Taecyeon Quietly Enlists for Military Service as His OCN Drama Save Me Does Well in Ratings

The 2017 trend of Korean male actors enlisting around a new drama continues as JYP Entertainment announced in Monday September 4th that Taecyeon had quietly enlisted for his mandatory military service today. His cable network OCN dark drama Save Me premiered in early August and is slightly more than midway through airing, and is doing quite well as ratings have gone up consistently from the premiere of 1.059% to breaking 3.028% in the most recent episode 10. His enlistment follows on the trend of Joo Won leaving before My Sassy Girl aired and Im Shi Wan right before A King Loves, but neither of those two dramas did well and served as a memorable farewell whereas by all accounts Save Me is really gripping and Taecyeon giving a solid performance. I’m miss this big-eared giant man boy for the next 21 months as he serves as an active soldier, stay healthy and safe and come back even better than before as an actor!


Taecyeon Quietly Enlists for Military Service as His OCN Drama Save Me Does Well in Ratings — 7 Comments

  1. Great guy, love how he really meant it when he said he will enlist quietly.

    Male celebs could take a leaf from him.

    Stay safe, serve well and see you back in two years.

    God bless!

  2. Although his acting isn’t that great, I like his personality and looks a lot. I used to be a 2PM fan and I loved him since then. lately I’ve been watching ‘Save Me’ and it’s a good drama. He is so manly and exemplar too. Some male celebs could take a note from him on how to be dependable and manly man.

  3. Didn’t he have some surgery previously? And now going into active military?

    I wish him the best during these two years and come back stronger and better.

    • Ok Taecyeon officially got his permanent residence in USA (green card) cancelled, and he received surgery to remove metal pins from his upper arm (which were attached after serious injury) and he got his disk corrected with surgery. He had poor vision too so air force and certain positions in maritime force are not options for him, but he was cleared for active duty after he got his injured upper arm treated.

  4. He is the best (always my bias ?)! I am also watching Save Me, a very interesting drama with good production. I really like his character in this drama, he is slowly improving in his acting ??

  5. The real breakout star from Save Me everyone is talking about is a certain Woo Do Hwan, who no one even knew before this but is now booking lead roles.

    Taecyen may be a nice person but too bad that willing active army service doesn’t indicate any acting talent, it’s no surprise that some lesser-known actor ends up becoming the bigger hot topic from shows where he is the lead lol. First in Dream High (Kim Soo Hyun) and now in this drama.

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