Lee Min Ho and Suzy Confirm Breakup After Three Years of Dating

It’s with a nostalgic but not heavy heart that I report on the confirmed breakup of popular Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Suzy. This top of the food chain Hallyu couple were never destined to go the distance and if they did it would have been a true entertainment couple dream. They were young when they started dating, Suzy was only 20 years old and now three years later their breakup feels like a sweet and satisfactory conclusion to hopefully what was a satisfying romantic pairing for the two.

Their relationship was outed by Dispatch who sent spies to London to capture the two at the same hotel, and had been tailing them even before then on low key dates around Seoul. They confirmed the relationship and since then have laid low and reportedly been dating happily while working hard. But Lee Min Ho enlisted earlier this year and that’s always a sign of impending breakup regardless of the celebrity or average person status, it’s hard to keep the flame alive during the time apart. I love these two separately and together but don’t feel upset about their breakup, I just hope each goes on to find the person they are meant to be with for the long run.


Lee Min Ho and Suzy Confirm Breakup After Three Years of Dating — 125 Comments

  1. I’m not sad nor happy just like “okay”.. Even when song song was getting married I felt indifferent.. Its hard for me to be joyous about celebrity relationship except a few like sprousehart,namlee I really was sad about that one…lol

    • Same, ditto Dandelion. I don’t go all gaga over who they date/marry. Rather I LIKE their characters on screen, but also realize that’s the scriptwriter’s/director’s enactment character.

      It’s their lives, their choices. And when shippers go way overboard … (over married Park Shin-yang back then) = > I often wonder, how about you put yourselves in the shoes of their wives, gfs, and wonder how THEY feel? Especially when they don’t see their partners for weeks, months when they’re filming … only to read all this ‘real/unreal’ fantasies?

      Even ‘WHO’ we see on screen => it’s all staged, packaged, imaged. At the end of the day, they fart, poop and have booger just like us humans.

  2. Didn’t care for this couple at all. They didn’t match either. The only thing they had in common was bad acting. Suzy is so young and she doesn’t need to be tied down to Lee Min Hoo, who is in a different life situation than her anyway. I’m just surprised that they’ve lasted this long. I expected Lee Min Ho to break up and continue to fool around like before. I guess he really liked Suzy then, considering how he changed. Anyway, Suzy seems mature, level headed and someone with deep thoughts (although she doesn’t strike as the sharpest pencil in the box). Lee Min Hoo on the other hand seems so juvenile. I hope he quickly settles down with a non-celebrity and stays quiet with his relationship because shipper are absolutely insane. If LMH starts to date with another celeb, shippers will attack the new lady and k-netz will forever compare her with Suzy. I feel sorry for celebs and now I understand perfectly fine why many celebs want to keep their dating lives private.

    • may he be like poison that no female stars will like to go near him after reading what you wrote about him treating his co-star (?PSH) and ex-girlfriend PMY. No girl should be treated this way!

      • @candycane . I Would love to read the article! Where can I find it?

        About this relationship ? Who cares? It was staged fake, that affected the reputation of the actress in such negative way! Shame on her agency! Since, it did not serve the original purpose, they better of stop the circus! Who knows how LMH was forced into it?!?( I am not his fan, just a person with a brain and knowledge of scans). I am sure many of you commenting here are aware! Why denied, and crucified the guy?!?
        Maybe rumor with LJS will get Suzy more exposure and recognition in international arena , as her agency has been sooo desperate trying too! And, the circus start again with different male protagonist. Lol!

