Yoo Seung Ho Offered Male Lead in Two MBC Dramas I Am Not a Robot and I Am Love

The in demand status of K-actor Yoo Seung Ho continues forward after a successful sageuk outing earlier this year with Ruler: Master of the Mask. He’s confirmed to be considering two different drama offers right now, and with the airing schedule he could conceivably do both, or neither. I’m a bit leaning towards door number three, the keep looking m’boy option, rather than door one with a rom-com that may have a female lead I’m lackluster towards or door two with a melo that sounds so throwback dramatically weepy.

Yoo Seung Ho is considering the lead role in MBC drama I Am Not a Robot, taking over the Wed-Thurs slot after Hospital Ship. Also in talks is Chae Soo Bin for the female lead and she’s really on the upswing starring in the currently airing Strongest Deliveryman and earlier this year with Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People. Robot is about a chaebol who lives in seclusion because he’s allergic to other humans and finds himself falling in love with a robot. A twist on Zettai Kareshi for sure.

The other drama Yoo Seung Ho has been offered is another MBC drama slated for 2018 called I Am Love. He will play a Korean boy adopted to the US but then discarded by his adopted family, with immense artistic talent who ends up painting forgeries to make a living. He’s deported from the US after a drug trafficking bust and goes to Jeju to become a monastery priest while still painting forgeries. The story will be about his healing and redemption through falling in love with a woman he meets there.


Yoo Seung Ho Offered Male Lead in Two MBC Dramas I Am Not a Robot and I Am Love — 20 Comments

  1. I’m also not liking the sound of any of those dramas….. Chae Soo Bin is getting more popular but I still find her lukewarm as a lead.

    • Is she even popular in the true sense of the word? I know she’s everywhere but I don’t feel she’s popular. She’s a good actress but not great. I’m just a lil bored of her right now. Three dramas is too much.

  2. He should stay away from dramaland for a while and do a movie instead. These roles are just horrible. And MBC is a channel he should definitely avoid.

  3. I love this actor… but I never love his works.

    Why is he so bad at picking projects?! I always give his projects a chance, going in with an open mind and positive attitude… but always come out disappointed!

  4. Damn I miss him on my screen and I wanna watch him but I’m not feeling the two drama either. However if he does end picking it, I’ll watch it just for my viewing pleasure of him… gorgeous and good acting…

  5. Why can’t he ever be cast to actually good projects? And entertaining? He is great in melos, but couple of rom-coms wouldn’t do him bad. In fact, I’m convinced that he’d gain so much with starring in a light rom-com

  6. I haven’t been a fan of his last several projects, but he must be a combo of lucky, good and popular because they have performed well in Korea.

    • I think the same as you @Kat. Hope that he’ll pass on thèses projects. I like him and want to see him in a futur “legendary” drama ! I had to pass on his recent works . Such a waste!

  7. I love YSH but he picks such boring projects. He should pass both because of these projects. I’m still not sold on Chae Soo Bin as a lead. She acts pretty well among the rookie actresses category but still lacks a little something.

  8. Dramas and their viewership are not what they used to be so he needs to be way more discerning with the dramas he picks. I would not be surprised if he mostly sticks to movies for awhile.

  9. Stay away from young girls coz they cant do proper romance and stay away from older actresses becoz Yoo Seung Ho looks like lil brother to them. Hoping for mega hit for him.

  10. We may not like all of his latest tv shows, though we end up liking him more, but he’s young. He can afford to explore a variety of roles. He made a smart move on his military obligation. He got in when he was too young for lead in romantic roles.

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