Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki Deliver the Hit as tvN This Life is Our First Breaks 4% Ratings in Episode 10

I spent last weekend catching up on OCN fantasy thriller procedural Black and gushing all over it, but that’s like one amazing meal compared to the consistent afternoon snack that has been sustaining me for the last five weeks in tvN rom-com This Life is Our First (Because This is Our First Life). Last week’s episode 10 broke 4% ratings to hit 4.197%, a huge milestone for this low key cable drama that is succeeding in the now rare feat for a romance drama. For those who haven’t started, this is the best slice-of-life type K-drama take on romance I’ve seen in years, yes it’s loosely based on hit J-dorama We Married as a Job (Nigeru wa haji daga, yaku ni tatsu) but has adapted it uniquely for Korean issues and sensibilities. Leads Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki deserve all the accolades for this success, they are spot on in their performances and chemistry. I can’t wait for the final stretch to see how this strangers-to-marrieds-to-friends-to-lovers journey wraps up.


Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki Deliver the Hit as tvN This Life is Our First Breaks 4% Ratings in Episode 10 — 39 Comments

  1. Because of the preview for episode 11, I have restrained myself from watching the last two because I want the full meal. This show is good in its reality of romance and touches on issues as it relates to sexual harassment/discrimination in the work place, how does one value oneself as a person, perspectives on marriage and how one lives their life to name a few. I like all the characters of this show. My only issue with it is that I do not see the perpetrators being punished or fully confronted for said action its like somewhat brush aside. I wish they dealt with that.

    This is one show to me needs a 2nd season – because this is our first life. 2nd season can look at the 3 pairs now fully in a relationship and the challenges of that. How are the OTP going to be as a real married couple, what about her dream as a writer is she going to continue or go on her own by being a novelist, not just scripts – she could do one on her own life. When HR and WS get married is she/they going to find out the real deal, Ma and Su Ji dates – would she leave her toxic workplace by then and start on her own as a CEO. What would their relationship be like? The hope for a 2nd season open for possibilities which are a lot.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  2. I’m enjoying their onscreen chemistry also. I can’t believe there is only 6 episodes left and really hope the storyline can wrap up theirs love story nicely.

  3. I watched Revolutionary Love, While you were Sleeping and this Because It’s our First Life. I’m so delayed now with the first two. Only BIOFL has been steady it has been my Monday excitement .
    Truly truly a beautiful drama for me. No fantasy just real life.

    The lines ”
    I wish you are not going to have a daughter like me”
    is a gem!

  4. This drama has consumed my life. I desperately wait for Monday’s now and till then hear the OST on repeat.

    Preparing myself for massive withdrawal symptoms when it gets over. 😀

  5. the writing is so good… acting is perfect. All characters are well-thought out and nicely portrayed. Background stories make sense and there is no boring moments. A very refreshing drama which easily consumes an hour’s time with much satisfaction. Good Entertaining! I like Jung So Min, and I am surprised that I can tolerate LMK 🙂

    • LOL Lee Min Ki is one hell of a versatile actor man.I like Jung so Min but her acting range has a limit,good thing her character is really good here.But Nam Sae Hee, only few actors can pull off

    • Agree. And this drama is not even that low key or less hyped compared to LUTYN. The promo for this drama is everywhere on soompi and so many platforms but I saw close to none promos for LUTYN and yet still delivered outstanding ratings.

      Anyway, This Life Is Our First is still a cute drama and a heartwarming one too.

      • This is probably because Soompi and Viki are under the same ownership so Soompi will have more info on dramas on Viki. Viki unfortunately didn’t get LUTYN.

      • I’ve watched LUTYN as well and I must say that they’re of different genre.
        It’s fantasy versus real life. While LUTYN caters a great majority of audience (male,children and grandmas) BTLIOF’s audience, I believe is limited to women from teen-agers to ajummas. Hence, the difference in ratings.

        Performance wise, actors of BTLIOF, lead or supporting, are well received by critics.

  6. Best drama so far, this year! As I wait for the new episodes, already re-watching previous episodes… haven’t done that before. The opening sequence for Ep 9 where he held her hand until they were home, with the briefest of dialogues… brilliant!

  7. ever since Goblin, I haven’t found drama that makes me follow religiously without dropping it midway. But this, caught me from the very beginning and still satisfies my until now (which I hope to continue til the end). very realistic portrayal of all the characters, the comedy is done with justice (not cheap slapstick as many dramas do), and deep conversation and narration that make you think along when you watch it. I hope it’ll reach even higher rating, or even if it won’t, it’s still one my favorites so far.

  8. I’ve been looking for an awesome new drama to watch and boy this one hits all the right spots for me this is my favorite show that is airing right now.

    • Personally i am not a fan of failed divorced couple getting back together in dramaworld. I would consider watching Go Back Couple if the writer shows a realistic and different ending with the main leads parting ways in good terms and meeting other people.

      • The concept is nothing new, but Go Back COuple has some of best heartfelt scene and the writers give her/his heart to write the script. The actor really took an effort to elevated the drama and message they want to convey. The director is just brilliant. KBs is really has some of the best young director I think. Meanwhile, In BTIOFL. The premise is really good, but the director is just doesn’t cut it. Add to the fact of subpar performances from the actor who can’t elevate the script, Jung So Min is really-really bland at times and obviously limit, and Lee Min Ki is really waste here. THe director need to tone down some of overly unnecesary cute expression.