      • @Scar99
        You’re absolutely delusional. I’m not a Suzy fan nor do I think much of her acting, but for you to say things like that about a 23-year-old woman is insane. They were never a fake relationship, wake up already. I’m a critical reader and I can say that this relationship was NOT fake or a PR relationship. Why? Because there is no reason for it to have been one. They dated for three year QUIETLY for God’s sake. They were stalked and caught by Dispatch and both of their agencies CONFIRMED their relationship. Lee Min Ho gained more positive publicity whereas Suzy would not benefit from dating news at all, quite the contrary actually.
        We are not crucifying Lee Min Hoo. He is a known player and he even used to date with Park Min Young but after that relationship, Park Min Young has had low confidence in dating. Many k-netz say he’s cheated on Park Min Young.
        Suzy’s agency may use mediaplay, but even JYP isn’t that cheap to tarnish their treasured artist’s first love image. Also, all big companies use mediaplay because they simply have the power to do it.
        And you have got to be kidding me with that ’’Lee Min Ho was forced to it’’. It was Lee Min Ho, who approached Suzy. It was Lee Min Ho, who asked Suzy out many times before she finally gave in. It was Lee Min Hoo, who invited Bae Suzy to his Gangnam Blues premier even though they had no connections before. Lee Min Hoo is a grown ass adult man, 7 years older than Suzy and you come up with the stupidest comment.
        I know you are a dumb MinShin shipper (I saw your comments on PSH articles) and now you are defending this grown ass Casanova by attacking a young woman who has been in the industry since she was 16. Since you seem to be a fan of PSH and LMH (although you’re denying it), I assume you are a dumb MinShin shipper. That ship is bullshit and it has been giving a bad reputation to your bias among many international fans. I know real fans of her don’t give a jackshit about that delusional ship, my friend is a longtime (non delusional) starlight angel so I know. If you cared about your bias, you wouldn’t attack Suzy with your delusional comments, that typical MinShin shippers or Minoz use, and make a fool out of yourself.

      • lol i went and google about the cheating incident and apparently the third party is shin sekyung??? like wtf

      • I do not get angry very easily, but are you out your crazy mind? cheating who? They dated 7 years ago for about 5 months. I am pretty sure the idear is coming out of your dirty crazy mind. Go sit it the corner and mind your own business!

    • @Mia, no. Shin Se Kyung had nothing to do with this. It was a non-celeb chick. Shin Se Kyung publicly dated only that SHINee guy.

      • Lol pussy suzy is a real flirt so they suit well. She flirted a lot during their relationship with idols. It’s good to see flop Suzy go back to where she belongs – arms of exo, got7, bts and other idols.

      • Non-celeb chick? Are you out of your fucking mind? Be careful you can be sued to create rumor like that, as if you know LMH and detail of his life. You are not even a bug to him.

      • i think mia was referring to the netizenbuzz rumor mill. no ssk was not the third party. her and lmh were rumored to only be sex buddies/casual fling. im curious why lmh is referred to as a playboy. apart from pmy, who did he even date or had rumors with? most of his co-stars except psh are way older than him and/or married. psh and him also seem to be strictly platonic. must be some non-celebs then…

    • @prettyautumn

      LMH seems so juvenile? How? You don’t become as successful as he is by being juvenile. Look at the F4 actors from Boys Over Flowers…back then, they were all really popular, but now LMH is the only one with a really successful career. He’s been in the public eye for almost a decade now but he’s had no scandals and he’s always been polite and humble. Whether you like his acting or not, you can’t deny that it took a lot of hard work, intelligence, and maturity to get where he is now.

      • in Korea, a successful career especially for actors may not mean the man treats women well…. Just look at LBH, does this tell you something?

    • Lmh seems juvenile and suzy looks mature???? Omo, you got the wrong picture. Haha suzy is the one who is immature if you don’t know. And that is the main problem. Lmh’s acting isn’t superior or that amazing to talk about but still his acting is so much better than suzy’s by miles. No hate on her, I like Suzy. She is talented except for acting.

    • Lmh cheated on pmy??? Lol. Knetz can say anything they wish. And there are so many fake sites too which keep spreading lies. Pmy is the only one who knows whether she was cheated or not. Others can only assume in their personal perspectives. Just ’cause she has low confidence in dating doesn’t mean she was cheated. But she she was bashed by some lunatic haters since she started dating lmh. And she once said she was stalked nonstop by paparazzi ever since. She might be depressed by those things. Poor pmy, she’s too worthy to be bashed like that. Cause she’s an amazing actress with genuine talent.

