Yoo Seung Ho Wishes Chae Soo Bin was Human in New Teaser for MBC Drama I am Not a Robot

The first OTP teaser is out for MBC rom-com drama I am Not a Robot, still languishing from airing despite the Wed-Thurs time slot vacated by Hospital Ship two weeks ago due to the network strike. Thankfully the strike appears to be over now that the MBC network president everyone was protesting to remove has been fired by the board. I checked the airing date and I am Not a Robot is now scheduled to premiere in two weeks on December 6th, which means this drama will have gotten an unexpected extra few weeks of filming and hopefully create a less rushed product. I love this OTP teaser with leads Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin, he’s so bringing in the emotion already and I totally swooned when he said “I wish you were human.”

OTP teaser for I am Not a Robot:


Yoo Seung Ho Wishes Chae Soo Bin was Human in New Teaser for MBC Drama I am Not a Robot — 7 Comments

  1. I thought this drama had a weird premise but now I’m actually interested?! Also Yoo Seung Ho looks good with a girl close to him in age.

    • indeed , finally he found a female lead who isn’t too old or too young for him. The age has been an issue and prevented him to romance his co-stars. Now I can anticipate this drama and expect the romance act to be fully explored. YSH give us kisses!!!

      • I know he’s talented but I’ve never thought he had good chemistry with his female costars, hope that changes here. I see potential in this pairing (him + CSB).

  2. Swoon. Swoon swoon swooooooooooon. Yoo Seung Ho – I honestly never saw you as sexy but damn, that’s the first thing my mind went to. I’m so excited for this all of a sudden. I had no intention to watch this until half way through, now I’m counting down till December 6. Damn my heart for being such a sucker lol.

  3. She really looks like a doll! Hope this actress is good/decent.
    Yay! Finally age approriate OTP!

    So tired of older female lead with much younger male lead or older male lead with huge age gap with female lead…

    I am not a robot fighting!!!

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