Suzy Goes Back to Short Hair for Clalen CF Featuring Suzy Gray Colored Lenses

Trying to figure out if idol-actress Suzy has short or long hair in real life currently is taking on a sleuthing mind of its own. First it looked like she cut it off way short for her role in SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, then she was seen in CFs and at events with her usual long lustrous locks waving around prettily. Either or is a wig and whichever one it is looks incredibly real, and she manages to wear both styles effortlessly and I’m way envious. I recently got an awful haircut which was super traumatic since it wasn’t what I wanted and I probably have nothing really bad in life to complain about so a bad haircut rose to the top of the my life sucks list lol. But the anecdote is to compliment Suzy for toddling between long goddess locks and short choppy boy cut and looking good either way, the latter as seen in this latest Clalen colored contact lens CF featuring a color called Suzy Gray. Too bad the CF is in black and white so I can’t see what Suzy Gray looks like unless that’s the color of the backdrop in which case I’ll pass.


Suzy Goes Back to Short Hair for Clalen CF Featuring Suzy Gray Colored Lenses — 32 Comments

  1. I prefer her in short hair too, she looks more adult like. And she kinda looks like the bigger eye version of Kim Go Eun. Well, she uses circle lenses most of the time to have that bigger eye effect. Only if her acting skills were even quarter of that of Kim Go Eun’s… Her role in Architecture 101 and the success of Gu Family Book (which was essentially because of Lee Seung Gi) opened her doors into everywhere and she is still living off of that popularity. Never mind if her acting skills got exposed.
    Anyway, I’d rather watch her on my screen than her While You Were Sleeping co-star. The writer is great and PD is a newbie (fortunate for him that he worked with Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye first time as a main PD, because he got a hit under his belt). But her unmanly co-star, who is mediocre at acting but gets elevated on a pedestal, might just produce another hit because this writer is trustworthy and Suzy’s popularity and of course his own popularity draw in viewers…

    • I read last time you said, while you were sleeping is gonna be a snore-fest lmao! now u said it might be another hit.. smh

      • @anon It’s gonna be a snoozefest but a popular snoozefest. In spite of my dislike for ljs, him and Park Hye Ryun combo has been successful and Suzy’s last drama, which was a ratings disappointment but still had over 10% ratings at least in the beginning and her ongoing popularity might guarantee a ratings winner in its time slot. And @~medontcare, I’m pouring this much salt because other people’s salt and tears are my nutrients 😉

      • please explain popular snore-fest, i feel like 8 year old. If it is popular, the drama should be good how it will become a snorefest

      • @anon come on! You know those shows that receive >12% ratings but are boring as hell /or/ have lackluster acting but the actor’s starpower draws in viewers.

    • Staying healthy, take care of your throat, please.
      I`m afraid if you drown with your saliva, you will not be able to resist it.
      you have so much poison in your words, I do not know if there is remedy for that.
      It is healthier if you live happily and let others live happily as well.
      Do not be confused please. You may have a different approach from others.
      But different criteria and hatreds are two different things.
      I sincerely wish you a good day.

  2. She’s pretty and her facial expression looks the same. She remibds me Han Ga In. I prefer pretty girl that still challenge themseves to look ‘bad’ and still looks gorgeous no matter what like Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hae Kyo.

  3. Suzy has a cute and pretty face but her head is disproportionately large compared to her body. She looks way better in long hair as it kind of makes her face/head look smaller. Short hair makes her look like a lollipop. As for her acting…no comment.

  4. Haters so salty. We all have the same 24hours in day yet the difference between you and Suzy is that she doesn’t know of your existence and you are busy criticizing her on blogs.

    • So should we worship her, ’cause that’s wasting time too. And critics (some of them are even reputable and paid high salary) must be wasting their time too. Sheesh we’re not allowed to have opinions anymore apparently. Why don’t you continue watching Disney Aladdin instead of making unintelligible anecdotes 🙂

      • WHich critics are that? I am talking about the ones on this blog. but if you got big reputable names criticizing her beauty and poses then please name them.

      • You responded to my comment first which mean that you were obviously the one that missed my point no? Lol

  5. Just my 2 cents… celebrities like Suzy’s livelihood is for people to notice them and know that they exist, otherwise they will not be making the big bucks…fans as well as their “haters ” so to speak contribute to this popularity. Expressing what I think about this topic does not mean hate…it just an expression of what I felt at that moment when I read or seen an article. And ms. koala’s forum gives each and everyone of us that opportunity.

    • Her lively hood is to make money selling products. If you don’t like the product then don’t buy or don’t watch. No one is talking about you specifically but the comments that give inaccurate criticism or say things that are unnecessary mean.
      People who hide behind their username because we all know if their real names and photos were displayed they wouldn’t be posting their ugly comments on here.

  6. Even if she thins herself to wafer thin, her face is still big, also her nose. I agree with one comment, she looks like Kim Go Eun, but bigger eyes maybe she did double eyelid surg.

    • She has a big face, big nose and buck teeth. The only thing I like about her face is her wide set eyes. Her features do come together quite nicely but only in close up stills when her massive head is not sitting on her narrow shoulders and body. Her short hairdo is quite similar to Kim Go Eun’s… but their acting are miles apart. Just my honest opinion. No hate.

    • Nope, her nose is neat and fits her face. I think she got it pinched because it used to be more bulbous in her pre-debut days, but then again, it could be puberty too. Her head, however, is big. She really resembles Kim Go Eun, only I find KGE prettier (especially in CITT). Too bad that Suzy’s acting isn’t remotely as good as KGE’s. Suzy will never be able to pull a performance like KGE in A Coinlocker Girl and hold her own in front of big name sunbae actors.

  7. it just me? But why is a colored contact lens advert done in black and white? How we supposed to tell how they look?

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