Black and White Dominate the Red Carpet at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards

The 2017 Asia Artist Awards went off without a hitch, other than the usual fashion boredom that is now part and parcel with every Korean red carpet. It’s like the ladies make no effort to be creative or challenging, or if they did make an effort and that’s the dress each chose then that’s even worse! The men get a pass since a tuxedo only has so many variations, but even though Lee Jun Ki nailed it while just back from the military Lee Seung Gi needs a refresher course with his too-short pant legs and weird pick of a shirt with red trim. The black dresses were Yoona and Suzy while the white dresses were on Park Min Young, Min Hyo Rin, and Park Shin Hye and none were memorable or worth describing other than the shiny BB cream problem seems to have been fixed. On the actual awards side, the big winners of the night were veteran leading lady Kim Hee Sun and boy group EXO both taking home a Daesang (Grand Prize). 


Black and White Dominate the Red Carpet at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards — 22 Comments

  1. All the actors looked better in motion but I still have to say this. What on earth was Kim Hee Sun wearing? That dress is hideous. Good for her that her posture and aura is graceful to manage to look decent in that. Min Hyo Rin’s dress was plain, ugly and boring. Too princess-y, something what kindergarten kids would wear on their birthday parties. Yoona’s dress looks like it came from the Halloween costume store shelf. Suzy’s dress doesn’t fit her body type, unfortunately. Suzy’s makeup and hair failed today, I mean what’s up with her eye makeup? Park Min Young’s dress looks tacky, boring and too wedding dress-y. Her hair and makeup were too unfortunate.
    Park Shin Hye’s dress, although it may appear plain and simple, actually looks nice on her because her hair, make up and those earrings complement her look. Crème / beige flatter her alongside with short nails and neutral manicure. Makes her look mature. Kim Tae Ri’s dress looks like it’s too big and unfitting. But the nude/beige colour and the embroidery makes her stand out from the boring mass. Her natural makeup, as always, brings freshness to her looks. If I had to choose from above the best dressed, I’d pick Kim Tae Ri and Park Shin Hye because they looked composed, appropriate and they didn’t overdo it. Also, they didn’t pick wedding dress-y looking dresses.
    Lee Seung Gi looked suave and effortless, the best dressed among actors above. AAA was too funny by creating an award category for LSG (best welcome award ??). As for the other boys.. they looked terrible.

    • Agree that psh look plain but simple and elegant and total look, looks comfortable to me. But whatever she wears she’ll be bashed, poor bae.

    • Han Yesul wore the dress Suzy had on more beautifully in 20th Century Boy and Girl. Dress did not look good on Suzy. Even though it was white, Park Minyoung and Min Hyorin’s dresses were pretty on them.

  2. I actually think Park Min Young is killing it in that dress – she looks stunning! The others, not so much but Lee Jun Ki and Nam Goongmin both look great as well.

      • Agree, i wish it’s in another colour. Kim Hee Sun’s dress is too matronly and makes her look like mamasan. PSH is plain and boring as usual. It could be the lighting but her hair looked unkempt and her makeup is bare and she’s shiny all over. Yoona’s has too much going on.

    • Park Min Young’s body is stunning, but she is short and, although that exposure of her cleavage flatters her, that wedding dress is so boring and too long.

  3. It does not surprise me black and white is chosen to as a respect for late Kim Joo Hyuk. not many will be tempted to be brightly dressed as his death is still fresh in man y’s mind and heart.

    • There was an earthquake too.So in hindsight, they have an excuse for the very universally panned fashion bore of black and white parade.

      • I read about it too. Not the time to be bright and glamorous. There will definitely be public backlash.

  4. Kim Tae Ri’s dress is so pretty <3

    And I don't understand the comments above saying Suzy's dress is ugly??? Like how????? She looks gorgeous wearing Dior from top to bottom!

  5. What’s up with Park Shin Hye stylists? What have they done to this beautiful actress – hair, make-up, dress..urgh!

    Suzy’s oufit is actually not bad, like the length of her dress though not the best hairstyle.

  6. I have nothing much to say about the men because all looked good.I will spare ranting about LSG’s outfit because 1) he walked the red carpet with confidence.Believe me that makes a whole difference and make a bad outfit look bearable.2) he just came from filming his drama so it could have been a last minute ensemble.I was also about to go ham about his and Ji Soo’s hairdo.Then I remembered he just came out of the army and Ji Soo is prepping for his new role.

    Ladies,Its a NO! FAIL!0% for Min Hyo Rin!The dress,the hair, the jeweĺlery.NO for Suzy, I have seen her in better outfits this year.A-dresses like the one she is wearing do not suit her body type at all.It makes her look boxy especially her top half.No for Yoona.The hairstyle is matron ish and does not fit her face which still has childlike quality to it.I am not feeling the dress too.

    Kim Hee Sun and Kim Tae Ri were almost on the right track by splashing some colour.But they are both swimming in their dresses.Park Min Young, hmmm i get what she is trying to do, I think the concept was sexy and glamourous.She has the curves and assets for it so why not.I think the detail on the dress is least better than just plain.But my dear bunnybunny is smol so the dress is swallowing her up..I think it would have been better if it was a mermaid dress not flowing like that.She also didnt seem confident in it because when she was called to get her award, she was trying to hide her chest with her hands.But regardless all the women above are beautiful so the fashion faux pas doesnt detract from their beauty.

