she’s taking Sunye’s path (ex-Wonder Girls) who took hiatus from showbiz to become a missionary…but if makes them happy, we can only support, right?

      • It’s too soon to say that YEH will going Sunye’s path. She’s maybe into her religion lately but I think she’s also busy with her other business (managing cafes & her management co.) sans acting project. Let just say she’s happier working off-screen for the time being.

      • @bae it’s too soon to say that YEH will going Sunye’s path. She’s maybe into her religion lately but I think she’s also busy with her other business (managing cafes & her management co.) sans acting project. Let just say she’s happier working off-screen for the time being.

  10. And in acting range she has nothing to be ashamed of. Song Hye Kyo, ParK shin Hye , Seo Hyun JIn, … are no better than her. Agree or disagree i don’t mind.

    • Even if she’s my fav, i’m not blind too see that actresses like Gong HYo Jin or Im Soo Jung are better than her. I’m not blind like some fans of other actresses!!!

  11. i would say this drama would turn daebak after the latest drama of Hong sisters. It was dissapointed enough to see it but i hope it would turn daebak. After the loss of Big, the greatest Master’s Sun and the biggest dissapointment of Warm and Cozy, this drama would turn into a daebak one.

  12. omg I reaaally want a reunion with Kim Sun Ah!! But since she’s doing a drama for this year already I doubt she might be a contender for the female role..

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