Park Se Young Replaces Han Chae Ah for MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower Opposite Jang Hyuk

I’m a tad surprised to hear of another leading lady casting carousel situation particular for a drama that sounds primed to do solid ratings and get plenty of exposure. Han Chae Ah has turned down the leading lady role in MBC drama Money Flower and stepping in as the confirmed female lead is Park Se Young. Apparently she received the script earlier as well and passed, and after reviewing it again ended up saying yes. I would give a kidney to act opposite leading man Jang Hyuk but then again having a good script matters so maybe Money Flower was less compelling for the ladies in the way the role was written. I’m happy the leads are set and Park Se Young is as good as any to hanker down for a weekend long run. Money Flower is set to premiere the first week of November taking over for Bad Thief, Good Thief

Joining Jang Hyuk and Park Se Young in Money Flower will be esteemed veteran actor Lee Soon Jae, we can’t have a weekend drama without one of the K-ent stalwarts in the line up playing the requisite elder role. Writing the script is Lee Myung Hee of Air City with the PD of I Summon You, Gold! and A Man Called God.


Park Se Young Replaces Han Chae Ah for MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower Opposite Jang Hyuk — 14 Comments

  1. This drama is only 24 episodes long as it’s weekend special drama and one of the PD is Kim Hee Won of Fated to Love You!
    But why did Han Chae Ah rejected the offer considering she gladly accepted it at first place. Maybe she had some personal issue to deal with after accepting the offer.
    Intresting thing is Lee Da Hae, Han Chae Ah and Park Se Young all of them are past leading ladies of JH and he is also friendly with all of them.

    • I read that another project’s timeline changed and so she ended up with basically a scheduling conflict. Whether it’s true or not, I have no idea.

    • Anything overshined LMH and KHS in Faith. The only thing worth watching in that drama was the king and queen’s love story

  2. Miss Koala (or anyone else!) can I please get a source/link for the first pic of Jang Hyuk you posted where he is sitting down? He just looks so handsome in that pic, wow. My heart actually skipped a beat when I first saw it! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. So.. this is a BM reunion.. JH is overactor himself but I guess I accept it as his acting style. Han Chae Ah is the better actress here. I find PSY quite underwhelming, especially for a lead role.. but at least they are giving her a chance now. When you can’t afford two top stars, then take at least one top star and give that female role to a actress of lower fee..

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