    • The news relates lmh & suzy’s breakup but some got the comment section a mess with minshin shipping. Suzy and psh are both respectable celebrities. So they don’t deserve your bashing. Anyway both of them are miles ahead from all of you so there is no point of attacking them. Lol.

  3. i didn’t feel anything from them almost like a contract relationship . but they did date quietly for a while and may have broken up a while ago they and announcing it now .i was sad when yoona seunggi broke up , that felt like a real relationship because they didn’t fall in love over night and matched well . looks like army is breaking couples apart . but lee min ho is in public service he can still meet suzy if he wants . it’s just not meant to be .

  4. sometimes I forget their were dating each other. Both will move on soon hope their will find their respective partners soon.
    Offtopic why do celebrity couple break up during enlistment? I mean if you really love each other waiting for 2years won’t be big deal?

  5. Looks like morale of dating guys who have yet to do their military service is pretty bleaked…
    Lee Seung Gi and Yoona
    Joo Won and BoA
    Lee Min Ho and Suzy

    I now fear for Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin…

    • LMH is doing public service so basically a 9-5 office job with evenings and weekends off. Maybe it’s spending more time with each other that’s causing the breaking. Or they don’t have much in common now that Suzy is still super busy while he has so much free time.

    • LMH isn’t even doing real MS. He has more time now than he did while he wasn’t in public service, so it’s not that. Though the army never does anything good for most relationships. That’s why I don’t ship any guy who hasn’t done their army duty yet.

  6. Wouldn’t they have more time for each other during the weekends if the guy enlisted as opposed to them having conflicting schedules when they’re filming non-stop? Or are there no weekends off for them?

  7. Interesting how military service is a make it or break it point in Korean Entertainment…even HB and SHK broke up before he went to the army right? I mean, how often do these couples get to see each other with their busy schedules? Being in this world of celebrities/endorsements/glam/schedules…one will think time value is similar to military service. So I don’t understand why a man going to the military will impact a couple unless they really don’t want to be together and use it as an excuse to get out of a relationship.

  8. It was said from the beginning LMH approached Suzy, LMH was more active, LMH was afraid about their relationship when he went to the army.
    So maybe he wasn’t the part who put the end.
    But still not many people believed they will last. There were rumors too about a contract relationship – better them to be safe, than involved in speculations.
    it’s sad when a love ends.
    It is not so sad when no one have seen those couple even holding hands.

  9. Inserts *pretends to be shocked meme*
    Il just say suzy fans, park shin hye fans, han hyo joo fans.Brace yourseves..your favs will be dragged in the most severe shipper war..we will ever witness.
    We have those seriously delusional MinShin shippers.I really dont get this ship.PSH and LMH had zero chemistry and brought out the worst in each other actingwise.Even the last time, we saw them in one zone, the SBS award last year.They barely acknowledged each other.

    Then we have the jong-shin ship, jongjoo ship, jongzy because of their drama,then minzy ship..oh Gosh my brain hurts…and Min ho has one of the most rabid fandom ever.They were the ones creating fake breakup rumors in the past by posting youtube videos just because they were salty their oppar is dating.They were starting to be a bit quiet because of his relationship.Good luck to his future co-stars..

    • @RubyRed, are you me? You said exactly what was on my mind, word to word. Minoz are the worst and the most rabid fandom. Minshin shippers are damn annoying. Why does that ship even exist, PSH and LMH had like ZERO chemistry whatsoever and their acting was at their worst when they acted as co-stars. JongJoo shippers are closely following Minshin in the annoyingness. Jongshiners need to give it up already. Minzy shippers are hopeless at this point. At least they aren’t as bad as Namlee shippers. I have got to say that international (mainly the Southeast Asian) shipper fans are hopeless and annoying. Starting from Daragon ship, I’ve hated shippers with the bottom of my cold heart. Before that, I had no problems with shipping and this is coming from a Potterhead and a Drarry shipper

      • omg how many ships are there my brain is hurting by just reading the names . i saw a tweet saying lee jon suk maybe low key gay . i don’t know i’m just quoting what i read in twitter .

        minshin ship is hilarious . it shoudl zero chemistry ship

      • Lee min ho and shin hye shippers have to be the most dedicated shippers ever. And daragon shippers are the most delusional most annoying ship I have ever come across

    • Someone save Lee Jong Suk from shippers. I swear he has it worse than any other guy out there. It’s going to be fun when he’s finally outed dating someone (and admits it lol)

      • I actually feel sorry for him. I may have my opinions on his acting but no one should go through that amount of shipping. I hope he settles diwn with a non-celeb so that these shippers will leav him alone

  10. They’re both young; they’ve got time. They should take my approach and wait for the universe to drop the right person in their lap. haha!

