Lee Seung Gi in Fine Form for First Post-Military Pictorial for Star1

The first pictorial of any K-star returning from military service is always a combination of checking out if he’s gotten manlier and seeing how fast his buzz cut hair has grown in a few weeks. For Lee Seung Gi, it’s a resounding gorgeous on both counts for this Star1 pictorial, he’s really added an additional manly layer on top of his always boyish charm, and just two weeks out has given his too short hair just the right added length for that magazine ready muss. He’s in the thick of work already, diving into filming tvN fantasy K-drama Hwayugi opposite Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lee Hong Ki with a script by the Hong Sisters whom both male leads have successfully worked with in the past. He’s also prepping for a singing comeback in early 2018 and will likely make a variety show appearance if not as a member then as a guest. With this first pictorial also comes his first public appearance at tomorrow’s Asia Artist Awards, I’m so excited!


Lee Seung Gi in Fine Form for First Post-Military Pictorial for Star1 — 7 Comments

  1. ohhh shitttt shooot he’s looking gorgus . and so manly and you can tell that it’s not just his looks he has become more manlier and matured , seunggi has always had this boyishness wich is so endearing in variety wish he has that still as well

  2. He looked so good when he discharged but not these pics though. I always think he needs to change his makeup team, The way they draw his eyebrow and eye makeup is frustrating. He is one of those man that looks way better without make up.

  3. does he still have the insecurity to need to cover his forehead? Time to change hairstyle… I think he looked fine with crew cut when he was a soldier… why does he want to look like a boy again? Sigh… boring…

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