Lee Jong Seok Tops September 2017 CF Rankings Followed by Gong Yoo and Lee Je Hoon

September officially wrapped up yesterday and it’s undoubtedly a good month for K-actor Lee Jong Seok. His new SBS drama While You Were Sleeping debuted to high single digit ratings, not ideal but also not terrible in the current drama ratings landscape, but the positive critical and audience reception bodes well for the drama as it heads into a 7 week run. What’s surprising is how well he’s doing on the movie side as the Korean advertising association released its September top movie actor/actress CF rankings and Lee Jong Seok came in first, toppling CF king Gong Yoo now in second place, with Lee Je Hoon rounding out third. He’s also able to promote freely now since While You Were Sleeping was fully pre-produced so last week he jetted to Paris for the fashion shows and shared stylish pics with fans. Congrats to Lee Jong Seok for yet another winning drama selection and also a well received turn as a movie villain in summer thriller V.I.P. The full top 25 CF rankings are below.

  1. Lee Jong Seok
  2. Gong Yoo
  3. Lee Je Hoon
  4. Kim Nam Gil
  5. Ryu Jun Yeol
  6. Song Joong Ki
  7. Kim Soo Hyun
  8. Seol Kyung Gyu
  9. Lee Byung Hun
  10. Kim Joo Hyuk
  11. Go Soo
  12. Park Seo Joon
  13. Jeon Ji Hyun
  14. Jo Jin Woong
  15. Na Moon Hee
  16. Han Hyo Joo
  17. Jung Woo
  18. Im Shi Wan
  19. Choi Min Shik
  20. Lee Jung Hyun
  21. Kim Yoon Seok
  22. Kang Na Neul
  23. Yeo Jin Goo
  24. Park Hae Il
  25. Lee Kyung Ryung


Lee Jong Seok Tops September 2017 CF Rankings Followed by Gong Yoo and Lee Je Hoon — 37 Comments

  1. I’m more curious about his villain acting, Kim Myung Min alongside the other cast many many times praised his acting in various occasions, KMM even said he got goosebumps many times while watching him, it was good if he could do a villain role in a drama too.

    • Yay for Kim Nam Gil ❤️❤️❤️
      He is a true gem yet so underrated. If you compared him with the Top 3 actors above him, he is wayyyyyy more versatile, tackling various genres instead of just playing the typical *cough* prince charming (except Lee Je Hoon who came off slightly OTT with his acting). I hope to see him more in dramaland though I feel it will take years for his return. LUTYN is pure ❤️❤️❤️.

    • And then here was me thinking that this was a list of male stars until I spotted JJH and HHJ. Male stars always win a bit more in everything, unfortunately…

    • I think JJH had an indie movie that came out about 2 months back. Can’t remember the name and I don’t think it was promoted much. HHJ also hasn’t had any movies recently. She’s filmed a few but none have released so it’s really and achievement for both of them. Still, can’t believe how low the actresses are placed in this list.

      • I don’t think so, never heard she had an Indie movie 2 months ago. As far as I know, JJH last movie was Assassination(2015) that was 2 years ago.

      • JJH in an indie movie? That’s not even plausible. She does only big production blockbusters. She isn’t artistic for the sake of art nor is she desperate for acting gigs in indie productions

  2. I don’t think VIP is well received because it was criticized by Knetz and it reach 1M slowly despite having many star actors.

    • Actually I read the story was in a misogyny controversy so the director was blamed for his concept especially from female audiences, but leads’ acting especially KMM & LJS were well received.

    • Actually I read the story was in a misogyny controversy so the director was blamed for his concept and somehow it got boycott especially by female audiences, but leads’ acting especially KMM & LJS were well received.

    • What was in controversy was the director’s performance for some scenes. But the performance of LJS was praised there. Reached 1 M within 6 days of being released

  3. The fans of the winner of this list are actually mad. I just saw on another website how some oppar fangirl was lamenting that her dearest LJS is ‘always’ paired with bad actresses. How she skips those dramas because of those actresses but how her oppar is phenomenal, and how that blogger and bloggers idiot followers actually agreed with that fangirl! What a great joke to say that LJS’s acting is phenomenal and then go on saying that his leading ladies in Pinocchio, W and WYWS are terrible. First of all, those dramas without the female characters would have been pretty shitty. Second, how idiotic it is to even suggest that that mediocrity is phenomenal compared to HHJ or PSH. Even Suzy’s acting is much better in WYWS than Lee ddoochi’s. That blogger didn’t even publish my opinion so it further strengthened my opinion about that plastic nosed unmanly mediocrity overrated Lee ddochi. End of rant.

      • What is strange for me is that he/she has blamed his fans many times on this blog but they don’t offend or even most of the time reply to her, of course usually there may some stupid fans in every fandom but generalizing it is somehow disappointing IMO.

    • Maybe you need a different source to read about LJS? Everywhere I have read about him, people are overwhelmingly positive about his costars. (Perhaps with the exception of this site–I have seen them dissesd here in the past.) Most fans I know (and I am one) really love the actresses he has worked with.

      I do agree with you that no one can work in a vacuum, and he’s certainly been paired with some excellent actresses (in particular HHJ and also LBY, in my opinion). And I do think that the entire industry simply doesn’t give enough credit to actresses, something I find frustrating.

      It’s not an either-or thing, though. It’s not that we have to make LJS look bad so that we can make the actresses look good. They’re strong enough on their own. They can BOTH be good, each on their own terms–Lee Jong Suk and also the actresses he works with.