  11. Not surprised at all… I always know he won’t stay long with just one girl. Suzy, smart move… thumbs up… Never understand what’s good with that LMH. There are way better guys in looks, education and personality. Suzy is a nice girl, despite her poor acting, she deserves to be treated well by someone special.

    • “he won’t stay long” Well they lasted a few years; that’s a good amount a time though who knows when they actually broke up.

      Anyway, they dated, they broke up just like regular everyday people do all over the planet. Hope it was amicable and wish them both the best.

    • @Kat, you are right…. hahaha… three years is too long with this creep… the more I read about how he treats women, the more I am disgusted about this person, makes me sick… puke!!

      • Haha, where did you read about how he treated women which got you to the point feeling nauseous? Lol, atleast he was not like yoochun, khj or lbh who officially known for treating women like shit. Don’t believe each & everything you see cause there are so many trash news sites in the internet. And if he is treating women bad he will definitely has to pay for that. Anyone can’t hide. Especially someone so popular like him.

      • Hmmm… obviously you have not read enough…. yes for sure he will have to pay if what I read is true… Yoochun? Where is he now? Loser! KHJ, what the heck? He is not worth mentioning… Of coz there are always creeps like LBH & PSH who are still enjoying their popularity… just can’t believe it ?

      • Oh well, I have read enough actually. I’m not a so-called minoz to defend him but still he is not in the level of those trash cans who should be banned from the industry and he is too worthy to mention with them. And the reason behind the popularity of those lunatics are their fandom. They love them whatever they do and that’s truly disgusting. They attack the other party who is really miserable and defend their idol. That’s so pathetic.

  12. Expected they waited the right time to reveal it beside something I hate in korean entertainment the Fandom who think the actor belong to them or shippers who think their ship should be the one with no respect for those people , I won’t blame actors nor actresses for not having healthy relation ship and getting marriage .

  13. I heard LMH was ready for marriage and she wasn’t. This is my assumption but LMH seems like the controlling kind. Most serious (I used the word carefully not meaning good) are like this. Marriage means putting your career on hold to have kids and being less active. Suzy just started going solo and her life is just beginning. I don’t blame her for wanting to have fun and enjoying life. I hope LMH finds someone who matches on the stage of life that he’s on.

  14. My God…I have not stopped crying since the news…hopefullly just a break….whats happening in the world…So much sad news lately. You have to stay together for all of us.

  15. I really don’t care that they broke up as is their personal life. Having said that I stop liking LMH after reading some articles about him and PSH when they did HEIRS. That was a turn off for me. Have not seeing anything he had been involved since then.

  16. @prettyautumn . You are really a dumb fool hallucinator. You are a critical hallucinator reader. Maybe you were hallucinating at the time the media publish all that garbage, claiming that LMH said that, you were the mouth and tongue of LMH, and it is understandable that you are claiming to be sure about the details of the staged relationship. Typical dumb air head behavior of the bipolar Suzy’s fan, you, that see delusional behavior, treat, and attack to Suzy , in any no Suzy’s fan and Park Shin Hye’s fan, or anyone that dare to say anything you do not like about your bias, even when to critique the poor way her agency has been managing her. My personal opinion. I have nothing against her. I support all hard working women, because I am one too.
    I am not LMH fan to watch and comment in his dramas, but I recognize him as a commendable human being that cares so much about others, that shares his wealth with people in need from Asia to Africa to give them a chance for a better life, going to places , where many don’t care to even acknowledge they exist. He will always have a special place in my heart, regardless what he does with his personal life. As, you said, he is a grown men.
    I am hardcore Park Shin Hye fan, with pride, and that does not stoppped me, either disqualified me for comment in any article of others artist. I can tell you…..! , Why bother, your lack of capacity of understand will make you to start hallucinating again.
    I hope you will force your little brain to stop be delusional and leave Park Shin Hye and her fans alone. This articles has nothing to do with her.