    Park Shin Hye was alright.Her dress and hair was well put together.She has always played safe with makeup so meh but its not a big deal.But like in the last conference, she looks tired.I really feel she is dealing with some stressing issues in her private life.LSG looked tired too.

    • never understand why woman has to hide her chest with her hands… if you want to wear a low-V-neck, so be it, show it with confidence if this is what you want… putting your hand there looks so pathetic… like Suzy in the above pic, there is nothing to show nor to hide… just saying… don’t bash me, this is just my observation and I have seen it all too much in K-awards photos…

    • you just took words out of my mouth . i checked it out mainly because lsg’s fist public apperance . his outfit was meh but when i saw the flood of tux , he looks better and he was confident and sauve and i think almost saluted. giving him a pass .

      what’s wrong with this beautifull women with great figures. better luck next time . i want to see evryone killing it 10 times to make up for this event

  7. Thanks for this AAA 2017 RC post Ms.K.

    On your other post pre this event, I don’t know why I was hoping I will be surprised and that no one or at least most of the stars and their fashion stylists received the memo on the black and white theme. But my already low expectations has even gone down the drain. Next time I will have no expectations at all. K-Ent red carpet fashion needs some major intervention. They need ‘em some glitz and glamour.

    And please someone tell me:

    1) Who are the fashion stylists to these stars?
    2) Who are they wearing? I can understand big fashion houses and designers that usually sponsors/send gowns to HW stars for the awards season are not clamouring for these little award shows of their KEnt counterparts but aren’t there local or home grown talents they can get dresses from? Or, other Asian designers that making a name for themselves in the world of fashion? Take Michael Cinco for example. There were gorgeous jewel tones and silhouettes in his recent Fashion Forward show in Dubai.

    Forgive me but there’s gonna be snarking from this point forward….

    First for the men, one thumbs for our male stars. Most of them were dapper in their suits and tuxes. Some even pulled off the velvet jackets and dark blues. Though I was expecting something more flashy from the boy groups. Ah well. My consolation is that most of them cleaned up pretty well in their somber suits. Where’s G-Dragon when you need him? Heh!

    Now for the female stars…

    LEE TAE IM – The female half of the MC followed the memo to the T of the boring BLACK. Thankfully it fits. She could have added some bling or accessories to break the monotony. Maybe the same cut but in leather. Now that adds some va va voom.

    SUZY. – I know it’s black. But I think this LBD works on her. The fit is great on her. The A-line cut of the bottom half gives it a youthful look. Her simple ponytail and barely there make up is on point to me. I love her clutch and the choker completes the look. Overall it works. I like this black on Suzy. BTW, is that a birthmark on her inner right wrist?

    MIN HYO RIN – Oh my! Fashion Victim #1. It’s the ubiquitous bridal white dress in KEnt red carpet fashion. It’s like an inner dress draped with a curtain fabric as an afterthought. The fabric looks like one of mother’s curtains. What’s worse I think I’ve recently seen the same pattern on PVC table cloth fabric.

    PARK MIN YOUNG – Now here comes the busty bride. When I saw the video, I didn’t recognise her at first. Something’s different about her. Don’t know if it’s her face or I got distracted with her chest. Was she this busty or it’s the magic of the maximiser? Again despite the embellishments because it’s WHITE, it washes it off. I wished if she was gonna don a sheath, it’ll look great on her body if it’s in jewel tones.

    YoonA – Was YoonA tired of floor length gowns, so she went midi length and toned it down to office-lady in sheer fabric kind of affair? Had it not been sheer it would have been too casual for the event. There’s already a big ribbon, they had to go with the ribbony white trimmings too? And what’s with the gold thread outlining her bust area? Is that the thread of her corset showing through. Or is that purposely sewn on her dress as embellishment? She’s a a Chanel girl right? If she was going for different look, I wished she went with the silhouettes of Chanel’s fall/winter 2017/2018 haute couture show – kinda reminiscent of Balenciaga’s cocoon silhouette with its more curvaceous and linear silhouettes. With her willowy frame I’m think she can pull it off. Le sigh!

    GONG SEUNG YEON – here comes another bride though in goth this time. Fashion Victim #2. Honestly I hope she went goth and put color feathers or a boa constrictor on her shoulder and it would have been a fashion statement. LOL! I love lace dresses but this one is all over the place for me. The length is a no for me too which actually made the big difference. Also, I think the cut outs would work if there’s no shirring on it. It looks cheap with it. And the red shoes doesn’t help at all.

    SEU EUN SU – PMY and SES are of the same bridal collection. Though SES demure at the bust area. Ya know a white sack or drape dress will look great with the right accessories or a splash of colours or metallic tones on its embroidery or embellishments. I don’t know why these female stars seems allergic to them.

    PARK SHIN HYE – IA, PSH’s dress is not white. But more on the beige or cafe au lait shade. It’s kinda similar in cut to her dress to the same award last year. Though this one is more of the drape dress type. Me likely too. At least she looks confident and comfortable with it.

    Now to those who at least made a splash of color and made the effort to get away from the B&W mould…..

    KIM TAE RI – one of the exceptions thank God for some splash of color. The colourful appliqués on her dress is a welcome sight. The cut works for her willowy frame. But….she could have done something more to her hair and makeup.

    KIM HEE SUN. – she the other Kim who breaks the monotony of the usual somber black. I love the metallic threads/tones of the fabric. And the gold embellishments on the neckline and cuffs works. The fit is just right on her and she was wearing her dress with confidence. Love it. Though am not sure about the black belt though.

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