Ahn Hyo Seob and Song Jae Rim Pairs with Kim Yoo Jung in Clean With Passion For Now

I’ll reserve judgment until the drama airs but this is certainly an interesting choice of male leads for Kim Yoo Jung in her upcoming drama Clean With Passion For Now. Confirmed as male lead is young actor Ahn Hyo Seob and Song Jae Rim is also joining the main cast playing a new character not in the webtoon which this drama is based upon. Ahn Hyo Seob seems untried and this would be his first male lead role while Song Jae Rim comes across as a legit ahjusshi to Kim Yoo Jung’s youthfulness that it’ll be hard for me to buy a love line even the usual second male lead one-sided crush kind. The female lead is the messy optimistic type that goes to work for her germaphobe boss at his cleaning company, and the second male lead factors into the story by living in the same apartment complex as the female lead and being a rather mysterious presence. The drama airs in March in the jTBC Mon-Tues slot after Eulachacha Waikiki


Ahn Hyo Seob and Song Jae Rim Pairs with Kim Yoo Jung in Clean With Passion For Now — 14 Comments

    • You do not know who is the female lead? She is the most famous child actress in Korea notably known for starring in Dong Hi, TMETS, May Queen, Love in the Moonlight and few other movies. She has been acting she is 5 years old.

  1. I’m abit apprehensive about AHS. He was super bland and uninspiring as an actor in father is strange. However, it was the first time I saw him in a drama so hopefully it was just a fluke? Will check this out for KYJ and hope it goes well because I seriously adore her. The premise itself doesn’t sound like it’ll be a huge ratings hit but I’m sure it’ll attract it’s own online cult following with the younger crowd. Best of luck!

  2. even though not keen on the storyline and the male leads,I will watch it for Kim yoo Jung sake so hopefully it does well rating wise.

  3. Song Jae Rim will be breaking hearts by being second male lead. The characters are pretty much a cliche set up. But I’m glad these new rising actors are getting the spotlight in these roles.

  4. They all look beautiful and handsomely. Either guys being the lead doesn’t matter to me.

    Side note: Koala when are u going to post about SSH and Chrystal Lue’s breakup story.

  5. That’s weird I read song jae rim was the male lead just a few days ago and now he is called the 2nd male lead, I wonder if the article I read was wrong or they changed it

  6. At least KYJ’s actual main male lead is age-appropriate for her (22 to her 18, seems ok).

    It’s unfortunate he isn’t a very good actor but I think we all knew this show was going to be carried by Kim Yoo Jung anyway. She has everything it takes, and I hope for her saje that this is a hit and cements her status even more (since she is far and away the biggest name among the leads despite her youth).

    • actor can be good if the role fit him, not great but service enough. nam joo hyuk got popular because of weighlifting.

      its ok for cable network, even if its low rating she wont be bashed to much. lets see if she can work magic AHS. PBG was just a rising star before LITM.

      at least she choose role fit her age, her partners are right age as well, its easier to watch

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