    • You’re a literal idiot. You are a dumb MinShiner because only they write stupid shit like that. Just read your comment and see how illogical you are. You’re calling me a Suzy fan although I am NOT one as I have specified. I’m, however, against that bullshit you wrote. Also, you claim you have nothing against Suzy yet you always write asinine things about her. And you call Suzy fans airhead? They have, so far, been wayyy better than YOU.
      Criticizing acting and looks is one thing. Writing illogical delusional crap is another thing.
      Also, doing charity doesn’t make a person good as you are claiming. Harvey Weinstein did a lot of charity too but he is a rapist trash.
      Suzy does a LOT of charity as do many top stars actually, so your dearest bias MinShin are not the only ones. Also, LMH is known to be a player (just look at the Korean netizens’comments). Also,LMH actually assaulted PSH on Heirs set. Yes. I’m talking about that kiss scene where LMH and the PD didn’t tell PSH that they were going to do a kiss scene because the PD wanted a “natural” reaction. That is called a workplace sexual assault. Many actresses go through this but no one does anything. Thank God that Weinstein gate started the campaign for women and all sexual abuse victims in the film and entertainment industry in the whole world.
      And LMAO it was YOU who came here with your irrelevant comments. You are absolutely delusional. Your comments just strengthen my views that PSH has so many delusional fans. Poor PSH, I hope she gets better fans.

      • she assaulted psh? did psh said that, an insider of the set of heirs,wow why is lmh allowed to stay in the industry still, psh isnt a nugu actress why they didnt do anything.

      • @Llyanne,
        She didn’t say she was assaulted but what that PD and LMH did were the text book definitions of an assault. LMH even admitted in an interview that PSH didn’t know anything about that kiss scene so it came to her as a surprise. LMH even apologized her for that. Of course she wouldn’t go to media and say that it was an assault. Do you think she’d win this case? There’s more to lose than win

      • @ Liyanne

        Since this is not a small charge @prettyautumn is implying here, but a pretty serious one i am obliged to show you the following video clip where they are rehearsing the kissing scene before shooting (they are even rehearsing every post and angel). Just search youtube
        Behind the Scene the heirs – park shin hye & lee min ho kiss scene.
        As for @prettyautumn, need to go see a doctor for treatment.

      • i thought they know they have kiss scene before they even start filming, i watch scriptreading videos and they will know the nxt scene will be kissing, and i know they practise too, i watch making of my fav drama too, thats why i know they rehearse with different angle, and isnt kissing stated in the contract too,

      • The kissing pose, angle and everything was planed ahead. What Lee min ho is apologizing for is that he did not tell shin hye how intense the actual kiss is going to be before shooting.

      • Why Lee min ho mentioned this kiss scene in the interview is because he knew people are complaining shin hye’s reaction in the kiss, so he sort of wanted to shield shin hye from bashing.

    • And this coming from someone who claimed she’s not Lee Min Ho fans when almost one whole paragraph you dedicated to praise him hmmmm

      • @scar99
        You ran out of arguments lol. Everyone knows you’re the insane one in this debate. Pointless to say to someone else that they’ve caught the same disease when they say something critical to you

  17. @prettyautummn

    Is that you the knetizen who has multiple fake accounts and make nasty racy comments on korean celebrities? Player? I bet you are quite a good player, huh?
    Assult in the heirs set? Did you even see the rehearsal of that scene? They rehearsaled exactly the same move shown in the actual drama.

    Go fuck yourself if you do not have anything to do other than spreading your dirtly little mucous.

      • Lol you claim you’re not a LMH fan yet you are here saying things like that. I’m a PSH fan and I can tell you that we don’t need MinShiners in our fandom. The worst thing ever to happen to our fandom.