      • I agree with your analysis of Go Back Couple but not This Life. I think both are great dramas and excel in different ways.

        It’s really weird how some commenters on here like to come on posts appreciating a drama to put it down while praising another one. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why is it so tough to appreciate two different dramas sometimes?

      • I am surprised to come to defend for LMK, I think he is doing a good job in portraying a geeky character with such poise. Why do you think he is wasted? That’s how his character is written… I do not agree that JSM is bland because that’s how her character is written also. Of course, if you don’t feel for the drama, everything will become a bit blah to you…

  9. I really love this show. It adresses a lot of real questions but in a very subtil way. Like The Package, it’s not a drama with suspens, it’s very slow but it makes me asking myself a lot questions about your place in the society.

  10. This, Witch’s Court and Black are the only really good dramas on air right now. I still like WYWS because its an easy watch and the music is beautiful but can’t say I’m sad to see it end this week. But Because its My First Life, Witch’s Court and Black are just brilliant in terms of writing, direction and acting! Never a dull moment and BIMFL just tugs at the heart strings with even the most mundane moments! This drama deserves all the love it is getting!

  11. the drama is simple but to say it’s groundbreaking is a reach, it feels like a makjang version of nigeru when the last 4 ep is extremely underwhelming. Parents problem, past life, past love and I am probably cold cause I’ve been hurt.

    I still can’t get over how perfect the male lead supposedly presented like he has no flaw, he is quirky but isn’t he is an extreme saver and that’s not a goo hearttrhobbing or even an ideal way to live?

    I am waiting for some plot to question his life view but none come as in he already right per drama descriptions when he can’t even afford himself to buy a dessert for his collegeas at one time.

    • I agree this drama isn’t groundbreaking, but I do think it is refreshing. I also think it is trying to say something culturally just as the j-drama did. (The 30+ year old virgin thing in Japan is apparently a real thing and problematic re: plummeting birthrates.)

      I take the yolo guy versus the chocolate cake guy as two extremes perhaps going on in Korea. I actually liked the cake scene because I don’t like how people get volunteered to pay for food all the time. I know this is the norm where “going Dutch” is not necessarily done, but I thought the writer was kind of making a statement. Here’s a guy candid enough to say what many might want to say: I don’t have the $ for that and I’m not doing it. It’s his mortgage but for someone else it’s a college fund or a vacation fund.

      Or else I’m just reading way too much into it. Regardless it says something about how happy romance fans are to see something slightly out of the norm in what is becoming a very tired looking romance genre. The J-drama this is loosely based on was quite nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

      • I have problem with the drama presented an extreme behaviour as quirky as it harmless irl

        The yolo guy isn’t discussed much and just a plot device for romance no matter how intrusive and unbelievable his storty is. Also no discussions about his live view.

        The ducth pay is need to be talked , you can’t expect people to understand all of your ned because you don’t live just like them, is it so hard to say that se hee is wrong for his bluntness? He could’ve said it better but the drama act like rude is quirky and since it’s him, no need to question it when he supposedly get flak about it irl.

  12. I’m a big fan of Jung So Min. She’s such a great actress and deserves all the success. 3 back to back hits isn’t an easy feat. This drama is sooooooo good!

  13. It’s a refreshing change from the usual types of romance dramas and is Exhibit A for why you should hire good actors, they don’t even do anything overly romantic but Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki make these low-key characters so engaging to watch together. And I won’t even start on the supporting cast, especially Esom… there are no acting holes in this drama.

  14. Sone compared this drama to live up to ur name. I didnt finish lutyn. So, preference, cant judge.

    My current faves are my golden life, black and this one. Still following century boy and girls, wyws etc but sometimes they got me bored.

    I love my weekend thanks to black and golden life. And also monday tue. But nothing special on wed thur. Prefer variety shows such as lets eat dinner together or anything with YG family and wannaone lmao.

  15. I’m still quite behind but so far it’s such a wonderful gen of a drama. One of very few dramas I’ve watched this year that I don’t feel I have to force myself to watch.

  16. Because this is my first life.. This is the best drama I’ve ever seen this year so far 2017. This drama makes me realize how important marriage is. It has to be with love. Leeminki makes my heart beat fast. He portrays so well.. He’s a very good actor. How I wish he will nominated as a best actor this year. That get a daesang award winning for this drama coz its really worth it… They nailed it. Jungsomin is a great actress too.. This couple is a brilliant actors in the drama world. I hope and pray they will get an award for this… Coz they deserve it and I’m praying they will end up together for real and have a new drama again together this time…. This is my first life that I can’t forget the drama. That I can’t move on.

  17. No ordinary actor can pull off the character that LMK has portrayed in the show, unless you’re really LMK. I firmly disagree LMK is waste in the show. While most korean actors are giving viewers the ordinary-usual-commmon “tweetam” expressions just to bring flutters to the viewers. LMK did GENUINE facial expressions regardless of whether he would or wouldn’t look cute in front of the camera, yet lead stars still give me that flickers and heart thumping moments notwithstanding the fact that I’ve been repeating the episodes over and over. LMK really gave so much justice on the character so as her SJM and the rest of the supporting leads. MORE MOVIES for them! Kodus! & Cheers to a job exquisitely done!????

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