Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum Confirmed to be Dating After Meeting Through Friends

This is such an out-of-nowhere dating couple I don’t really have any commentary to offer. But then again since I’ve been covering K-ent there have been plenty of random pairings so this isn’t wholly bizarre. K-ent is reporting that Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum are dating, and shortly after news broke their agencies confirmed the two met in early March through friends and are getting to know each other warmly. Dang this is a fast news break, methinks one or both of the affected parties may have wanted the news to leak. Regardless of the reason for them to go public, this pair has a two year age gap with Oh Yeon Seo currently 30 years old and Kim Bum 28 years old. Congrats to the new couple!


Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Bum Confirmed to be Dating After Meeting Through Friends — 28 Comments

  1. Wow. Less than a month dating and already confirming they are an item. That sure is fast. I am not trying to sound negative but normally celebs couple would prefer the relationship to progress longer before confirming it. But then, one half this couple is Kim Bum and back when he dated Moon Geun Young, the confirmation news also came out very fast. Whatever that is, congrats to them and it seems that 2018 has produced so many K-celebs couples.

    • 2 years gap not much of a noona just like park shin hye and choi tae joon only 1 year gap not much of a noona either. Anyway congrats to this year new couples.

  2. Poor Kim Bum, he never has the time to enjoy before it becomes public… The journalists + fans were pretty crazy with MGY, I hope for him this time it will be more quiet.

    For OYS, I’m happy that his agency didn’t deny like Lee Jang Woo in the past…

  3. What happened to Moon Geun Young? Didn’t they go traveling to Europe for a month together ? He seems like a playboy like Lee Min Hoo

      • I dont know about Lee Min Ho being a playboy because what they use to say that, are unverified rumors from netizen blind items(who could be generated by his antis).He was also linked to Park Min Young at one time.

      • Knetz have been saying that LMH has been playing around a lot and he’s got only one confirmed dating news with Park Min Young before dating with Suzy.

  4. Congrats to the new couple.And please why is Kim Bum being called a playboy when its only his second public relationship..Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Gun etc have had three or more public relationships..why are they not called players too..even us regular folks would have dated more than one guy in our lifetimes..

    Or that nonsense about him going on vacation with MGY.Seriously, we are talking of two grown adults here..not to mention MGY was his noona too..her hands were not bound.She went fully knowing the implications that would have on her image.

    Although I do know he had some attitude problems which he admitted to in the past.So if I were Oh Yeon Seo I would tread carefully.Her last relationship almost ruined her career.She is finally back on track so hopefully she knows what she is doing this time around.

    But nevertheless, dating news is happy news.So congratulations once again.

    • Lee Seunggi x Oh Yeonseo shippers are being bitter and using every reason to hate on Kim Bum. I agree with the attitude problem, but there’s no substantial reason to call him a playboy.
      OYS seems like the type to go all in when she is in love. She seems serious about Kim Bum though, seeing how she hinted marriage. Wish them all the best.

      • You know what never ceases to amuse me.Its usually the couples who have the least chemistry or those couples that are clearly interacting in professional way to sell the romance that have the most rabid shippers.Shipping can be fun when done moderately but some of these people take it to the extreme.

        I mean in this case, not too long ago Lee Seung Gi gave an interview where he was saying and wondering why he has never got a confession from a female celebrity.Why would he say that if he was dating OYS?With how hard he is working and his interviews this year, he gives me that impression that he is more into his work than pursuing love life.

      • Lol are you new to lsg? He has other ships like lsg suzy, lsh hhj etc. Its not the 1st time. It called level difference…..Lsg is on another level compared to others lol. Know your place.

  5. I think this is a case, just like Suzy’s and Lee Dong Wool where the couple was outed before they could become really serious, just as they’re getting to know one another. It makes me wonder why K-ent is so ready to invade celebrities privacy especially about their personal relationships. I mean, they’re people too. If I were them, I’d pull a G-Dragon and neither confirm nor deny the relationship. There is such a saying as “No comment”. I wonder why K- celebs don’t use that answer more often.

    • Idk. GD and Big Bang as a whole don’t really conform to normal celebrities’ rules. Maybe its because irregardless of the scandals they caused, people would still buy their music. So they have the right to simply ignore the public’s expectations of them.
      Meanwhile if its other celebs who did the same thing as GD, they would be crucified for daring to “lie to the public” and “treating the public like a fool”. Just look at the hate Park Shinhye got after one news outlet reported her denying the news.

      • GD gets shat on all the time for many reasons but he also gets loved, especially his music. Basically he’s at a position where a little scandal won’t matter much. His relationship with Kiko, Komatsu Nana etc. got many antis moving around. The deal with GD is that he simply doesn’t care. He really don’t give a f*ck.

    • “No comment” as in not denying or confirming would be a bad PR move especially if we are talking about actors and actress in k-entertainment.Leaving the situation ambiguous invites unnecessary endless gossip,speculation, enhance shipper delusions, and paparazzi stalking to try and get concrete evidence. Dating and Marriage is career killer for most male actors because their marketability depends on them selling “boyfriend image”.Only those who are megatalented are the ones still doing first lead roles while they are married or dating otherwise they get relegated to supporting roles, low profile cable dramas or makjang weekend dramas and could lose a huge chunk of their CFs.

      As for female actress/idols..they get slut shamed if they are not forthcoming with their affairs.So if its not true or the relationship has no future its better just to say No.Just admit,grit your teeth and hang in there and let the gossip die down.

    • Exactly, gd once said he loved publicity so probably that was the reason why he enjoyed the rumors. But then, it’s Bigbang. Even if 4 of 5 members in military… Their ‘flower road’, a gift song for fans are still slaying the charts in Korea or iTunes. But other idols or actors, sigh.. Double standards i guess.

  6. I doubt they dated after Hwayugi ended. Maybe they already had a “some” going on back then. People were speculating about how Oh Yeonseo was less playful in Hwayugi BTS and many also said they didn’t have much chemistry. Perhaps this was the reason? Anyhow, its good that they killed off those delusional shippers. Happy dating to the couple.

  7. They look cute. Hopefully the relationship prosper and lasts for a long time. And 2 years age difference is nothing people. Y’all cheer on this young female celeb dating an ahjussi, but wrongfully disagree with this much appropriate couple… tsk!

  8. Darn I saw the names before I read daring part and got excited thinking they would be doing a drama together. Kim bum does not do enough shows and he sure doesn’t have the lead role enough =/

  9. Who cares! They are doing what any normal people do, dating and experiment. What is wrong! If the guy is a playboy, she can be a play girl too, and get even! Lol! Life is beautiful and just enjoy it!
    Plus , it is their passport for China market, when they reopen for Kentertainment again! China no longer will allowed flower boys that will negatively influence and weakening the personality of their male population ! So, we will be see many more couples, reel and real! Hold on your seatbelt! Lol

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