    • You are an idiot. I’ve read the back story of that kiss scene and no, she did NOT know that he was going to kiss because it was not on the script. Your LMH oppar ADMITTED it even. You fuck yourself and take scar99’s ableist ass with you.

    • There was not only one knet, multiple accounts said that he dates around. Sorry to burst your bubble of the idea of a pure oppar

  18. We need to be supporting Suzy and understand what she is going through at the moment….we know she will be fine. Such an inspiration and great ambassador to us all.

  19. Lol at the comments ,couples break up all time. Who knows maybe they’ll get back together. Suzy is too young to settle down especially with the way Korean society treats married women.

    • Han Ga In marries young (at age 23) to a nice educated man, he may not be a top K-star but he is handsome & he speaks perfect English… Suzy just has to meet the right person… I don’t want them to get back together… What’s good with that LMH? It’s better to dump him now & move on.

  20. @burnt
    I watched the footage of that scene and yes, they have practiced some intimate scene, perhaps not such an intense kissing scene, BUT…. that does not excuse the fact that the PD and LMH intended to do something else that was not on the script and then not tell about it to the lead actress. Not only is it lack of professionalism but it’s incredibly disrespectful. Lets explore an analogy; if an actor and actress read on the script about a love making scene and the actor and actress and the director agree first what they should do but then the director tells the actor to put in his dick or touch her vulva BEHIND her back so that the actress gives a ’’more realistic reaction”, it is completely unprofessional and it can be considered sexual harassment.
    Any scene that contains an intimate act, you have to make sure that your partner knows about it because bodily immunity is something that we ALL have right to, regardless of profession, gender, race, religion or sexuality. Another analogy would be a slap scene. You practice slapping on face with your co-worker but when the camera rolls, you suddenly throw a punch in the eyes. that is completely unprofessional and can be considered abuse. Besides, LMH apologized to PSH. He even admitted it in his interview. Would he have apologized if he hadn’t done anything wrong?

    • @ Gilgit

      The kiss scene was in the script. Kim Eun-sook would never allow any PD nor actor to alternate her script. The PD just did not discuss the intensity of that particular kiss scene with Shinhye before hand.

      • kim Eun-Sook had given away some of her heirs scripts to her online followers and this kiss scene was included. Actually Kim Eun-sook had made a note to this kiss “deep kiss”. Actors should have some ideas about the intensity of the kiss from the script alone.

  21. Fyi, psh herself did say that she wasn’t aware that she and lmh need to actually kissed for real

    Just Google and u will see lots of articles about it

  22. I feel sad for Lee Min Ho. The insider gossip is that he wanted a marriage, but Suzy is too young for it. We never know what really happened with those two. Wish they both find happiness.

    • Lee Min Ho is just 30 years old, hasn’t completed his MS and is not that accomplished as an actor other than having a lot of fans. Suzy is more popular and makes more money than him in Korea. Why would he want to get married at this stage in his life? It doesn’t sound right.

  23. Although i am not a fan of either LMH nor SUZY, my heart felt heavy about this news. Breaking up after 3 years of relationship is not easy. They need time to recover and move on. Best wishes for those two.

  24. lmao despite dating Lee Min Ho, Suzy never surpassed PSH stellar drama acting career, haha lol. maybe it got their head hitting walls, now finally realized there’s no point for media play anymore. it must suck for JYP, let’s wait who’s the new guy he’d link to Suzy.

    • That ’’new guy’’ would be too lucky to be linked with Suzy. She may not have a great acting career but she is in the top when it comes to brand power, with names like G-dragon etc.

      Lee Min Ho was far from Suzy’s level. PSH deserves way better than to be linked with your ugly MinShin ship. All in all: MinShin and MinShinners are garbage, Suzy and PSH both deserve better (this is coming from a non-fan) and LMH has to go back to acting school and stop playing around with women and settle down hahahah

      • contrary to your delusion, yes it must be good being linked to Suzy, just look at her floppy dramas, haha lol. in terms of brand power, you’re a delusional Suzy fantard to even compare her to GDragon, it will help to wash your brain and gargle some antibac, look at Suzy albums, another flop too, oh let’s not talk about her last movie also flop again lol. the only saving grace she could have as an idol-actress is being linked and a Gf of a Superstar Hallyu actor like Lee Min Ho, that’s the only reason she’s getting Cf deals, and now they broke up, now that’s too bad for her, her portfolio will be left with full of floppy works to marketing and adverstisers. yes you fantards will need a lot of work to hype and media play your floppy idol, you will need a lot of luck hahaha.