      • Yeah.. maybe tumblr isn’t a good place to hang out. Netizenbuzz, dramabeans and twitter aren’t any better either. Some fans like you are good but I’ve seen mostly weird fans eversince Go Namsoon shot him into popularity. He is okay but not nearly as great as some rabid fangirls suggest. I mean, maybe HHJ wasn’t at her greatest in W but to call her a bad actress is a huge reach…

      • Prettyautumn, I have noticed that male hallyu stars have different sets of fan bases. There are shippers who prefer them with this or that actress (and therefore tend to really value his costars), and there are fans who think shipping is dumb and just follow the actor’s career (which leaves them either neutral or disinterested in a guy’s costars, depending on how important they think actresses are), and there are also (sorry, imo) completely delusional fans who ship the actor with themselves, which would automatically make them jealous and critical of any actress by default. I know that LJS really, really wants to be known as an ACTOR, and not just a pretty face or celebrity or whatever. Like, his nose is seriously the least of his concerns. His goal is to improve his weaknesses, ask for feedback from every professional and/or sunbae he works with (yes, including actresses he respects), do a masters program to improve, and take any challenge he can find to break the mold and be better. (Whatever my concerns are with the misogyny of VIP, he definitely went outside his comfort zone with that one…) It’s something I really respect about him, and one thing that made me an actual fan–he doesn’t have an ego about his acting. He just wants to get better.

        Sometimes, though, super obnoxious fans can make it hard to see an actor or actress in a good light. (There are a couple of people whose fans are so mean to others that I have to consciously work to not let it color my opinion of them.)

      • @GLR, Thank you for your insight. I don’t closely follow LJS, but his work ethics seem good and he seems self aware. I’m happy to know that he respects his co-workers and sunbaes. LBY and IHYV is one of my favorites so I can’t say that LJS is bad, he is definitely better actor than some other new comers like Nam Joo Hyuk (no offense to his fans) or the older ones like Lee Min Ho (no offense again) but those delulu fans seriously make me mad.
        There are couple of other actors aside from LJS who have some terrible fans (like Park Bo Gum and Lee Min Ho) that make me annoyed and I can’t help but let these delulus know their place. Sorry, just this morning I saw someone calling HHJ terrible actress and that LJS is much better and deserves to be paired with better..

      • here again is this pea brainer prettyautumn hater of LJS. if he/she cant defend his postion of hate to LJS, he will drag other actors name like Park Bo Gum, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Min Ho. those actors are even way beyond naturally handsome than LJS. dude, make up your mind, do you hate all Korean actors, just focus your hate on LJS okey, this is his article anyway lmao.

      • @Himalayas does it really suggest that @prettyautumn hates LJS? @GLR perfectly explained that LJS is an actor who wants to be known and respected as a good actor. He works hard to get it. He has no ego and cares for others. So why hate LJS? Just because you do not want @prettyautumn to pitch your hatred against others?
        I’m sorry, but it does not make sense what you say. Is not it better to suggest not hating anyone?
        LJS is a great actor and a better person yet. He does not deserve such hatred. And Just as I do not want anyone to hate LJS, I do not want them to hate other actors either.

    • When people insult HHJ I sorta feel like Hagrid and his “never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me” spiel. HHJ is an AMAZING actress. The most versatile actress I know of, who truly creates entirely different characters each time, all of whom feel like complete people. She’s another one who is ego free, doesn’t care about awards, and just wants to act. I have tremendous respect for her.

      • @prettyautumn, you seem to have forgotten Park Seo Joon’s film ‘Midnight Runners’ has done really well last month. Even better then your most loathed actor’s film. So rightly so, he has a higher ranking then JJH. I’d say she has done really well to maintain her name up there with no recent drama or movie.

      • @Abc, yeah you’re right. Park Seo Joon had that film with Kang Ha Neul and he also had Fight My Way. It didn’t have crazy high ratings but it was fairly popular in its time slot. But JJH’s last drama got high ratings although it didn’t meet all its expectations. Whereas Kim Soo Hyun didn’t have a drama in over 2 yrs and his come back to silver screen tanked yet he is higher on the lis than JJH. The power of fangirls is more advantageous to male actors it seems..

  4. wow he is doing pretty well
    I become a fan after watching him in 3 meals a day
    he looks so adorable there…so much different from his movie previous dramas characters.

  5. I’m not a big fan of LJS either… His face is perturbating sometimes and I don’t like his comedic acting. It’s why I don’t really like WYWS because of the comedic part. Any of them are good for that.

    I’m happy for Lee Je Hoon, I really like him as an actor !

  6. I’m impressed that Han Hyo Joo is on that list, as it’s been a year since she’s been seen on screen. (She is filming her second movie since W ended, so it’s not like she’s been inactive–but we just haven’t had a chance to see the results yet.) She’s done a TON of commercials/endorsements, though. Really love her as an actress and I’m looking forward to her upcoming work.

    • I also dont know where Koala got this list, I dont even see CF of those actors and actresses this month, maybe some of them but only few cfs. while in another site was that Soompi or AllKpop, it says, the Top CF most wanted models based on marketing specialist from several companies, Park Bo Gum and Seolhyun were chosen as Top, it even have data breakdown of 50 Korean stars. or maybe this is new data. oh well, they are not Koalas favorites so they are not welcome here.

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