Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Try to Conjure Romance Surrounded by Filming Cast in While You Were Sleeping

Whenever I see fan snapped pictures of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy filming fall 2017 K-drama While You Were Sleeping I get throwback vibes to Heirs. I doubt this drama will be as buzzy as that 2013 hit but the pre-production trajectory has been the same vibe to follow, with fans catching the leads filming in outdoor locales and the pictures shared online to drum up interest. There were two big beach scenes in Heirs, one with Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho in California, and towards the end of the drama she had a scene with Kim Woo Bin back in Korea. Beach scenes in a romance drama are always intended to whip up the mood for love but it’s hard to do that when the camera pulls back and we see the lovebirds surrounded by cast and crew hovering with umbrellas, boom mics, and light boards. I certainly hope Suzy and Lee Jong Seok bring the onscreen magic when this scene finally airs with all the proper editing.


Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Try to Conjure Romance Surrounded by Filming Cast in While You Were Sleeping — 13 Comments

  1. There was a beach scene in Fight My Way too recently. I like beach scenes but I stll can’t feel any chemistry or excitement about this drama. Could be that I’m not the biggest fan of either of them. I’ll still tune into this because I trust Park Hye Ryun (who is better than Kim Eun Suk sorry not sorry) and because Suzy is lovable on screen, unlike Ducksuk

  2. Suzy is a waste of screen space and lines in dramas.

    but I suppose JYP must be hoping that Park Hae Ryun can repeat the Dream High magic and cover for her total lack of acting ability where even Lee Kyung Hee couldn’t do it.

  3. I believe based on the photos above, they were filming a kissing scene. I hope it would be as good as W. W jail kissing scene is one of the best k drama kissing I have seen. If they were able to emulate half of the quality I’m good. Looking forward to the drama.

    • Hm, I doubt it will be like W. There was simply unusual chemistry between those two.

      However, Lee Jong Suk is a fantastic actor, and the scriptwriter is strong, so it should still turn out well.

  4. Even in W, Lee Jong Suk didnt have chemistry with Han Hyo Joo like he had with PSH (Pinocchio) and LBY(I hear your voice).

    • If Jong Suk got that wonderful chemistry these three times, why not a fourth?….
      I feel that Lee Jong Suk is adorable.
      Han Hyo Joo only has words of praise for Jong Suk. She said that he is a kind person, good manners, and knows how to take good care of his co-star.
      Even in an interview in Hong Kong when asked if Lee Jong Suk is his ideal type, without hesitation, she said yes.

  5. I think he can certainly conjure chemistry with just about anyone, and he’s kind to his costars. I guess the one thing that bugs me, though, is sort of an attitude that it’s ALL due to the guy, and that actresses are basically faceless, interchangeable fence posts. The chemistry in W was palpable because of the strengths of the individual actors–BOTH of them. His chemistry with all of his costars has been individual and different–because he’s with different actresses who each bring their own elements to the mix. (Personally, I found his chemistry with Han Hyo Joo to be the best by far–well outside anything I have seen before.) I’m sure he’ll pull it off with Suzy because he’s an excellent actor. But to think it’s just going to be the same every time, and that the girl involved doesn’t matter–no. She has a role, too.

      But i think a society as conservative as Korea, it is important that the male character to convey tranquility and security so that his co-star feels comfortable and safe to express his feeling,so that his chemistry feels natural.
      And i think it’s in that sense that Lee Jong Suk has all the credits. Jong Suk seems to have that the ability and tenderness to deal with her cast partners

      • It’s true that he does put his costars at ease, and I’m sure that helps. When you see all of the cameras and ALLLLLL of the people in the room when a kissing scene is going on, all ready to peer at you and critique you on what is supposed to be a natural and intimate moment–well, you need all of the tranquility and security you can get, I’d say!

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