      • Haha, lmh far from suzy’s level???? Lol!!! Of course in the eyes of haters. But he’s miles apart from her level. His popularity and influence is no joke. Even haters know that so that their hatred climax. And yes, his acting sucks. But still his acting is far better than suzy’s. Lol!!!

    • There is no trap. If you were a PSH fan you would have known about the interview. Nevertheless, LMH apologized and PSH probably forgave so that’s it. And even if you don’t believe that Suzy and LMH dated for real (there is so much evidence that they dated), I genuinely request you to let it go and wish both Suzy and LMH better luck in love next time. That is what I will be wishing for too. And as a PSH fan, I would like to request you to not embarass us all by attacking Suzy. She is younger and PSH is her senior. And I think PSH and Suzy respect each other so please, respect other fans and their favorite artists.

      • Read what you wrote! Reflect on it! And, I am telling you again. Be wise! Don’t fall on the trap!

      • @gilgit, stop being hypocrite, pretending to be a PSH fan, when it is written all over your face you’re a Suzy tard. this fake lovers breakup is a reason to celebrate, for the longest time, you Suzy tards has been hitting PSH with nasty comments, just because PSH has steamy kissing scenes with LMH on screen, & their drama together rated really well domestic in Korea and all over Asia & the world, and yet while Suzy & LMH we dont even see together in any event and yet her media play says they are together bullcrap. you Suzy tard have been using Suzy “Gf status of LMH” against PSH, belittling all her hard work, but when you remove LMH in the equation, your idol is inferior in talent and acting, now it’s time for you to face reality, it sucks for you.

      • @crownaffairs
        Wow. I’m speechless. You know why Suzy fans started hating on PSH? Because after Lee Min Ho and Suzy were caught by Dispatch and they confirmed their relationship, MinShin shippers started attacking Suzy and calling her names because their dearest Lee Min Ho oppar was dating some other girl and not PSH. Before that, PSH fans and Suzy fans had nothing to do with each other. I witnessed this first hand, and when LMH and Suzy confirmed their dating, I knew MinShinners would do this. MinShinners have attacked Kim Ji Won and her fans during Heirs and they also have attacked Kim Woo Bin. How dare you come at me with your bs?
        All fandoms have bad apples but I think I saw a new level of stupidity right here. No wonder many people say how lunatic our fandom is. It’s because of individuals like you and scar99 that taint the name of our fandom. I’ve been a fan long enough to see different people fandoms, fanwars and the levels of delusions fans are ready to go, but this still surprises me. PSH is a 27 years old adult woman but unfortunately she has so many immature fans. I really wish sometimes she doesn’t do dramas anymore and stays doing films and start publicly dating or get married to someone else so only the REAL fans will stay and all the delusional shippers, especially the MinShinners disappear.

  25. Can MinShin shippers and also all PSH’s shippers leave her and her fans alonePLEASE. You’re embarrassing us and do nothing but being disgustingly annoying.

  26. Can MinShin shippers and also all PSH’s shippers leave her and her fans alone PLEASE. You’re embarrassing us and do nothing but being disgustingly annoying.

  27. PSH is too smart to date LMH. he luck out on suzy. now when he out from the army he will be 35. suzy will be looking for young fish. now that she know how older fish teast like.

    • Lolll!!! Who says??? That is lmh who is too smart to date psh. His reputation and influence are too big. In case of cf deals, ratings, social media and payment he’s so much ahead making him always in top of the list. And celebs like shk or jjh will be too smart for him. Usually his haters know where he is. Maybe psh fits for a better one but not cause she is too smart. Lolll!!!

  28. I personally think they didnt date long. Only lasted few months. It is just breakup so soon could be bad on their images especially LMH who broke up with Min Young before.

  29. My surprise is that LMH-SUZY couple was really well received and well loved in Korea. The overwhelmingly large number of people on Naver and other k sites to say they are saddened by this beautiful couple to break up is something to watch.

    On the contrary, on the international site, some shippers are celebrating as if there is a change for there ship 🙁

    • It’s because Korea doesn’t give a crap about MinShin, they don’t probably even know what MinShin is. Koreans know that their actors and actresses are professionals and k-fans usually know more about what’s going on in their celebrities lives. A lot of that never gets translated to i-fans. You will see that no Koreans actually shipped NamLee on the same scale as delulu i-fans did. K-fans cheer on SongSong couple, but they are not as rabid as some dumb Southeast Asian shipper fans. Daragon doesn’t ring a bell to Koreans either, it’s just some delulu pinoy/pinay fans. Korean fans do, however, cheer on real couples if they think that they match well. Rain and KTH didn’t for example get many nice comments at first because k-netz thought they don’t match but now k-netz love them as they saw how genuine they were with each other.
      Only idols fans in Korea does shipping in the scale as i-shippers do. Drama couple shippers are so delulu it’s annoying as fuck. And I hate MinShin, NamLee, Jun Ki – IU, hmm and Yongshin shippers from the bottom of my cold heart. They are the most annoying ones, attacking others and all. Just look at the MinShiners attacking me ?

    • LMH and Suzy both have good images in Korea and they dated very quietly. That is why the overwhelmingly positive comments for both even they break up.

      I believe in Minzy and will support their future projects continuously.

    • dont forget some are saying suzy lee jungsook, i dont know abt other people but if im a fan of suzy i will never even dream abt it, what does it makes suzy if its true, a player?just fresh fr breakup, i know it happens but wishing ur idol to be like that is a big no no,same with iu and ljk she just announce her breakup and people wish its coz of him, wow just wow

      • That is exactly my thought. If Suzy and LSF were indeed in a relationship then the two would be buried in Korea especially when Lee Min Ho has a good image and reputation. The shippers are just unbelievable.

    • I was surprised too to see the amount of support for Lee Min Ho and Suzy for their individual future happiness in Korea. The two must have done something good to earn that support.

      Best wished for the two!

  30. Some people are just so dumb. They believe whatever they see & hear. There are so many shitty sites just survive by spreading lies and creating tales which must be sued.
    Regarding lmh & suzy’s relationship, no one knows what actually happened as they kept it low-key and this time they didn’t give the usual parted ’cause of busy schedule excuse,so there must be particularly an unknown reason behind their breakup. So the trash sites make this a chance & start creating their own stories to get more views lying with cheating, dumping or with something even they don’t know.Don’t fall into their traps and wisely sort out what is right or wrong.

  31. Some of the rumors here makes me remember the rumor when Lee Seoung Gi and Yoona break up that Lee Seoung Gi had already secretly married a non-celebrity women and had a child between them and that is the reason for break up. The person who fabricated this rumor has been prosecuted and ended up in a jail now.

    Folks, be careful, you might end up in a jail.

    • hahaha… that rumor about LSG was so funny… Everyone who knows even a bit about LSG understood it was fabricated… LMH on the other hand gives me some hesitation… but whatever, I am not a fan nor a hater. I just hope Suzy was treated respectfully and of coz I am siding with the girl… No need to get all hyped up about an actor whom we don’t even know personally, right? Peace 🙂

      • What you are doing is a criminal action that should be prosecuted by laws. That is my last words to you. Good luck!

      • Back then a lot of people believed it. That is why Lee Sung Gi’s agency decided to take action. Those rumors could have damaging effect to celebrity’s image.

    • most people who come here are ifans koreans laws doesnt apply here, thats why so many are brave to say whatever they want coz they know they cant be persecuted.

  32. The one who fabricated Tablo education rumor was s US citizen and he was prosecuted by Tablo. If the celebrity really determined there is always a way and the owner of this blog who allowed for the rumor to spread would also take responsibility.

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